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Play as the brave dog trained to help police to secure the citymall and stop crime acts. Criminals are spread everywhere insidethe city and with Christmas just around people are going to mallsfor shopping. Some of the thugs might sneak in with weapons and getthemselves involved in criminal acts. Your duty begins as thepolice dog to sniff out bombs, find clues, chase robbers and helpthe police officials control crimes inside the city. Play ultimatecriminal pursuit and don’t let the city mall turn into a crimeplace. Play as the cop, drive the police car to the crime spot. Getinto the action as the brave police dog to find robbers, criminalsand robbers. The whole new way to play a dog simulator with policeduty to complete. Help you partner officer in criminal chase.Remember to use the sewer exits when struck inside the mallparking. Search the cars in the parking area, go inside the shopsand search from crime clues leading to the target. K9 dogs areprofessionally trained to help police and swat to catch criminals.The suspects are near you, sniff around and reach for them. Youalso play as the police officer when there is a need to transportdog to the crime spot. Police needs to catch criminals so thisplace don’t turn into a crime town. Search for the bombs and takethe disposal squad to the bombing spot. Trace the missing civiliansin the challenging gameplay missions. Feel the real thrill ofcriminal chase and accomplish the given tasks. FEATURES===========•Police Dog Simulator• Chase Down Criminals and Robbers• Police vsMall Criminals• A Unique Concept for Dog Simulator Lovers• AmazingCity & Mall Environment • Play as a Real Cop Dog to traceCriminalsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us© Titan Game Productions. All Rights Reserved

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    Police Dog vs Street Criminals
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    December 8, 2015
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Titan Game Productions
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    Titan Game Productions Suite 405, Khosa Building, New Industrial Area, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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