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CityBiz 1.5.1 APK
This Application enables Providers to create their "FollowerManagement System" where they can invite their "Existing PersonalContacts" to convert them into their Followers on thisPlatform.Providers can create their Branch-offices, Stores,Managers, Profiles, Products and Followers to Communicate with themthrough Chat, by sending them Offers, Requests in Text as well asImage formats, related to Retailer, Political, Institutional &Commercial aspects of their businesses.Providers could beRetailers, Political, Institutions, Societies or Companiesetc..This platform would encourage the Providers to import theirexisting Contacts for making them Followers (Connections) and wouldbe avoiding a multi-provider product-comparison in order tomaintain Consumers' loyalty towards their respective Providers.
PokeView 1.0 APK
Click Pictures of your Special MomentwithPokemon,Share your Poke moments and Comment upon others' PokeViews,Hurry up to get listed in the "Hall of Fame", at your Place,withyour Pokemon.
Invited Jobs 1.0.6 APK
There is a big problem Employers&Recruiters face that their Jobs do not reach the eyes oftheir'Target' candidates, while they also waste their most of thetimein screening Applications coming from 'irrelevant' candidates.NowEmployers & Recruiters can Funnel their 'Target' candidatepooland send 'Job Invitations' to them which can be seen on thisApp.After log-in through Linkedin, Candidates can swipe Jobs toLeftor Right to Ignore or Like.Recruiters are shown candidates' brief Linkedin profile wholikeda job. In case Recruiter also likes the profile, they can goaheadand Chat on this App.Plus, Candidates can invite their Linkedin connections tousethis application.When your connections 'Like' their Invited Jobs, we collectafees from Recruiter, which is shared with you for invitingyourconnections.Users with large number of connections can makesignificantamount of money, while also enabling their connectionsto getInvited Jobs from Recruiters & Employers...!