1.2 / August 19, 2015
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Good morning, police officer! There is a terrorist armed with a gunnoticed on the roof in the city center! We need a great sniper todestroy him! Your target as the best police sniper is to destroythe terrorist! Use your accuracy, experience and police gun toclear the city from criminals and avoid human losses. Feel like areal police sniper shooting criminals with this snipersimulator!Explore this shooter and feel like a real police sniperon the duty! Earn bonuses, complete missions and upgrade your gunand sniper skills. Claimb to the roof, track down the terrorist,charge you gun, aim right to the target and one more criminal iskilled!No more victims and gun shots! Your mission as the policeofficer is to keep your city safe and sound. Improve your targetpractice skills and upgrade the sniper gun, each terrorist is achance to earn boneses and police medals!But wait... One moresniper terrorist is on the roof right next to you! Just aim to thetarget and shoot! Have fun with our new Police sniper: Antiterrorist shooter!Police sniper: Anti terrorist game features:-First-person shooter- Great view from the roof- High quality 3Dgraphics- Realistic police sniper simulator- Huge city mapSoofficer, this is your gun. Kill all the terrorists and save yourcity full of unprotected victims! Join the police and destroycriminals, track down new targets each level and feel like a realsniper with this Police sniper: Anti terrorist shooter!More games,your reviews and even more on:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobile-Hero/494845244023623

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    Police sniper: Anti terrorist
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    August 19, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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