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Whenever you feel little bit hungry “Popcorn” is the best snack foreating. Through this popcorn maker game you can make tasty Popcornat your home easily. ‘Popcorn factory shop’ is one of the greatpopcorn maker games for kids. Popcorn is the favourite movie andcinema snacks for the kids. Kids are interested to make food intheir kitchens. In this popcorn game you can learn the entireprocess of popcorn making from start to end.Farming corns:Need todig up the farm land to grow the corn plants, water the plantsdaily and take care of farm. Wait for the corn plants grow up andthen pluck off the ripe corn and put in to the corn basket.CornsIsolation:Put all corns in to the machine for the corn’s isolationthrough this process you can separate the rotten corns. Thencleanup and wash the corns grains to remove the dirt and mud.DryerProcedure:After the isolation and washing corn grains the next stepis to dryer the corns. So for drying you need to pass the cornsfrom the large dryer machine through it you can easily dry the corngrains.Popcorn Making Procedure:At the end, you are ready to makethe tasty hot popcorn. First you need to switch on the burner andadd little salt, pepper and oil in popcorn maker saucer and thenput the corns in to the saucer and heat it up for a few minutes,yummy hot popcorn is ready now. Fill the popcorn-cup by usingmachine then pack the popcorns into the boxes and deliver it in tomarket.Enjoy and play this “Popcorn factory shop” and share it withyour friends & family and give us your positive feedback at ouraddress. Thank you!

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Cash Register Shopping List- Time Management Games 1.1 APK
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Cash register shopping list is an educational game for preschoolskids, toddlers as well as for boys & girls. Get ready for funshopping through this grocery shop store where supermarket shoppinggirl is serving to customers. Shopping girl will guide thecustomers at the right track where they can have shopping listitems of their choices like fast food items, bakery item, kitchenaccessories, healthy fruits & vegetables. While playing thisawesome time management & cash management game, kids willenhance their educational level. Girls shopping fever for candiesand biscuits will definitely fulfill in this cashier game.-->Shopping list shop store simulator game is an addictive gameto learn shopping at departmental store-->management & cashmanagement skills.-->Single supermarket cash register cashiercounter for customers.-->Separate shopping cart for birthday& wedding party. -->Available shopping cart to use as perdisplayed shopping list at cashier counter.-->Waste foodrecycling & cleaning-->Don’t forget to take cash receipt forsubsequent payment as per items purchased-->Multiple game levelsfor awesome cash register & shopping-->Colorful & HDgraphics-->Get best experience of shopping simulator in cashregister shop store.-->Fast shopping through time management.-->A scanner machine to scan items purchased A great rush can beseen at superstore in the marriage season, when babies & kidsoften come with Mom & Dad to buy party items at discountedprices. The management of the supermarket shopping store displaydiscounted shopping list at billboards to attract the customersduring marriages seasons. All the shopping goes throughcomputerized invoices & cash register. The grocery shoppingstore is located in the center of bazaar where customers can haveeasy access.Zuhra Games Studio is practicing the best approaches todeliver fun loving games for all ages. Please reach us [email protected] for feedback.
Pirate Ship Mechanic Repair - Mechanic Simulator 1.1 APK
Zuhra Games
Hello here is something unique and versatile in pirate ship world.Now you are working as a mechanic in pirate ship. Pirate shipsimulator can help you to learn about how pirates work in seaships. Pirates are the most familiar in the sea world. It is timeto fulfill your dream to work as a pirate mechanic. You have alsoconcern with the ship captain to meet pirate mechanic. So let usstart, firstly select your pirate ship of your own choice formechanic and repair. This pirate ship is fully dirty and need toclean and repair. You will have sort out some tools from pirateship workshop and finally tool simulator will definitely help youto clean this dirty pirate ship by using sponge, wiper, brush,water spray shower and a cleaner. After the cleaning process, youwill act as mechanic and you will gather selected tools fromtoolbox like hammer, drill machine, nail, pliers and screw driver.Repair the pirate ship by using all these tools and make it inworking condition. After repairing the pirate ship, move towardsthe flags which require some adjustments for proper riding.Repairing & adjusting flags is not a big task. Make the perfectscenario for designing pirates using different skull and crossbonesstyles. These designs are too much famous in pirate ship world. Agorgeous look pirate ship can been seen after maintenance. You canhave some assistance from the ship manager while maintenanceprocess. Kids will definitely find this pirate game amazing andinteresting. Kids, who like pirate games, will hopefully love thisgame.
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Only creative minds wish to become intelligent doctors and out ofthem only fewer go for learning unique and versatile lungs surgery.It is very important to learn about lungs disorder. This lungssurgery doctor simulator let you know about how to operate disorderlungs. Lungs are the most important part of human body forrespiratory system and breathing. This disease diagnosed when youare suffering from cough, asthma and severe pain in lungs while youcough and sneeze. Lungs patients need proper treatment likebreathing exercises and regular checkup to become healthy becausethey become very weak due to lungs problem. Some people diagnosedby lungs cancer and lungs surgery doctor do their operation onrescue basis. You are here virtual doctors and you have justreceived an emergency call from hospital through emergency wardtelephone booth. Some patients are suffering from severe lungspain. Go fast and rescue them in emergency. As virtual Lungssurgeon doctor you will have to check the patient and recommendsome tests like X-ray and ECG on urgently basis. As it is a privatehospital, you will have to pay at cashier counter for surgery fee.You will also have to choose patients who are more critical in all,for shifting them in operation room for lungs surgery. Virtualsurgeon doctor will firstly remove crystals from patient’s chest byselecting surgery tools for lungs operation. Operation room’s redlight is on and surgery doctor operates the patient’s lungs. Afteran hour doctor successfully completes the lungs surgery. Patientshifted into ward and need care and rest for proper health andrecovery. Patient gets healthier and surgery doctor finallydischarges the patients. Play this lungs surgery doctor game andlearn about the lungs operation.