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Police Scanner FREE Radio lets you listentoPolice and Radio scanners from around the world. USA, Canada,UK,Germany, Japan, Italy, Chile, Austria with more scanners addedallthe time.
Listen to police radio in your area any time, day or night!
These are live streams, feeds from real scanners.
Police Radio Scanner Special Edition lets you listen topolicescanner radios now with less battery use and less bufferingtime.LAPD, NYPD, Chicago, and thousands more.
Top feeds include;

Extreme Police Scanner App Brings You More Than 5000 PoliceRadioFeeds Over Internet. (Wifi / 3G)
You Can Search For Channels By Country and State.
Hot Channel Shortcuts.

* Secret police joke.
* Fake police scanner
* Very fun and funny
* Fun for the sounds of police scanner
* Joke tool.
* The new version includes the current radio voice.
* You can hear the sound of tapping keys easily.
* The new version includes the current radio voice.
* Watch out! : This is not a real police scanner.

App Information Police Scanner FREE Radio

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    Police Scanner FREE Radio
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    November 25, 2015
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    raje dev
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    10,000 - 50,000
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You feel stuck without WiFi? You would like tohave a quick fix? Just use any of the WiFi and never think thatthis is impossible, because with our awesome application andintelligent everything is possible!Let you say welcome to the world of pirates, pirate yes, becauseif you want to be a smart hacker to your loved ones, your friendsdo not delay you, install our new app available on your Androidstore WiFi Password Hacker Prank App.Let everyone think you are a genius in technology, you just launchthe application and view the engineering WIFI available listdisplayed on your screen and select the account you want WIFI hackwith a fake password that will be generated for its activation!Directly they'll believe you just hack their WiFi accounteasily!You could get the password to a very secure WiFi network withWiFi Password Hacker Prank App and its part do you look like agenius!This application Hacker allows you to generate a password foryour WiFi network selected anyone, and show your family and friendsand lets you their deceiving when they are faced with a cleverpirate Wifi Password, This is mainly intelligent software, througha fun prank application that a complete process of piracy and falsealways false and just for entertainment purpose to create a funatmosphere between you and your family to live and pranks you.This allows you to impress your family and friends by using thisfunny application of WiFi Password Hacker Prank App.This app make you able to be a real pirate in front of your friendsand you know what's piracy let us know that this is not somethingeasy.WiFi Password Hacker Prank is an application with a nice GUI wellcontrolled and precise, and it is certainly very easy andunderstandable, with an impressive sequence of steps throughout theprocess.This app presents you with easy to use graphics, simple and truesimilar view, professional and real animations with a key thatlooks impressive.We just note that WiFi Password Hacker Prank is a free applicationavailable on and store all your Android devices.Note please that WiFi Password Hacker Prank is only a jokeapplication. An application designed to stuffing lovers this is nolonger a real application of real piracy. And of all the passwordsgenerated on the system of this app are random and totally wrongjust for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment!Enjoy to the max!
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Laser Pointer Flashlight Game is now anapplication available on your Android devices, free and funapplication, a simple laser pointer simulator to use. To takeadvantage of its features, the laser pointer gives you a simpletrick is to press the button of the laser pointer mentioned on yourscreen, press the screen with a straight click, and now the laserlight flux are in your hands, just release your finger and you willsee your screen off automatically.the Free laser pointer flashlight game, is a game of entertainment,it is designed for researchers novelties and technologicalinnovations to make the most of the effects of laser with differentcolors and specific, unique sound effects and vibration programmedlaser on the system precisely to enable you to take advantage of awonderful joke to you, your families and friends. People will thinkthat your device is actually made of laser beam with an LED flash,so why not deceive?The vibration control system is still active, vibrations are setfor each laser pointer is on this application. This simulator givesa real feeling of strength and power in the first film made, thedegree of satisfaction for all that is color laser beam, sound orvibration is still growing, according to the tests applied ondifferent Android devices , and that following the implementationof the right choice of characteristics supposedly innovated andintelligent.
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Here where you find one of most famousintelligent applications named Fast Battery Charging App witch canable to scan all high battery consumption services with perfectperformance and including Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi Network Connection,also GPRS, Screen timeout, Screen brightness, NFC, Auto Sync andmore options.It comes with a good possibility with it you can stop all theservices on just one screen by using this soft called Fast BatteryCharging App. It seems also show like current health diagnostics ofyour mobile battery.This soft can not only reduce your charging time mobile but alsoand additionally elongates as possible your battery time. Justremember that to keep running battery charging in your backgroundyou should press 'home' button.You find the electricity comes into the battery automaticallywhen you connect your mobile charger. Just like every time whenyour phone consumes the battery at the same time the electricitygoes out from your phone battery. Please note that battery chargercan automatically reduce the amount of electricity that goes outfrom your phone battery and therefore it reduces the charging time.Fast Battery Charging App ceases network tasks to reduce aspossible your mobile battery consumption.Fast Charging Application is the real solution if your deviceAndroid takes hours for being fully charged:Actually you can be able to have a fully charge on your Androiddevice in few minutes but just with Fast Battery Charger App.Now we can say that with Fast battery Soft devices charging mademore easy. This intelligent tool will automatically be activatedwhen you connect your charger with electricity and also it willboost for sure your charging speed.Please take note that this soft stops all the backgroundprocesses and communications when you click start button , justlike WIFI , BLUETOOTH, Mobile internet as first cause which consumeyour battery hence your charging is boosted .The Fast Battery Charger App extends for sure your battery time,And now you can have a fast shower and have your battery fullycharged.Enjoy
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Welcome to the HIV-AIDS Test Prank is anamazing and unbelievable joke application! A free app withfingerprints this test is a joke that certainly give you the bestever simplest way to learn about the symptoms of HIV.HIV-AIDS is essentially the most necessary application to benefitfrom a climate of entertainment and fun, we can say that HIV-AIDStest prank app is a funny application designed to transform yourenvironment full of fun and fool your family and friends and to beable to have an amazing time together.This app was developed specifically that anyone think it is trueand authentic. HIV-AIDS test prank app is actually a funnyapplication that quickly determines the early symptoms of HIV,intended for those who want the joy of playing tricks on others whoare expensive and their wishing to present the efficiency of theirmore newest Android operating system.This application made with an attractive setting and attractivelayout and design of this app can provide a big surprise to anyoneto have to cheat.Let you try the best way to joke with people on tours with theHIV test application through your finger marked, a farce to liveand get enjoyment and pleasure at any time without end.This just ask your relatives to keep his finger on the scanningarea of soft and discover the symptoms of AIDS on the screen of theAndroid device, without fail, the result is a false and untrue andprobably fake but nobody will believe it is wrong and absolutelyauthentic believe at that time it allows you to gain more and moreexperience with great especially the best.This soft HIV test a funny and unique application is still inits early launch. It is surely developed so that one individual whohas not yet aware of the Android operating system and may nevermake the point that it is true or false. Many people would probablythink that this is true is a HIV test application. You will be ableto joke that your partner does not know and it does not require HIVtesting.HIV test is still a false HIV test but amazing and well developin a way true to gather to share best moments with all your friendsand family. With HD graphics and well developed although a pleasantuse of animation in the scanner. A friendly and easy to useapplication and the advantage it is completely free and alwaysentertaining for everyone. This test does not require Internetaccess.Note please that everyone reading displayed using your finger isalways wrong and always used for the purpose of enjoyment andentertainment reasons.Enjoy the maximum possible.
Don't Touch My Phone - Alarm 1.0.0 APK
raje dev
With Alarm Anti-theft app you will not beanymore afraid to let your phone on a table.this Alarm keeps your phone save from curious people and burglars.Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because thealarm will be triggered if any one try to take the phone.Use this app to ensure that nobody touch your cellphone, it willplay an alarm when it happens. The interface is simple to reducethe memory and processor consumption. Prevents stolen or takenwithout permission your phone using the motion sensor (Anti TheftAlarm).
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Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a prank appfor prankster people.You can lock and unlock your smart phone using your fingerprint!Get fun with FINGERPRINT LOCK !HOW TO USE:Unlock your smart phone by guard your finger scanned amoment.Tap touch panel while app analizes your fingerprint.Xray beam (x-ray) will scan your fingerprint.Lock your smart phone, Keep it safe from nosy friends!Works as a true screen lock .DISCLAIMER:Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a prank,its just a joke orsimulate app.
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We all think to save time by finding solutionsto different problems. Nowadays everyone wants to live the speedand most people do not know anything about their type or so-calledblood group, since they do not even have a little time to go to thelab to be a blood test. Here is the solution to your Android store,using this application, you do not have to care about makinglaboratory to check your blood type.We present the application of funny blood detector for all usersOn Android devices that detect your little fake blood group andshows you random results while scanning quickly and simply traceyour finger. This app is an application supposedly interesting tobe able to have fun with friends and family. Install the blooddetector and experience great fun of you.Welcome to the funniest application in the world ofentertainment apps and fun "blood detector".You'll love the stuffing, then you will definitely love this app.The blood type detector through fingerprinting is quite anentertainment application that automatically gives you the type ofyour blood through a funny calculation, this app is designed forpeople who want to make jokes to their relatives, this applicationis for fun lovers and that want to show their friends a decent joketo the beginning of their morning for example.It is important to know that this is nothing clever app forAndroid device, an advantage of free and understood for morefreedom in terms of download. The blood sensor is an intelligentapplication still in its early stages, so if you ever have anysuggestions offered have all the freedom to contact us via email,as you must know that anyone who is not familiar with mobileapplications, it can not, maybe not distinguish between what isreal and which one is a joke, so this is where pranksters can playon, because there are people who think the result will be a trueblood and blood calculation is actually about and certain.Tip for use:Just calmly place your finger on the pad or the scanning area of​​the fingerprints on your device screen, then just wait a littlewhile to analyze.After your fake blood group is automatically there, it will bedisplayed directly on your laptop screen just after thecalculation.You will be free to share this with your friends on social mediaalso installed on your Android devices.Objectives:- This is a joke app to relive moments of fun and entertainmentwith your family and friends.- A soft purely friendly fast and easy to use.- An entertainment and a fun time is in your hands free.- The blood detector is an app that requires no Internetconnection.- The joke blood detector is an application available now on yourAndroid store and probably free.- The blood group detector is through your fingerprints will needis your finger.Thank you to note that blood type fingerprint sensor joke isintended only for joke purposes. You never expect a realcalculation of your real-time group.And as you all know that the real calculation of blood is neverpossible with the screen of your Android device. This app isdeveloped for entertainment and joy goods.