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Crime city games or GTA style games, where youhave to become part of mafia group of the big criminal empire,where ruthless theft missions and gangster wars is just a normalbusiness in these crime city games. Trying to control the mafiamissions of the San Andreas or Miami city under world is the dreamof every criminal, who wants to become a grand gangster. But thisgame is completely the opposite.
These grand gangster games, where police car chase is on, arecompletely different from the other mafia games or crime citygames. You have to be one of the brave cops, willing to take on theSan Andreas Mafia group or the Miami criminal cartel heads on. As asenior police officer, you have to be an encounter specialistagainst these mafia groups.

Authorities have installed surveillance cameras all around the cityof Miami and san Andreas, to stop the grand gangster causing chaoson the city roads. As a police car driver, you have to be goodenough to chase these criminals down and get them busted, bybusting their cars in this GTA style action game. These missionsincludes police car chase and commando style FPS shooting, bychasing the criminals and arrest them. You don’t have to kill thegangster, arrest them, and let the justice system work therest.
Police car driving is fun in this game, using different controllersand also the FPS makes it one of the best cops games out of allpolice car games

• One of the best police car driving game
• Amazing 3D environment and graphics
• Smooth controls
• Great animation, when the gangster car get busted.
• FPS and sniper shoot mode also included.
• Stunning action cam, with unreal effects
• Realistic vehicle damage, with every smash

App Information Police Chase Vs Grand Criminal

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Drift Rally Racing 3D 1.7 APK
Imperial Arts
Get ready to drive high performance turbo carsand make them drift at high speed in tracks designed specificallyfor drift racing rally. The best thing about this drift rally isthat you can explore the desert and the snow at the sametime.Drift Rally Racing 3D gives you exciting cars and country roads ondifferent maps. Race against the time and be the best. You canrally race against your mate or any other rivals.Race in the track by yourself to achieve honors or race against astronger opponent rivals and check how good you are in rallyracing, while you achieve more points on your drifting skills.Drift rally racing is an attempt to combine the best of both oldschool rally racing games and smart device experiences. Stunningvisual graphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics, all in thepalm of your hand. Take the rally racing anytime, anywhere withyou!If you are a big fan of Colin McRae Rally or WRC at Ridgemotorsports Park or in any other circuit rally of the world. Youmight well be interested in Girls car racing GCR with fancy lookingcars, or just the rough man stuff. Drift rally racing is perfectfor you.Features:• Realistic 3D drift racing• Unique rally race driving experience in different environments.Desert and snow• Amazing drifting effects and great car physics• Enjoy collision with a bang and spark effects and great soundeffects• 2 game modes. Challenge and single race mode• Over 29 amazing levels• 10 legendary cars would race you in different levels• Optimized to run on even low end android devices
Scrap Yard Tow Truck Transport 1.2.0 APK
Imperial Arts
Truly a very amazing and unique game on itsown, so far in the play store. You have to be a multi skilledperson doing different tasks at the same time .Turn on the ignitionof your tow truck, start heading towards city and suburbs tocollect old and wrecked cars, and bring them to your scrap yard tobe scrapped or wrecked in tow truck simulator.Time is crucial in these levels, so be on the mark straight awayand follow the directions of this truck driving game. Your next jobwill be to go around to other Junkyard and wreckage yards tocollect all the body parts of the cars ranging from engines todoors and roofs and half cars, through the help of forklift, on toyour truck and off you go back to your scrap yard.Tow truck transport simulator now turns into scrap yard andforklift simulator. Pick up the old cars first with your forklift,place them on the compression area, compress all the cars on thetop of each other. Now each set of two compress wrecked cars has tobe placed skillfully into the container truck, saving maximumspace.The next job is to place all the car engines and body parts in thecontainer truck smartly with the help of your forklift using theramp. Don’t overload the cargo truck as you might get in troublewith the traffic road authority and the seaport ship authoritiesafterwards.Time to move from your junkyard to the seaport, follow thedirections attentively and keep an eye on the speedo meter as youmight easily overturn the giant vehicle in this cargo trucksimulator. When you get to seaport the authorities has to make surea few things, before letting you load your container and let’scontinue with this ship games from now on.Now here comes your chance to be a ship captain in this shipsimulator. Take your container along with others to the othercountriesFeatures:Great 3D environment and sound effectsEasy and effective and 3 different truck and forkliftcontrolsScrap yard transport simulator, would be your first and uniqueexperience.Great animation of the seaport and container loading andunloadingEnjoy sailing in the ocean in this ship simulatorOne of the best ship games.
Death Race : Brutal Car Wars 1.0 APK
Imperial Arts
Town of Downsville once was a peacefulretirement village for the retired and elderly people. After theapproval of high rise apartment building and commercial malls, thewhole demographics of the town have changed. Before you would havethe bowling clubs and theatre halls for the elderly, now it is moreabout the poker machines and pubs, not to say the brutal deathracing circuit. You can understand the feelings of these retiredpeople, after what they see their in shape of death race or evencar wars not to say the roadkill.The peaceful town is full with the noise and tyre burning afterall this death race, and with the speed and intensity they driftand slip on the tracks. The locals came together for a quickmeeting, they knew that the champion of the death race circuit willalways have the final say about the operation of the brutal deathracing circuit. So they came up with this idea, to hire a roadwarrior, who knows all the art of death race or car wars. Theyneeded someone who is a master of drift or slip on these deathtracks and has perfected all the skills of roadkill, by bumpinghard or shooting through your turrets and missile. You can do thatonly if you can save yourself through your drifting skills andmaking the car slip from end to end. Only then you can be a roadwarrior and a champion of the brutal death racing circuit.So be that death race driver for today, practice all your car warsskills, drift and slip is part of that. Bump hard or shoot,whatever is on the cards. Please come out as ultimate road warriorand a champion of the death race circuit to stop further roadkilland nasty attitude towards the elderly civilians.Features:• Death racing in wreckage yard or mall environment• Racing cars with customized turrets.• Fight against all the insane crooks and road warrior with heavyweapons guns and missiles• Utilize all the health bar, ammo and missiles• Make full use of safety shield, to stay away from the roadkill orshooting for a while• Vivid graphics and background music• Clear all the checkpoints and all the levels to be an ultimatechampion and road warrior
Traffic Racing Car Demolition 1.2 APK
Imperial Arts
The road maniacs are out on the racing track,driving in red SUV Russian cars. They are planning to cause chaoson the traffic racer track, which would be used today by somecasual drivers, having fun on the road, in their speedy cars,racing and maneuver against the traffic in this traffic race. Theywould dodge cars, in their traffic racing car for glory. But thesecrooks have a different agenda for tonight. The police haveidentified you amongst the traffic racer, as you have the skillsand the guts to maneuver and dodge cars, and smash those Russiansuv to teach them a lesson. Keep an eye on red car in this trafficrace, in any environment desert or snow or highway and bump them ofthe highway. They might call this a highway car smash.Maneuver your car and race the traffic in this great city ofours in all seasons, sunshine or rain or snow. You can race thetraffic even in desert. The Key is to maneuver your speedy car andavoid all the traffic on the road by dodging them, while keeping aneye on the red car. Don’t forget to bump them off the road andwreck their cars to teach them a lesson and dodge cars as far theother racing traffic is concerned.Features:Amazing game play in snow, desert and highway environmentMesmerizing effects on red car flying off the circuit.Easy controls to maneuver and dodge cars.Realistic traffic system in this traffic race.Real gravity and physicsEndless racingGreat effects while switching between environments
Color Switch Stars Ball Angles 1.3 APK
Imperial Arts
Very addictive and unique color switch game,atthe same time it is completely different from all the colorswitchgame on the store. Every level starts with a challengingtarget,different from the previous level. You can shoot thecolored goalthrough unique ball angels and follow the colorpattern off course,switching color can be done only once in thelevel.Your geometrical knowledge is under observation, for alltheunique angles, at the same time a timely release of thecoloredball is also important. Extremely interesting and addictivecolorswitch game, as you can’t clear a level withoutbrainstorming.There are circles, triangles and polygons all switching colorandhelping you create angle for the ultimate glory. So good luckandcreate your angles and enjoy this colour switch game.Features:Easy game playColor switch game full of new challengesGreat fun after color swap and ball passing throughmultiplehurdles.
Offroad Coach Bus Driving Sim 1.5 APK
Imperial Arts
Bus games are very popular, specially pickingup and dropping of the passengers and tourist from different partsof city and Airport, but out of all the Bus driving games offroadcoach bus driving simulator is quite different. Being a bus driverthe job is the same, but the driving thrill in the hilly offroadand tricky turns makes it very unique bus simulator out of all thebus simulator 2016 games.This offroad hilly tourist station is famous for its spectacularscenic views and great weather. All the tourists and the passengersare waiting on the bus stops, to start their day. With your timelypick ups , great driving skills and being a polite bus driver,that’s all they need in this Bus driving games.This unique bus simulator has three different controls, which willhelp you roam around in this great environment without any hassleand will also help you control the bus efficiently in all thesesharp twist and turns. Keep an eye on the speedo meter of the bus,don’t over speed, as the tourist are very important to our valley.Timings are very vital in these bus games, so keep a close watch onthe watch too, as they are all waiting on the bus stop and you arethe only means of moving them around in this offroad bus drivingsimulator.The free roaming mode will give you a chance as a bus driver toroam around in the whole environment, doing random pick up and dropoffs from different bus stops. All the great animations and thedriving thrill make this offroad bus driving as one of the best busdriving games 2016.Features:Excellent off road 3D environmentUnique bus 3D model with all the hydraulic animations.Smooth and interesting game play.Three different bus controls.Different camera angles helpful in bus parking.Exciting and difficult missions in the challenge mode of this busgame.Coach Bus driving at dangerous turns.Realistic hydraulic physics
Off Road Hill Climb Rescue 911 1.0 APK
Imperial Arts
City Folks are in this mountain hilly regionthis spring season after the midyear school holidays along withtheir kids. The hill climbing authorities have enough signage inthe area to watch out for the slippery rocks, or any other casualtyaccident, which might occur when some amateur hill climber, tryingto go up the hill or even down the hill, without proper gear andknowledge of the area and knowledge of hill climbing.So the unwanted happened, casualty 911 emergency hotline is verybusy receiving all these calls. The ambulance driver are very tiredfor working for such a long hours, they have asked you (as an exambulance driver) to help them in their rescue 911 mission for aday or two in this off-road hill climb rescue, while the other hillclimber are racing.So get back in the ambulance driver gear ASAP, start contactingyour paramedic staff, get your stretcher and first aid kit readyand off you go. Get to the first emergency location ASAP, as youmight have to start with the easy emergency scenario, until getyour eye inn and start on more complex hill climb ambulance rescuemissions. Time is very critical in this entire scenario, becauseall these emergency patients need urgent medical attention.As an ambulance driver, you might be helping the paramedic staffwith their first aid kit, and carrying the injured in the stretcherback to the ambulance. Drive carefully and skillfully in the uphilland downhill, especially with patients and injured in yourambulance in this hill climb ambulance rescue simulator.FeaturesExtremely challenging rescue missionRocky mountains and hilly 3D environmentRealistic physicsSmooth and easy controlsGreat stretcher and first aid animationsNarrow roads with snow and landslidesAmbulance driver and stretcher animations in this hill climb rescuesimulator
Biker Fight 3D: Extreme Stunts 1.0 APK
Imperial Arts
Very unique bike stunts racing game, where youare racing for the ultimate glory. In this extreme stunt racinggame you are allowed to kick or punch or enjoy your wheelie magic,while you racing against your rivals. You can shoot your rivals, ifthey don’t leave you even after your fighting intentions throughoutthe course of the race. Your rivals are very cruel, they wouldn’tspare a single moment to bring you down.All in all it is another moto death stunt racing, here you can beatyour opponent by racing against them with a lot of physicalencounter, kicking or punching is part of this fighting stunt bikerrace.Your rivals has the same capabilities, they know the art of thisbiker fight for a while. Now it is your chance to show the world,that you are by far better than all of them as far this biker fightextreme stunt race is concerned. Avoid all the bumpy hurdles bytilting your device, you might want to enjoy the wheelie magic atsome spots, when you come across these extreme stunts orhurdles.So be part of this unique biker fight race, enjoy all the extremestunts and be the winner.How to Play:- Tilt your device to control the bike- Tap Kick and Punch to bring the bikers down, you can shoot themin extreme cases.- Acrobatic Stunts and increase Power through NOS.- wheeling can be done by pressing the stunt button.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazingenvironment of highway.- Real Bike movement.- 10 amazing Bikes for bikers.- Superb desert, city and snow environment.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.- Good quality sound effects.- User friendly GUI and controls.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!