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You are searching for Tang poems in this version of my searchseries games. Love Tang poems and want to integrate learning withplaying? Look no where else as this is an all inclusive collectionof 57,591 poems from Tang Dynasty. *Fun and easy to play; Justconnect the words that make up the poem *Unlimited level and levelsget harder as you progress *Combine learning and playing together

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    Poem Search Game
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    January 24, 2019
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Little Game Studio
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Ocean Defender / Aquarium Fight fish Simple Instruction: To kill abad fish, tap gently on it. When a bad fish changes to good fish,please wait until it turns back to bad fish before killing it.Otherwise you will lose a life. Defend the Ocean by tapping evilfishes and thus only keeping beautiful and vivid ocean fishes withyour finger tip. Simply tap on the body of evil fishes to kill themand thus preventing them from harming other ocean fishes. A verypleasant and challenging game to challenge your hand-eyecoordination and skill. Features: Beautiful fishes and ocean /aquarium scenery Fishes can also swim in different speed toincrease difficulty. Level map Unlock new fish after each levelEvil fish will disguise as random good fish to increase difficulty.Effect when a fish is killed You can continue the level where youfinished last level and replay any previous levels. More fishes aslevel cleared Show fish life deduction depending on where it istapped. Fish life is 100, each tap successfully landing on fishwill decrease its life by 20, 30 or 50 How to Play: Every fish hastheir own life score. By tapping on the fish their life willdecrease and when the life score reaches 0 it will die. The purposeof the game is to kill the bad fishes by tapping on them and avoidtapping on the good fish though. If you kill a good fish, yourlevel lives will decrease by 1 and when your level lives reaches 0the game is over. Interestingly, the bad fish will disguise as goodfish once it finds out that you are trying to kill it. When thedisguise happened (ie, when the bad fish change to good fish), youare not supposed to kill it or else you just killed a good fish.Fortunately, the disguise will just happen a random small amount oftime so just wait for the disguise finished first before yourattack. Please feel free to leave me comments or suggestions
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This product is Green: Battery & Radiation Saver. It promoteshealthy life style by reduce radiation from the phone. Green is anapplication to reduce phone radiation, save battery and energy.When used accordingly, Green can also cut phone bill cost too.Benefits-Reduce phone radiation-Save battery and energy-Cut phonebill costs-Promotes healthy life stylesFeatures:Green is motionactivated. When running in one of the three modes, if a user actionis detected, the phone will get back to normal mode for a certainperiod of time. You can set the duration in minutes in the settingspage. All the settings take effect immediately after a change ismade.Instructions:Using green is simple and can be easily done in 3steps1. Choose one of the three action modes: Disable Mobile Dataand WiFi. Disable Mobile Data and Cell Signal. Disable Mobile Data,WiFi and Cell Signal 2. Choose the days to run3. Set the start timeand end time that you want the phone to run in thatmode.ExamplesYou can use Green in a variety of ways to fit yourneeds.Example 1: Falling asleep on the phoneIf you are someone wholoves falling asleep on the phone then this app will be beneficialfor you. Simply determine what time you want the app to start andend. For example I set the app to be turned on at 2am because Iwould usually fall asleep by that time, and end time is 7am becauseI am expecting a call at 7:30. When the time reaches 2 am the phonewill auto disconnect for you. And when it’s 7 am in the morning theapp will turn on all the signals that it disabled and your phone isback to normal again. It’s as easy as turning on and off the app.You will no longer have to worry about the costly phone bill offalling asleep on the phone; in addition you will also reduceradiation caused by cellular signal, because you will have thechoice of disabling the followings:1) Disabling Mobile Data andWiFi. (This mode will keep your cellular signals working in caseyou are expecting an important call) 2) Disabling Mobile Data andCell Signal. (This mode will allow you to keep you wifi enabled soyou will not miss the most important WhatsApp, facebook and tweetmessages.)3) Disabling Mobile Data, WiFi and Cell Signal (This modewill have Data, wifi and cellular signal disabled eg. Airplanemode)Example 2: Regular sleep timeIf your regular sleep time is12am to 7am every day, then you can set the app to run from Mondayto Sunday, and running in the “Disable Mobile Data, WiFi and CellSignal” mode. Also by setting the Start time to 12am and End timeto 7am.Example 3: Regular sleep time but still expecting phonecalls during the sleeping timeIf your regular sleep time is 12am to7am every day but expect phone call during weekends, then you canset the app to run 7 days a week, but running in the “DisableMobile Data, WiFi” mode. Also by setting the Start time to 12am andEnd time to 7am..
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Simple Instruction: Easy Level: Match all pairs of cards, matchedpairs are non clickable. Medium Level: Features Letter Crusheffect. Match all pairs of cards, whether hidden or shown, to clearthe level. All cards are clickable. This level is more for adultsor older kids. ABC Alphabet Matching Memory Game helps kids tolearn alphabet and pronunciation while they are having fun playingmemory training game. This matching game is so different from thetraditional matching game. It is one of a kind matching game thatencourage you to memorize the letters. It has simple user interfaceand lovely animals to attract kids' attention It has clearpronunciation for every card that you reveal Special sound effectfor every pair of cards found Unlimited level so you can continueto play round after round Suitable for anyone to train memory aswell. More features to come
Poem Search Game 1.0.1 APK
You are searching for Tang poems in this version of my searchseries games. Love Tang poems and want to integrate learning withplaying? Look no where else as this is an all inclusive collectionof 57,591 poems from Tang Dynasty. *Fun and easy to play; Justconnect the words that make up the poem *Unlimited level and levelsget harder as you progress *Combine learning and playing together
ABC phonics and alphabets kids 1.0.8 APK
This kids' phonics and alphabets learning game help your kids topick up English phonics and 26 letters including pronunciation attheir early stage. It is a very simple yet effective way tointroduce phonics and alphabets through interactive learning. Mykid love playing this game which help him on reading andpronunciation. Simple instruction: Listen to the pronunciation andclick on the letter accordingly. The number of letters in eachscreen increases as the level gets harder. Begins with 3 rows and 3columns, and all the way to 7 rows and 5 columns. The pronunciationwill begin automatically when the previous letter is clickedcorrectly. Otherwise the same pronunciation will repeat if youclick the wrong letter or when you want to listen to thepronunciation again. The game will reset to the initial stage whenpassing the last level. Features: - Learn phonics and alphabets -Make sure to check out the Bonus stage for suprise - Easy and funto play - Simple and clean UI. - Nice wallpaper for finishing eachlevel - Enhance reading skill - Practice hand eye coordination.
Fruit Crush Card Matching 2.8 APK
Fruit Crush Card Matching Trains your memory by memorizingandfinding hidden fruit pairs; Combine candy crush effect butmorechallenging with hidden fruits; One-of-a-kind card matchinggame.Fruits are hidden at the beginning and you have to click eachcardto reveal and memorize them to find a pair. Your FruitMatchjourney starts by matching a pair of fruits. Each matchingpairleads to different crushing combos and effects to gain pointstoclear a level. There are 24 levels and once you played a levelthenext one will be enabled. Each passed level can be replayedagainand again. Features: ***Memory training and hand eyecoordinationtraining ***24 levels for you to play (but unlimitedhidden levelsafter you finish level 24) ***Enable replay of eachlevel after alevel is cleared ***Fruit matrix will increase in size(rows andcolumns) as level increase ***Power fruit to match anyfruit tocreate combos ***Combos effect ***Beautiful UI ***moreandmore..... Match pairs of fruits to achieve maximum crushingeffectsto gain combo points. Power fruit can match any fruit, andanyoccurrences of the matched fruit will be matched as well, notjustthe one being clicked. Two power fruits match to create powercycleeffect. All the fruits in between and above the two matchedpowerfruits will be power cycled. How to advance to next level:1.Achieve the desired points in each level by clicking a pairofmatching cards. 2. Clear all the pairs. 3. The current levelmustbe cleared 5 times to enable the next level Can't wait toplay?Download now to start the fun!
Word Search Game 2019 Free 1.0.8 APK
Unique and innovative way of searching hidden words fromlivedictionary. Trace the letters using your finger tip to findthewords in the list. Achievement page to keep track of yourprogress.This game is so fun and challenging. It will keep youplaying forhours. It is also very educational because it helps yourspellingand learn new words as well. *Line shown on movement ofyour finger*Unique and innovative way of searching and tracing forwords;*Achievements to keep track of your progress of words found*Livedictionary words randomly chosen; *Unlimited levels,unlimitedchallenges; *Fun and helps with spelling and learning newwords;*Score and timer system to keep track of how fast you finisheachlevel;