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Welcome to the most popular bike and carworkshop, garage in town! The best auto mechanic and vehiclemakeover master in town. This workshop have many auto vehicles likecars, bikes are here for repairing but today police motorbike is inthe garage for repairing and washing. So little repairman boys,girls and kids are you ready police motorcycle auto bike completemakeover and spa? So come on, drive and park police motorcycle inthe garage and roll your sleeves. There is so much work todo!

Bike Workshop & Motorcycle Repair Wash Game

Beautiful and amazing police heavy motorbikes are arriving at thegarage for cleanup, there is going to be huge rush soon. You aregiven the responsibility to wash, repair and makeover motorcyclesin your own bikes wash, repair and cleanup beauty salon. Best toolsare given to give your bikes a spa, so why wait let’s get startedand wash out the bikes.

Motorcycle Mechanic Repair Shop

Start this garage mechanic mania by choosing your favorite policesuper vehicle Clean up messy and dirty bikes and cars in thispolice motorbike wash salon game. Cops are in hurry washout andrepair clean their sports motorcycle and vehicle in hurry so theycan perform their cops duty. Provide your professional services forpolice auto vehicle complete makeover and spa. Take the police bikeinto the garage station to fix it and tune it. This game is as muchfun as other washer and laundry games for kids have.

Remove all the dirt and mud from all over the super police vehiclesby applying water in first step. Then apply detergent and shampoowith the help of sponge and apply it all over the jeep. Wash therims, bumper, wheels and engine with the help of brush to make itlook new. Now apply tattoos and spray paints on the vehicle.

This mechanic game has many fun & amazing levels like cleaning,repairing, fixing and washing the motorbike in this crazy and superbike manufacturer mania.

Wash, repair and paint the police auto vehicles like motorbikes,cars and other customized masterpiece. Bike mechanic & spa isan extreme fun free game for all the toddlers and kids in playtime. So download this cleanup and police auto vehicle fix up maniaand enjoy the adventure of bike fixing, driving and parkingfun.

App Information Police Motorbike Wash Salon

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    Police Motorbike Wash Salon
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    November 17, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Smile Stones Studio
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Do you love Vending machines with candy,icecream of different yummy flavors? Chicken sandwiches, potatochipsand much more? Or do you love Prize machines at the grocerystorethat give toys, claw machine games & Bubble gum balls?Thisisn’t it.. do you also love prize claw machines at thesupermarketstores & Grocery malls when shopping with mom?If you loves surprises and prize games then you are at therightplace! Welcome to the best free machine games full ofsurprises forkids in this Vending machine simulator. This is one ofthe prizemachines with best prize claw to fetch plush toy or teddyalongwith candy, gumball, ice cream, sandwiches, soda cola andchips indifferent vending machines present in Supermarket orGrocery Storenear by you. Grabbing machines with toy crane is alsoa part ofthis real fun game to enjoy teddy picker which will be asurprisewith your win !!You will LOVE Vending Machine Simulator including PrizeClawwith Gumball Machine, Prize Machine Games, & Prize ClawKids isincluded in this amazing pack!Real prizes of gumball along with tons of vendingmachinessimulator gifts like drinks & sodacola. Insert thecoins,choose the food code and take the food items likedeliciousdesserts and fast food like French fries with hamburgers&sandwiches. Not to forget delicious ice creams ofchocolate,vanilla and different favorite flavors. A real vendingmachinemakes you enter cash and coins from different segments justas cashmachines have in grocery sales corner. This game is asinterestingas you found ATM simulator, but much exciting with clawmachine& real prizes.Prize claw machines are just like UFO catcher … Scary butamazingpack and along with Vending machine simulator fun, you canlearncash register features as well with food items beingboughtautomatically in each vending machines. Play the REAL prizeclawmachine just like the grocery store, grab the toys, and getthemall! Move the crane back and forth, and make yourselection!Sometimes the crane will grab the toy, other times itwon't! Keeptrying to get them all!So play a prize machine game, along with vending machineswhichare present in grocery shopping stores .. & make yourchildrenenjoy fetching bubble gum in this premio. So navigate back&forth in prize claw machine & enjoy vending machinesimulatorwith multiple selection which is available with variety ingamewhich is fun for all ages …. Especially kids.Every toy has it’s own price so you have to put a certainamountof money in the vending machines.So Vending Machine Timeless Fun can be a little bit overwhelming.Soto calm your nerves we’ll just tell you that you can do whatyouwant, whenever and however you want in this game. Havesomeconviction.
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After success of Vending Machine Simulator& Supermarket Cashier Simulator, Smile Stones Studio presentsanother amazing gameplay ATM Shopping Cash Simulator, a kidslearning money drawing game for all shopping gameslovers.Girls, kids and everyone love shopping and for buying toys andgrocery shopping you need a lot of money. ATM is the quick way ofdrawing money and kids must learn that how to operate the ATMmachine in a perfect way. This kids debit simulator allows alleducational games crazy fans & game lovers to learn aboutoperating machine and money drawing in this ATM shopping cashsimulator.This ATM locator & kids learning game enable the kids customerto withdraw money through debit card or credit card. This learningcash machine & management free game will make you to understandthe whole process of using ATM machine in this casual cashier pro.This childs money and bank game is so much fun! Let’s be the bestATM customer!Start this machine simulator by checking account and deposit cashin the bank and go for the machine to withdraw the money , enterthe pin code, take your cash amount & start shopping tosupermarket mall shopping head towards toy store in this ATMLearning and supermarket grocery and toy story simulator. Enjoymobile banking and transact the amount you want from the cashmachine for better money management in this kids fun casual atmcard machine simulator and supermarket grocery shopping fun maniaand yes, don’t forget to play claw machine mini games for more fungameplay in the given time in this management games.Kids Learning Money Game PlayIn this supermarket cashier register management pro, go to yourbank and take out your debit card & credit card. Put the debitcard in the ATM cash machine and enter your pin code for learningperspective in this cash machine register management free game.Select your payment mode, account status and add the amount ofmoney you want withdraw. Your transaction is completed; take yourmoney from ATM machine. To make this game more adventures andexciting further you can online buy toy, food items, ice cream andmany other things, fun isn’t over yet! Go to the superstore, foryour winter and toy shopping fun free grocery store kid’s girl’sgame. So withdraw your cash in dollars and go for shopping.In this fun and education game kids will learn to deal with moneyand pay the cash cashier by themselves. Enjoy mobile banking andtransact the amount you want from the money machine and get yourshopping games mania start now!

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