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Pony Makeover has 5 fun levels for you toenjoy!



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Bad Teeth Makeover 1.1 APK
Dress Up Who
Welcome to Bad Teeth Makeover - make thosewhite pearls sparkle!Bad Teeth Makeover is fun, exciting and addictive - it’s a gamethat the whole family will love to play! Take control as a dentistand make those white pearls sparkle! Work your way through theentertaining stages and start your dentist career with a tap today!Your patient has arrived and is in need of a makeover! Clean theirteeth and make them shine - can you become the greatest dentist intown? Floss, clean, attach braces and so much more - see yourdental magic come to life at your fingertips.Every beauty queen needs beautiful teeth - and you are the onlyone who can make them perfect. As you play through the stages, youwill floss, clean and whiten the teeth of your patient! Then,attach the braces and see how their teeth turn out! Once you havecompleted your dental magic, send your client to a fashion designerto add the finishing touches.Add makeup and create a super-model from your fingertips - itjust goes to show how far good teeth can take you. If you have everwanted to become a dentist or have a passion for beauty - then youwill love Bad Teeth Makeover!Let’s see your dental magic come alive today - in Bad TeethMakeover.- Become a dentist and fix your patient's teeth!- Perform dental magic with your fingertips!- Fun, addictive and exciting game play!- Floss, clean, attach braces and so much more!
Boyfriend Girl Makeover 1.3 APK
Dress Up Who
There is a fun new trend on the internet rightnow and that is to give your boyfriend a girl makeover. He mightdisagree at first, but he will surely come around as this is justfor laughs, not to mention that you will get to practice your makeup skills. So give it a try!First you have to apply a cream on his beard and then shave it.Use a cleanser on his face to remove all the impurities from theskin, then a sunscreen protection lotion that will create aprotecting shield against the sun's rays. Then you can choose acolor for foundation and apply it with a professional sponge. Applyalso a concealing cream that will get rid of any imperfections,including the bags under the eyes.Define his eyebrows carefully with a pair of tweezers. Now it istime for the make-up part! Apply mascara to make his lashes longer,contact lenses to change the color of his eyes, a colorfullipstick, eye liner, eye shadow and blush. Put a wig on him for afeminine hairstyle and dress him up in something cute and girly.But we know you also want to be part of the fun, so dress yourselfup too and then take a photo together! Enjoy!4 fun stages:- Give your boyfriend a clean shave and facial.- Doll him up with some makeup!- Put some makeup on yourself.- Dress up time with matching outfits!
Hijab Salon 1.2 APK
Dress Up Who
We’ve prepared another fashion designer gamefor you, ladies, and I’m sure that you are going to absolutely loveto be the designer behind this stunning cultural fashion collectiondesigned for modern Muslim.Today you are going to be the super talented fashion designer inour Hijab Salon and you main your main task will be to design aveil accessory for the very first Islamic client entering ourstore. Join her in getting the ‘Hijab Salon’ fashion game startedand first of all, select a solid color for the head wrap which isthe less seen part of this traditional veil.Then on the next page of the game, you get to select a reallynice style for the veil’s upper part, making sure to also cover itin playful prints and bright colors. Great job, ladies! Now on thenext page of the game you get to customize your client’s look byselecting from a wide variety of shades and shapes the ones youlike the most. Make sure to match the designed Hijab with afloor-sweeping dress or with a two pieces mix and the right pair ofshoes.Have a great time playing the ‘Hijab Salon’ fashion designergame for girls!
Kim's Kimono 1.2 APK
Dress Up Who
Kim is so into the Japanese culture. She likestheir food and their traditions and she’s crazy about their uberchic kimonos. Kim is also a fashion designer and one day she hadthis crazy idea to take advantage of her skills and turn thetraditional kimonos into some modern pieces of clothes that girlsliving all over the world could wear. She’s in her fashion studioright now, trying to put together the last pieces of hercollection, so why don’t you just join her in, ladies, getting the‘Modern Kimono Design’ game started to give her some ideas.First, you’ll have to help her pick out a style for the kimonoand then the fabric: abstract patterns and lovely flower prints areyour options in our fashion designer game, so just feel free toselect the loveliest of all! Once you’ve decided that, you can goto the next page of the game and select the endings that can haveany color you wish for. Good! Now Kim would want to wear thisjaw-dropping kimono today and you’ll have to join her on the nextpage of the game, to help her find the right bottoms, shoes andaccessories for it.Go though Kim’s wardrobe and select the ones you like the mostto dress her up with. You can even check the kimonos she’s designedbefore and pick one of those if yours won’t match her bottoms. Havea great time playing this fun fashion designer game for girls andmake sure to share it with your friends as well!Many Fun Stages!- Design your Kimono, choose from many different shapes, colors,and patterns!- Choose different shoes and accessories to match the kimono- Do her hair and make up!
Pony Makeover 1.0.0 APK
Dress Up Who
Pony Makeover has 5 fun levels for you toenjoy!SpaSaloonBeauty ParlorTattoo ParlorFashion Boutique
Cindy Flies to Mexico 1.0 APK
Dress Up Who
Disney Princess Cindy is getting ready for anamazing trip to the land of spicy burritos and her mainpreoccupation right now is getting her suitcase perfectly preparedfor this trip. She’s been waiting for this trip for months and shecan’t wait to start enjoying her vacation is style. But beforethat, she needs to take care of a few little things such aspreparing her suitcase and her documents for this amazing trip.Oh wait… her suitcase got broken during her last trip so itseems to me this beautiful fairytale princess could use yourprecious helping hand at decorating her new girly-girl suitcase.Join her in getting the ‘Cindy Flies To Mexico’ game started andfirst of all select a new suitcase for our princess here.Then accessorize it with a new badge to make it more easy torecognize and don’t forget to also apply some colorful Mexicanstickers in order to obtain a unique look for Cindy’s new suitcase.Next, dress her up in gorgeous Mexican - inspired outfits and thenaccompany her to the check-in to make sure everything is fine withher departure.3 Fun stages to play:- Choose a new luggage and decorate it for Cindy- Take Cindy to the airport and check her in- Dress up time in Mexico!
Candy Land Spa 1.2 APK
Dress Up Who
Welcome to Candy Land Spa - run themassageparlor and let your customers relax!Candy Land Spa is now open for business! Massage yourcustomersand give them the relaxing time that they deserve!Thiscandy-filled game is fun and entertaining! Massage yourcustomerswith colorful candy creams, candy-colored rocks and sweetoils!Give the models the relaxation that they deserve and makethemfeel at home before the fashion show! It’s time to lay downanddrift off - because at Candy Land Spa, nothing is morerelaxingthan a nice massage!Work your way through each stage and become the greatestmasseuseto ever live - rub cream on their back and place warmcandy rocksonto their skin for the ultimate relaxation! Scrub themwithchocolate or massage them with oils - there is so much to doinCandy Land Spa!If your week started as a treat but now it ain’t so sweet...thenwhy not come along to our spa to relieve your tension? Oncethemassage is over, you must help the model get prepared forherfashion show - add makeup, lipstick, dresses and more to makeyourmodel dazzle in-front of the cameras!Become a masseuse and help the model get prepared for herfashionshow... in Candy Land Spa!- The greatest and sweetest way to relax!- Become a masseuse and help the model relax before her show!- Play through each stage and have fun!
Hipster or Not? 1.5 APK
Dress Up Who
Being a hipster is not easy when there are somany cool clothes out there.Choose from:- 20+ hairstyles in different colors- Fun tattoos- Tons of shirts for layering- Flannels and plaid for the ultimate hipster look- Floral patterns- Skinny jeans- Lots of fun beanies and scarvesShow us that you know how to dress like a hipster!