1.0.5 / February 27, 2019
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Oh no! Your friends must be having toothache. Be a great dentistandtreat your friends' rotten teeth~ ▶ You can treat a total of 4kindsof friends. ▶ You can be interested in various tools andmachines. ▶Make good habits for healthy teeth through treatmentprocesses suchas bacterial disinfection and scaling. Download thePororocon appand you can enjoy more kids contents! Register yourchild's face andmake them the hero of the Pororo world!

App Information Pororo Dentist - Kids Dentist Career Play

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    Pororo Dentist - Kids Dentist Career Play
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    February 27, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    서울시 동작구 상도동 511 숭실대학교 창신관 108호 (주)키글
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Pororocon - Avatar kids play and learn 3.1.5 APK
1. More than 100 rich learning contents! - Get into the children'slove of learning games and fairy tales. Contents will continue tobe updated. 2. Register your face, You are the hero of the Pororoworld! - Make your own avatar easy and decorate it. You are themain character of the story! 3. Themes and costumes you can change!- Decorate the world with more than 200 costumes and themes. 4.Snap! Let's take a picture with Pororo at an exciting photo zone! -Take a picture with Pororo. 5. Learn naturally while playing! -Play fun to form the right lifestyle and learn a variety oflearning concepts naturally. ▶ Every day's attendance event! - 10free daily (per midnight) candies will be given to you when youcome in. ▶ Purchase a straight ticket for a candy pass - unlimitedaccess to play, fairy tales, themes, and costumes (However, thetheme and costume are automatically deleted when the purchase arecancelled.) - Caution: This product is subscription-type, so afterone month of payment, automatic payment is made again. - If youcancel your subscription right after purchase, keep your candy passfor 30 days. - Subscription cancellation can be done directly fromGoogle Play. ★ Permission description (required) - Audio recordingauthority: Required for character voice setting - Camera and fileaccess: Required for character face setting - Address Book and CallStatus Rights: Required for payment and management of subscriptionand package products. ※ Inquiries - App → Setting icon → Contact Us→ E-mail - Mail: [email protected] - Phone: 82+ 070-7333-3333(10:00 - 19:00)
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Pororo Sleep Game - Habit 2.0.4 APK
It's a dark night. Why don't we go to the house of our lightedfriends? It's bedtime. Turn off the lights and let your friendssleep. ▶ Make a good environment for your friends to sleep in.Children's sleeping habits are developed. ▶ Anyone can enjoy itwith easy control. ▶ You can choose 2 languages: Korean/English.Download the Pororocon app and you can enjoy more kids contents!Register your child's face and make them the hero of the Pororoworld!
Tayo Best Theme 1.5.0 APK
TAYO Best Theme Package!Bus garbage, Fire station, Policestation..16 kind of themes are here!Play with a various of TAYOThemes!
Pororo Car Game - English, Alphabet Education 2.0.4 APK
Dudu lost his way home! Let's look for Dudu's house by collectingthe alphabet~ ▶ Study the alphabet with excitement. ▶ Anyone canenjoy it with easy control! ▶ You can choose two languages:Korean/English. Download the Pororocon app and you can enjoy morekids contents! Register your child's face and make them the hero ofthe Pororo world!
Hello, Pororo - Avatar Popular Story 2.0.4 APK
The hero who found the watch in the playground with a marvelousPororo! When you press the button, the light comes out and reachesthe snow-covered area... What will happen to the protagonist whowent to the world of Pororo? ▶ Fall into the fun stories ofPororo's popular fairy tales. ▶ You can't change the face of themain character. If you download Pororocon's app, you can registeryour child's face. ▶ You can choose 2 languages: Korean/English.Download the Pororocon app and you can enjoy more kids contents!Register your child's face and make them the hero of the Pororoworld!