1.0 / February 23, 2015
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Crazy driver is needed to drive this swat truck and eliminate crimefrom the cities, You be the one that takes control away from thecriminals and restore peace by making the streets of the city safeagain by beating the bad guys drive your swat truck on obstacles,Case criminals, and ram them off the road to make the arrest gameis easy to play and understand and you will get the hang of thecontrols in a very short time.The game will start off very easylike just just drive in a straight line and smash in to the enemycar striate infront these first few levels are there just to getyou introduced to the steering, braking and accelerating of thetruck, so you get used to the controls and how to play it, The mainway to navigate around this criminal city is to follow thenavigating arrow on the top of the screen this will give you ageneral idea on what direction you need to be heading so the arrowwill always be pointing to the mafia car or the criminals, your jobwill be to carefully drive over without alerting them once youthink your in the rang and are very close to your target you canput the foot on the gas to catch them, some criminals will bestationary and some will be on the move in there street racing carsso have your swat truck alway ready to give chase and bring the badguys to justice.along with fighting crime you will need to polishup your driving skills too as you will have to drive on somedangerous roads that are narrow and bendy. You will use some ofthese roads to get at high points in the city the criminals usethese routes and are always parked at the top of parking lots orsome how find there way at top of sky scrapers your job is tofollow them and find them.as you progress through levels there areother things like ramps and obstacles placed out in the levelsthese are designed to make your driving experience more enjoyablewe want you to have the bad guys on the run this city is all aboutthe police vs bad guys and we know who is going to win this streetbattle and thats you so take your police swat truck and get driving

App Information Police Car Swat Rampage 3

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    Police Car Swat Rampage 3
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    February 23, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Crazy Mist
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    46 baulkham hills penshaw sunderland dh4 7ry
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Flight Simulator Army Plane Missions o yes, your job is to do themissions that are given by your commander, Most of it is picking uploads from airports and delivering it to other airports or going tothe drop zones over the battle area's to make the drops, the planewill automatically drop the load by opening the back end of theplane Most of the things that will be need dropping is medic box's,Aid, Army troops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you mightbe given a task to drop bombs at locations commanded too. Theairplane cockpit instruments are easy to understand. The aircraftthrottle gear stick use it for accelerating the plane engines andto slow them down on landings or if on a mission in mid arespecially when you have to drop bombs on targets , the gamethrottle acts as a break too all you have to do is bring thethrottle all the way back down to make the aircraft come to a standstill this will be mostly need when you have landed on the runwayof a airport and are about to load or unload cargo from the backend of the plane. another instrument we have on the plane cockpitis a arrow on the left hand side of the screen this is your mainthing that you need to follow for you to get from one airport toairport the first few levels will always guide you on what to doand where to go but there are levels where you might have to make aemergency landing in bad weather were visibility is low because ofthe fog round the islands or over the sea and rivers we also have aaltitude gage on the cockpit screen this will come handy in for badweather missions and missions where you might have to drop yourparatroopers and getting the right altitude on your aircraft needto be crucial There is joystick for the plane we have made the joystick a simple button that is placed on the bottom right hand sidescreen that can be used with your thumb and you can maneuver theAircraft with just a slide of the thumb do 360 turns go up in airand do nosie dives with your plane this will be very handy forlevels that have enemy firing rockets and missiles at you so a goodgear stick was needed and this will keep your flight in controlthere is a mini map this will highlight your destinations on therein yellow to give you a general ideas on what direction you need tokeep your flight heading towards and at what altitude you need tokeep it in so you can plan ahead to see where your cargo drop needsto go and what speed you need to keep your flight going atthe gameis designed with waypoints set out for you as the path that youneed to follow most of the levels are really big so if you crash ortake wrong route it will keep you straight, we have added a featurethat will restart you from the last place you lost control orcrashed so each waypoint acts as a spawning area so you don't haveto start all over again and most of these levels will have uptothree drop off mission on each level so you could be fueling upyour plane on one side and next you could be dropping tanks orjeeps on the others a big tip from me to the players playing thisgame is that please slow your plane engines down to 10 percent ofthe sped by bringing the throttle down as much as you can onapproaching the landing strip of the airport that will help youland very safely and keep the noise of the plane up in the air Mostof the things that will be need dropping is medic box's, Aid, Armytroops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you might be given atask to drop bombs at locations commanded too. This will game keepyou busy and we have some surprises in the game that will make sureyou keep playing and if you love taking off plane & planelanding games try to land a plane in a war zone when enemy aretrying to shoot you down or if you have been hit and have a planeon fire so its extreme and crazy at some point hope you enjoy it .will be bringing a lot of army flight simulator games like theseout soon so keep checking back
Flight Sim Passenger Plane 1.0 APK
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Fly this simulator plane from airport to airport carryingpassengers to there destinations , on the way you might have to dosome stops for fuel where you park up at a airport in the middle ofyour flight route and trucks will come up along the side and fillyour fuel tank up for you so you can be on your way after theflight stop over The first few levels will act a tutorial to letyou know how to fly this plane but after those few levels your theon your own with the mission, Take off and land the plane on eachof the airports your self can carry on following the navigationarrow and the mini map to complete all the levels
Airplane flight simulator 1.0 APK
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Airplane flight simulator Take control of the planes in our ArmyFlight Simulator follow the story and complete tasks and missionsto complete levels start off with the basic airplane training oftaking off and landing then after the first few levels you'll begiven your first cargo drop challenge, if you pass that you will bemoved on to bombing missions and shooting tasksYour levels willkeep changing the airplane for every other mission this will helpyou to complete your missions. Most of the planes you will be usingin the game are Curtiss C-46, B17 bomber and the Hercules cargocarrier apart from dropping bombs on on enemy targets your going tobe dropping paratroopers, tanks, jeeps, ammunition, and medic boxesin different tasks A few exciting missions n there for you to whereyou send your super spy planes and spy agents over in enemyterritories to gather intelligence , capturing there scientists andother crazy tasks that will keep you on your toes in this Warflight simulator game for navigation keep your eyes on thenavigating arrow on the left and side and the mini map on the rightside of the screen
Ambulance Simulator 2 1.1 APK
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Ambulance Rescue After the launch of our first 3D AmbulanceSimulator game we noticed that you guys could not get enough of itso we bring to you 3D Ambulance Simulator 2. In 3D AmbulanceSimulator 2 you help to save people as you go through over twentylevels. Drive your ambulance around a thrilling cityscape. It's afun point-to-point driving game that'll have you hooked!Features -Drive an ambulance around a city environment - Help people in need- Point-to-point driving objective - Over 21 levels - Easy to pickup and playCrazy Games from the Crazy Mist studio
Airbus Flight Simulator 3D 1.0 APK
Crazy Mist
Airbus flight Simulator Become the Captain ofyour plane- real looking graphics- real feeling physics- pick up and drop off passengers
Pizza Delivery 1.0 APK
Crazy Mist
Pizza Delivery is a driving simulator in which you take the role ofthe driver of the truck, Go around the city looking for thelocation indicated by the arrow on the top of the screen.Park yourVan in the areas that's pointed out your pizza's will automaticallyfly out of the back to the door and the cash will come flying backat you. if you like driving games or parking games this game isright up your street. plus you get to drive around the cityfreely.There are features in the game like ground speed boostersthat will help you go around the city faster and many more coolfeatures that will make your game play very enjoyable
Candy & Ice Cream Truck 1.0.1 APK
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Take to the streets in your trusty Candy & Ice cream van anddeliver treats in this fun point-to-point driving game. Manoeuvrethrough the city streets as fast as you can, but watch out forother cars along the way!FeaturesOver 20 levels of ice creamdeliveriesRace through a maze-like city environment so yourcustomers don't go hungryEasy and accessible gameplay for allagesWorks on both phones and tabletsLike your favourite bowl of icecream, Ice Cream truck parking 3D is fun to play all year round,wherever you are. Experience the fun of driving you own ice creamvan in Ice Cream Delivery 3D!
Hoverboard Segway Driving 2.0 APK
Crazy Mist
Play our super hoverboard tricks game withCoolgraphics and smooth physics simulation ride your hoverboardsegwayin the streets of the city or go off road, Face thechallenges ofunique hill climbing environments on our off roadareas or stay inthe city and do cool tricks and the rest. Pushesthe boundaries withevery trick you have up your sleeve. Racethrough the desert,grasslands and the city or encounter secretareas, go exploring inthe city streets and discovering theinteresting world around themtoo encounter secret areas, where youcan perform your tricksExperience an exciting mix between action and exploration someofthese roads in our virtual city are so high above the groundtrynot to fall off the edges if you do fall try to do a trick onyourway down, The game is so much fun, the way the physics are doneyouwill land on your wheels for sure and the fun will continue ,it'sa huge playground just waiting for you to explorewithin 2 mins of game play you will get the hang of controlsandnext thing you know you will be doing daring stunts of highramps,Take your riding to new heights do awesome hoverboard trickslikedrifting, embark on amazing adventures through drifting its oneofour main trick that can be performed on the hoverboard sodriftaround the city streets in style with new controlsdevelopedespecially for touchscreens, Download and play today forfreeit really must be experienced to be believed, it's a great freegamefor kids and fun features that little ones will love. Everykidthese days are talking about segways or hoverboards and my kidswerethe same so I made this application as a parent, so my childcouldplay on a hoverboard on a digital toy and enjoy the gameplay, wehave made a few of these games with same addictivegameplay thatmillions have already enjoyed on the other versionsof this gamethis has to be one of the most addictive andentertaining physicsbased riding game ever made for a longtime.Unleash your inner maverick, become a master of the segwayhitthe high ramps and the huge roads that go all the way up on topofroof tops, Set off on a gorgeous adventure with amazing visualsandsuch fun physics. do fun and challenging missions clip on topofrooftops and use them as one big obstacle course.its got very easy to understand controls and an addictinggameplayit's a free fun game that all ages will enjoyabsolutelyguaranteed! its Free does not require any internetconnection. Youcan enjoy it anywhere and don’t have to be connectedto internet.So what you're waiting for download the app for freenow and don'tmiss amazing game. you get so much gameplay from afree game itslike a mad give away, take advantage of it anddownload it now kidsand grownups alike will enjoy itfeatures include :Great visualsMore roads to play onBeautiful new graphicsHuge off road area