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Dive into the ocean and discover the enemies beyond the borderplotting to unleash war on your big city. Defend save and protectis your motto. Do your duty as an honest and brave police officer.Line up with the naval commanders of all time and show diversity ofnew skills and war methods. In this police boat game, navy policeand pirates both are front of each other and ready to kill.Showyour tactics and unique war techniques in a battle like neverbefore. Jump in your modern Jet Ski and hit, attack and drown theenemy ships. Take down small to very large ships with a variety ofwar tactics and strategies. Use bullets and machine gun firing withmissile attacks to destroy the enemy ships. Also watch out forsurprise attacks and deathly armory of enemy. Their ships can takeyou down in a matter of seconds. So take cover in the blue sky andblue sea and keep moving so the enemy can’t aim at you easily.Gameplay is fairly simple enough. You have three types of Jet Ski inthis game. Unlock each of it for better power and performance. Takeup missions and take down as many battleships as you can andcomplete mission objectives. This is your chance to prove yourselfamong the legends of sea. Sail your ship against the waves ofCaribbean.

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    Police boat vs Pirates
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    January 29, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Fun Splash Studios
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