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Porch design ideas, review backyardmagazinesand landscaping websites to look at many screen porchdesigns. Thisway, you can utilize important details that fit yourproject. Thesize and shape do matter, but there are multiple waysto constructa screened porch to yield relaxation space and livingareas. Awell-designed porch can become somewhat of an extension ofyourkitchen or family room, for example. Don't overlook creatingascreened sleeping porch as well.
Design Porch Placement
Define how much yard space you will allocate. If the screenedporchwill be attached directly to the house overhangs, design theporcharound house windows and door openings. Allow a space of 15 x20feet, for example, but move the porch to a blank wall whereasliding door or French door will be installed. Don’t plan tocovera main kitchen or bathroom window, or this might devalue thehome’smarket value.
Plan Connection to House Framing
Create the porch roof line as the starting point of itsactualdesign. Once you’ve figured out how large to make thescreenedporch, draw the structure in detail. Create the roof linesto fitwell with existing house roof lines. Sketch a hip roof,slopingroof, A-frame or flat roof. Plan to attach the porch roofsecurelyto house roof rafters, if possible, to prevent movement ofthescreened porch during windstorms.
Choose Construction Materials
Select materials that harmonize with your home’s exterior.Usehigh-end materials, such as cedar or redwood if your home is inanupscale neighborhood. Pressure-treated pine or plywood maybeutilized for a rustic home or a home in a modest neighborhood.Lookat other screened porch structures in your neighborhood to seewhatother homeowners are using. Determine if you will usemetal,shingles or cedar shakes on the roof.
Use Creative Touches
Combine screen material with other coverings. Plan to coverthescreened porch with screening on the top half and houseexteriorsiding on the bottom half, for example. You can use a fewsectionsof stacked stone or brick veneer on the bottom half ofthestructure if the porch is built over a concrete base. Usewoodframing and screening material only if the porch has a woodenbaseof decking material. If the house is near a beach, youcanincorporate some fabric into the wall designs, along withthescreening material.
Finalize Building Details
Finish up planning of details before starting construction.Forexample, figure out if you do want to install sliding doors inyourkitchen that open to the screened porch. Plan all aspectsofelectricity and lighting that you wish to install as well.Built-inbenches, storage or shelving inside the screened porch isoften agood idea too.

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Pink birthday cake, pink frosting makesapretty cake suitable for birthdays, holidays or any happyoccasion.If you can make a buttercream frosting, you will have nodifficultyin making a lovely pink frosting. There are a number ofways it canbe achieved, none of them complicated. Some of them,however,require adding colorants that might cause sensitivity insomeindividuals. In such cases, it is preferable to color thefrostingwith natural ingredients.These are the way to makes pink birthday cake:-Remove the butter or margarine from the refrigerator and letitcome to room temperature. Cream the butter and confectioner'ssugarwith an electric mixer or mixing spoon.-Add two drops of red food coloring to the frosting and beatitagain to incorporate. If the frosting is not pink enough foryourpurposes, add one or two more drops of food color, until yougetthe desired shade of pink. If the frosting is too thick tospreadon your cake, add a tablespoon or two of cream in to it. Beatitagain until you are satisfied with the consistency. Ifnecessaryadd more sugar or cream until you have it justright.-Add 2 tbsp. of beet juice to the sugar and butter ormargarinemixture instead, if you prefer to avoid using theartificial redfood coloring. If the frosting is not pink enough addmore beetjuice. If you get the mixture too thick to spread on acake, addone or two tablespoons of cream and let it sit in therefrigeratorfor 15 minutes. Beet juice will color your frostingwithoutchanging its taste. It will give you a bright shade ofpink.-Add frozen strawberries into the frosting mix instead, if youdonot want to use food color or beet juice. Smash thefrozenstrawberries into a pulp, then pour them into thebuttercreamfrosting and beat them into it. The strawberries willlend flavorto the frosting as well as a pink hue.
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Bracelet design idea, a bracelet is an articleof jewellery that is worn around the wrist. It may have asupportive function, such as holding awristwatch or other items ofjewellery such as religious symbols or charms. Medical and identityinformation is marked on some bracelets, such as allergy bracelets,hospital patient-identification tags, and bracelet tags for newbornbabies. If a bracelet is a single, inflexible loop, it is oftencalled a bangle. When it is worn around the ankle it is called anankle bracelet oranklet. A boot bracelet is used to decorate boots.Colloquially, handcuffs are sometimes called bracelets. Braceletscan bemanufactured from metal, leather, cloth, plastic or othermaterials and sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells,crystals, metal or plastic hoops, pearls and many morematerials.The designs of bracelet:-Charm braceletA charm bracelet is an item of jewelry worn around the wrist. Itcarries personal charms: decorative pendants or trinkets which aresignifiers of important things in the wearer's life. In recenthistory, Italian charm bracelets have become trendy. Whiletraditional charms dangle, Italian charms feature individual piecessoldered flat onto the surface of the link.-BanglesRigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, or plastic, are referredto as bangles or bangle bracelets. They can be smooth, textured orset with stones. In India, glass bangles are common. Made fromordinary glass that is about 1/4 – 1/8 inch in width, they are wornin groups so that arm movement causes them to make a gracious soundrather like the clinking of wind chimes.-Slap braceletsIn the late 1980s and early 1990s, "slap bracelets" – flat,felt-covered metal strips that curved around one's wrist whengently hit against it—were a popular fad. Often adorned with neoncolors and vivid graphics, these bracelets could be found atinexpensive retailers.-Beaded braceletUsually made from loose beads with a center hole and connected by apiece of string or elastic band through the holes.-Link braceletsBracelets made from connecting or linking various or similarcomponents or jewelry findings. Link bracelets can be made of avariety of materials included metals and gemstones.-Alternative health braceletsAlternative health bracelets, such as ionized bracelets, karmabracelets, magnetic bracelets, Power Balance hologram bracelets,etc., are a separate group not distinguished by their design but bythe beneficial function claimed for them by their manufacturers anddistributors.-Sports braceletsThe use of colored silicone rubber as a material for producingsports bracelets was popularized by Nike and Lance Armstrongthrough the Yellow Livestrong wristband starting in May 2003.
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Pottery making ideas, with internet dating onthe rise, dating methods have continued to change over the years.As the way couples connect has broadened over the years, so haveactivities that couples engage in on dates. Dinner and a movie isno longer the standard date activity. One creative way to enjoy adate is to make pottery together. The good thing is that there areso many art and pottery options, from earthenware clay to ceramics,to meet the individual styles and tastes of any couple.-Many couples have found that painting pottery together, especiallyon the more nerve racking first dates, offers a common variablefrom which a comfortable, natural conversation can ensue. Whileapplying dry glazes to a piece of pottery, couples can talk abouteverything from politics to work to family without the stress ofstaring across one another at the dinner table and trying to makeconversation.-Drape molds are a great way to make a personal pottery piece on afirst date. The particular drape, hump and slump mold can be usedto made a variety of letters, forms and numbers with slabs of clay.Couples can make a mold with their initials or together work onletters to form one of their favorite words, such as LOVE, PEACE orJOY. Looking through any current design magazine, you will find thepopularity of such inspirations, which allow your favoritesentiments to reside within the home.-What your future partner decides to create can also reveal partsof their personality that they might not be comfortable sharing ona first date. Painting a plate for a beloved grandmother or acoffee cup to get in with the boss, these are just a few thingsthat might tell you a little more about a potential mate andmore.-You don't usually think that the creating a plate comes beforedinner, but make it a first. Another creative idea for potterymaking is to design plates together and then make dinner together.You can use the plates that you painted and/or deigned and then usethat as a springboard for dinner conversation over you penne pastaand Caesar salad or whatever other culinary delight you createtogether. It has been said over the years that the couple who dinestogether stays together. Perhaps, the same could be true for thepottery making couples of the world. Much like the internet, it iscertainly one of the modern ways of connecting.So make a date with pottery, whether you chose to use drapemolds, dry glazes or earthenware clay. With the wide range ofproducts available through American Art Clay Company (AMACO) therehad never been a better time to make the first date a memorableone.
Small Floral Crown 1.4 APK
Small floral crown, this floral crownisthought to have symbolized eternal love, innocence and purity.Inmodern times, floral crowns have evolved into decorativebridalparty accessories. In addition to flowers, jewelleryembellishmentsworn in the hair often have floral or vinemotifs.Few things are more breathtaking than a bride walking down theaislewith her hair adorned with flowers. When choosing to useflowers asa hair adornment, however, brides should be careful intheirchoices.If her hair is short, she should try to stick with smallblossoms,like baby's breath; although one large flower such as agardeniacould be used - but only one blossom. The amount and volumeof hairshould dictate the size of the flowers used. A crown offlowersworks well with almost any length hair.When choosing flowers for her hair, the bride must also considerherbouquet. It is a good rule of thumb that if she chooses toputflowers in her hair, she should use the same species of flowerthatwill be used in her bouquet. If at all possible, she shouldmakesure the same person who makes the bouquet also makesherheadgear.If a single flower or several small blossoms are used to adornherhair, the bride should ask her hair stylist to insert them assheis having her hair done for the big day. If, however,herpreference is for a crown of blossoms, she should rely onsomeonewith experience in constructing floral crowns.A professional florist will not only be able to help thebrideselect blossoms that are study enough to stand up to a fullday ofactivity, they will also know exactly what tools and suppliestouse to assure that the crown will not fall apart in the middleofthe ceremony. The blossoms should also be treated with some sortofacrylic spray to hold them in place and prevent the petalsfromdropping off during the strenuous day. After all, the flowersthatare in her hair will get a more strenuous workout than herbouquet.While the bouquet rests on a table, the floral hairaccessorieswill be on the dance floor and meeting and greetinggueststhroughout the entire reception.When it's all said and done, the bride should be able to drytheflowers and save her floral crown just the same as she wouldsaveher honeymoon corsage. But, without selection and propercarebefore the wedding, there will be nothing to save afterwardsexceptleaves, stems and pins or the supplies used to constructthecrown.
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Light brown hair, Bleaching hair that you havealready dyed brown can be more complicated than bleaching yournatural hair color. Using a harsh chemical like bleach to lightenyour hair can damage it, and applying bleach over hair that hasalready been chemically treated will only add to that risk. Still,bleach is a straightforward way of removing the color from yourhair if you get tired of your brown hair and want to dye over it,or if you simply want to lighten the color.-Prepare the bleach solution in the hair removal kit according topackage directions. Wear the latex gloves to protect yourhands.Divide your hair into several sections and pin up all but one ofthe sections so they're out of the way. Using the applicator brushprovided with the kit, apply the bleach mixture to one section ofhair from the root to the ends. Lift the hair to apply bleachevenly to both sides, and pin it out of the way when you'redone.Unpin the next section of hair and apply bleach mixture to the topand underside of the hair as before, working from the root to theends. Repeat the procedure with remaining sections of hair.-Cover your hair with the shower cap to prevent a mess oraccidental contact with the bleach. Let the bleach sit on your hairfor 40 minutes. Check the color. If your hair is white, the bleachis ready to come off. If not, let it sit for another 10minutes.-Rinse the bleach out with warm water. After rinsing, wash yourhair with shampoo and conditioner.There is a joke claiming that everything is simple with women:straight hair has to be weaved, curly – relaxed, short – extended,long – cut. We may go on and add that blondes want to be brunettesand dark-hair girls see themselves blondes in their dreams. Withhighlights any change of hair hue is getting softer. It can be verysubtle and absolutely in tune with your natural hair color. Or youcan become a “bronde”, for instance, which is a blend of a brunetteand blonde, why not? Besides, there are tons of interestingsolutions with full/partial highlights and lowlights. Here is agallery of 35 most eye-catching ones.-Highlights and LowlightsHighlights are a spice of your Dark Brown or Light brownhairstyles. Even the simplest haircut looks exquisite with theright chosen and done highlights. They will bring out your eyecolor and skin tone, add body to your hair and look stunningwhether you wear your hair lose or style it in sophisticateddos.Basically highlights are at least 2 tones lighter than your naturalcolor. When they are done all through the head, these are fullhighlights. Partial highlights are done more locally, from thecrown towards the bangs, for instance, or mainly for side tresses.Sometimes lowlights are added for the 3-tone dyeing. Lowlights arenormally at least 2 tones darker than your natural hair. To makehighlights or/and lowlights on brown hair colorists use eithertraditional foil techniques for precise streaking or the balayagemethod when dyes are applied with special paddles.The latest hair trends suggest natural looks and subtle transitionsof hair colors and shades, which make your basic color moreradiant, accentuate your eyes and skin tone. Pale skin and softbrown hair, for example, go well with highlights just 1 shadelighter. However, you may also opt for more contrasting boldersolutions.Get a totally beachy look by creating gentle waves using a largebarrel curling iron. Part your hair to the side to create lengthybangs that blend easily into the mane. Keep your natural darkerhair color mostly at the roots and add highlights throughout. Or,on the contrary, freshen your light brown hair with lowlights, theresult will amaze you!
DIY Crochet Kid Boots 1.4 APK
DIY Crochet Kid Boots, crocheted booties andslippers give warmth and comfort on chilly nights, but the stylesare a little bit different. Booties have higher sides that warm theankles in addition to the feet. Crocheting gives the booties a softand spongy feel that adds to the booties' warmth. The yarn loopscreate air pockets that trap and hold warmth. Choose a soft andspongy yarn. Tightly spun yarns give the sole of the bootie aknotted feel, detracting from their comfort.These are the example for making crochet kid boots:-Wrap the end of the yarn around your fingertip. Push a loopthrough the circle of yarn. Tighten the circle to create a slipknot in the end of the yarn. Insert the crochet hook and tightenthe slip loop to the size of the hook. Crochet a chain of 15stitches. Turn the work and single crochet back along 14 stitchesof the chain. -Add one more stitch to the chain at the end. Repeatfor 10 rows.-Single crochet the first stitch to the last to create a tube. Fromthis point, crochet around the edge in rounds. Crochet one chainstitch then single crochet the rest of the row. Join the laststitch to the first. Insert the hook in the first stitch of therow, then crochet through the stitch. Repeat for five rows.-Chain one stitch and then single crochet. Decrease the size bycrocheting two together, then single crochet. Repeat for the entirerow. Tie off the end and close the toe of the bootie. Cut atwo-foot length of yarn and thread a crewel needle, which is alarge blunt needle. Insert the needle into one end of the open toe.Stitch through the top and bottom and tie the yarn off. Continuestitching across the toe, then tie off the yarn. Snip off anyexcess yarn. Sew the back of the slipper closed in the sameway.-Tie the yarn to the top of the bootie. Single crochet in everystitch around the top of the slipper. Join the last stitch in therow to the first. Repeat for two more rows and tie off theyarn.Crochet Snow Boots are Fast, Fun and FantasticallyAffordable!Featuring a simple crocheted design with the addition of twobuttons, you really won’t need a great many supplies to get stated.Simply tool up with the yarn of your choosing, a good crochet hookand a quality pattern.Crochet baby booties are not just adorable, but they are verypractical at the same time as they will keep your baby’s feet warmand safe.
Plants Containers Ideas 1.4 APK
Plants Containers Ideas, you need toredecorate the front porch but you just can't figure out what todo. Be creative and look at your pots in a new light. They don'thave to just hold plants. Other decorations in the plants areattractive in the winter months when blooming flowers are notavailable. Or, spruce up the old ones with paint or decals.Consider other items around the home that can be turned intodecorative planter pots as well.Hanging BasketsFrom the ceiling of the porch, hang decorative baskets filled withgeraniums, ivy, petunias or any other type of flower or vine. Takethe boring plastic planter and remove the metal hanger. Place theplastic pot in a macramé plant hanger. The macrame plant hanger canbe much prettier than the metal wire of the plastic bucket.Paint the plastic pots in a variety of colors so they will standout and be noticeable from the street. Anything goes when plantingthe plastic pots.Unusual ItemsUse old watering cans, metal washtubs, an old pair of boots, bowlsor anything you can think of that will hold soil and a plant. Theideas for this type of planter are endless.Use a pair of old boots, filled with flowers or green plants andsit in the corner of the porch. Place an old washboard behind theboots for a country look to the porch.Planter BoxesHang planter boxes on the outside porch railing. Place plants withbright red blossoms in the planter boxes to outline the porch areato make it inviting.Set pedestal pots on each end of the steps to the front porch.Geraniums, hibiscus, small trees or ivy is excellent choices forthe pedestal pots.Winter IdeasDo not neglect the porch in the fall and winter. The porch canstill be appealing by using the pots for other decorations in thewinter.Place a grouping of small pumpkins or one large pumpkin in the potson the porch.Plant small pine trees in large pots in the porch corners or oneeach at the beginning of the steps to the porch. Decorate the smalltrees like Christmas trees. After Christmas, plant the small pinetrees in the yard.Other IdeasUse dried flowers or plant chrysanthemums in the window boxes for afall theme.Use benches and place various sized pots in a random order on thebench.Use a utility cart on the porch to hold more potted plants.Install a hanging table and place a pot full of blooming plants inthe center of the table. A hanging table is made with macramé and around piece of glass or wood.
Lace Mini Skirt 1.4 APK
Lace mini skirt, there's a thin line betweensexy and sleazy when you decide to wear a lace mini dress. Thelength, color and quality of the lace material can determinewhether you look elegant or trashy, and there are other things toconsider as well.Don't go too short. Mini skirts and mini dresses today are oftenshockingly skimpy. You should feel comfortable sitting, standing orbending when you wear a lace mini dress.Choose appropriate shoes. Stilettos and knee-high boots look greatwith a lace mini dress. You will be showing a lot of leg and heelsimprove the look of your limbs. But no matter how stylish yourshoes are, make comfort the priority.Decide whether to go with bare legs, stockings or tights. Tightsand colored stockings can make a mini dress appear less "mini." Ifyou choose to go with bare legs, wax or shave and moisturize.Don't overdo your accessories. When you wear a lace mini dress toomany accessories can come off as looking cheap. Choose only one ortwo accessories to accentuate the dress. A lovely necklace ordangling earrings can show off your neck and pull the looktogether.Sexy OutfitSince you will be going to a club, you should look a little sexy.To show your great figure you should wear an LBD with greatfeatures. You should also go for an outfit with a shorter cut suchas mid thigh. Experts recommend that you can also wear an outfitwith a plunging back that shows a little skin.Many women go for black dresses and there's no reason you shouldlook like everyone else. To be different you should go for a dresswith a textured fabric. One of the best dresses that you shouldwear is a lace mini dress.Do you have a miniskirt? It's one of the best outfits for a club.The cool thing with a miniskirt is that it's sexy and at the sametime it gives you a lot of room to move on the dance floor.Pants And ShortsWomen are very sexy when they are in pants and shorts. If you areinto pants, you should wear skinny jeans and pair them with aplunging V-neck top.If on the other hand you are into shorts, you should go for satinshorts and pair them with a feminine patterned blouse.Tips To Consider When Choosing Club WearIn addition to thinking about fashion, you also need to think aboutcomfort. To be comfortable when the dance floor heats up, youshould go for breathable fabrics such as silk, jersey andcotton.Shoes are a great part of your club wear. Although, sky-highstilettos give you a great look, you can't wear them for a longtime. Instead of the sky-high shoes you should go for wedges whichtend to elongate your legs without the risk of hurting yourheels.A handbag is also an important part of your club wear. You shouldensure that your handbag has a comfortable shoulder strap. One ofthe best straps to go with is the cross-body style. As rule ofthumb you should avoid a clutch as it will make it hard for you tohold your drink while dancing with friends.