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Potty Training - KIM Hygiene is very important! This educationalapplication for children will make them laugh and practice healthyhabits. Start out with a vibrant snack and a hungry little monster.After munching down, rub the belly to get digestive juices flowing,and watch as a colorful parcel is deposited in the loo. Then flushand help the parcel find its way through the complex plumbing.Don’t forget to wipe up afterwards! Potty Training belongs to theKidzInMind 'safe digital playground' for children. This app hasbeen developed and tested accurately by experts to ensure itdoesn’t contain any payment requests, advertising or externallinks. Designed to guarantee a safe digital environment for parentsand children, KidzInMind is equipped with functionalities whichwill allow parents to switch off smartphone and tablet access,internet access and to control play time.

App Information Potty Training - KIM

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    Potty Training - KIM
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    August 7, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Buongiorno, Via Cosimo del Fante 10 20122 Milano Italy
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El mundo de Cleo es una aplicación educativapara niños exclusiva de KidzInMind y orientada a que los niñosaprendan de una manera divertida las diversas fases del día y susactividades habituales con los adhesivos de la perrita Cleo.Las pegatinas de la perrita Cleo están basadas en la popular seriede animación protagonizada por una simpática cachorrita reciénnacida, su amiga Irma y otros entrañables personajes, dónde Cleoproporciona una visión fresca de la sociedad de hoy inculcandovalores educativos de aprendizaje social y familiar.La app educativa de “El Mundo de Cleo” está compuesta poradhesivos de la perrita Cleo, Irma y sus amigos, que muestran 4escenarios en los que padres y niños harán diversas tareas de losdiferentes momentos del día con la ayuda de Cleo, la encantadoracachorrita:1) Una playa: Crea un colorido escenario de vacaciones para queCleo y sus amigos se diviertan en él.2) Consulta del dentista: Ir al dentista puede ser divertido conCleo e Irma.3) La habitación de Irma: ¡Es hora de estudiar y después a jugarcon la adorable perrita!4) Una granja: Cleo se lo pasa a lo grande jugando en la granja conel resto de animales.Con la aplicación de la cachorrita Cleo los niños, con la ayuda delos padres, darán rienda suelta a su fantasía en cada fase alañadir personajes y objetos animados en los diferentes ambientes,siempre creando así situaciones nuevas.La app El Mundo de Cleo enseñará a los más pequeños a posicionarespacialmente diferentes personajes y elementos, y tambiénestimulará su imaginación para que creen distintas historias conlos adhesivos de la adorable perrita Cleo como protagonista,siempre dentro de la aplicación educativa de KidzInMind.Cada objeto que el niño añada al escenario de las pegatinas de“El Mundo de Cleo” hará que haya un movimiento al que se responderácon una pequeña animación y un divertido sonido que le harácomprender de una manera rápida la dinámica del juego en la app dela cachorrita Cleo, Irma, y sus amigos.The world of Cleo is aneducational application for children KidzInMind exclusive orientedchildren to learn in a fun way the different phases of day andnormal activities with the adhesives of the dog Cleo.The stickers Cleo dog are based on the popular animated seriesstarring a cute newborn puppy, her friend Irma and other belovedcharacters, where Cleo provides a fresh look at today's societyinstilling educational values ​​of social and family learning.The educational app "World of Cleo" is composed of adhesivesCleo, Irma dog and his friends, showing four scenarios in whichparents and children will do various tasks for different times ofday with the help of Cleo, the lovely puppy:1) A beach: Create a colorful holiday setting for Cleo and herfriends have fun in it.2) Consultation dentist: Going to the dentist can be fun with Cleoand Irma.3) The Irma room: It's time to study and then to play with adorabledog!4) A farm Cleo passes it big playing on the farm with the otheranimals.With the application of the puppy Cleo children, with the help ofparents, they will unleash your imagination in every phase byadding animated characters and objects in different environments,always creating new situations.The app Cleo World teach youngsters to spatially locatedifferent characters and elements, and also stimulate yourimagination to create different stories with the stickers adorabledog Cleo protagonist, always within the educational application ofKidzInMind.Each object that the child add to the scene of the stickers of"The World of Cleo" will be a movement that will be answered with alittle animation and a fun sound that will make you understand in aquick way the dynamics of the game in the app the puppy Cleo, Irma,and her friends.
KidzInMind – Safe Apps and Videos For Kids APK
KidzInMind is a selection of 100+ expert-approved apps and 200+videos for kids 1-6 years old. KidSAFE Certified. Best Mobile AppAwards for Children and Toddlers. Mom’s Choice Award. As a parent,it’s tough sometimes to select continuously new age-appropriateapps, educational games and to take care of children to watch onlyvideos that are good for them. That’s why we created KidzInmind –The House of Kids Apps & Videos. The app is designed like afamily house: - THE LOFT: Handpicked apps and games available onthe shelf. - THE KIDS ROOM: shows the most used and the last usedapp by your kid and a selection of the most popular apps. Every dayon the main floor there’s a little present for your child: justclick and discover the App of the Day. VIDEOS In the TV room, youcan browse more than 200 videos organized by characters Newepisodes and new popular TV series are added every month. All thevideos are also available in OFFLINE MODE once watched. ART, PICS& MUSIC - Selfie Wow: shoot and decorate pictures with funnygadgets - Art Attack: paint and unleash your creativity - Piano:play your first melodies - Sing and Dance: popular songs andexclusive music videos. STICKERS In the house kitchen, your kidscan play with lots of animated stickers with different scenarios. .EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES Toddlers can improve their abilities withABC English, Play memory, puzzles, crosswords and more games.Primary school students can start learning with fun: - A simple appto train first + / - operations - Lots of logic games - Discoverthe most important monuments around the world. - A lovely approachto handwriting. Choose among the educational apps selected byexperts in education with our community of parents: -Understanding, Writing/Reading, English - Logic, Math, Measuring -Creativity, Emotions, Arts - Civism, Nutrition, Hygiene -Environment, Society, Science. KIDS SAFETY - Set the Baby Mode ONto prevent children from leaving the app. - Use the parentalcontrols of your device to temporarily disable phone and messagingcapabilities. - Set the time limit (15-30-60 minutes). - No hiddenin-app purchases - AD FREE for Premium members. PRIVACY Wesafeguard the confidentiality of the information provided using ourapp: we do not collect or share personal information about yourchild. Please read our complete privacy policy athttp://www.kidzinmind.com/ww/#!/terms/privacy ADDITIONAL INFO Trythe app as long as you want for FREE, and upgrade to Premiumanytime to remove the Ads. KidzInMind Premium is a subscriptionservice that gives you unlimited access to all educationalactivities, games, and videos WITH NO ADS. New contents are addedevery week. Feel free to cancel anytime, there is no cancellationfee. Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account. To knowhow subscriptions work on Google Play click here:https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2476088 IMPORTANTNOTES: - Contents may change according to each country. - Pleaseremember that streaming videos will consume your mobile data. UseWi-Fi where possible. SUPPORT support@kidzinmind.comwww.kidzinmind.com facebook.com/kidzinmind
Spot the difference 2 - KIM 1.0.10 APK
Spot the Difference is a famous game where the child has toidentify specific objects after analyzing its differences withothers. This educational app will enhance the child’s cognitive,language and visual perception skills, in particular visualdifferentiation skills. In Spot the Difference 2, the image differsmainly by a complicated visual difference or a conceptualdifference. The game is designed for children aged 3.5+. Spot theDifference 2 belongs to the KidzInMind 'safe digital playground'for children. This educational app for children has been developedand tested accurately by experts to ensure it doesn’t contain anypayment requests, advertising or external links. Designed toguarantee a safe digital environment for parents and children,KidzInMind is equipped with functionalities which will allowparents to switch off smartphone and tablet access, internet accessand to control play time.
Topo Tip Figurine - KidzInMind 1.0.18 APK
Topo Tip – Figurine è una app per bambini, inclusa nella app Kidsin Mind e pensata per dare ai più piccoli il senso del tempo. LeFigurine di TopoTip è la declinazione digitale della serietelevisiva animata che ha come protagonista Topo Tip, simpaticopersonaggio tratto dall’omonima collana di libri edita da GiuntiEditore che da anni aiutano i genitori a risolvere piccoli momentidi crisi come convincere i bimbi a lavarsi i denti, a fare ilbagnetto, a pettinarsi, mangiare alimenti sani e andare a fare lananna.La app per bambini Topo Tip – Figurine è composta da quattroscenari che aiutano i genitori a scandire insieme ai propri bambinii vari momenti della giornata con l’aiuto del simpaticissimo amico“pelosino” TopoTip: - mattina, ambiente spa: lavarsi i denti, fareil bagno , asciugarsi i capelli senza aver paura del rumore delphon, pettinarsi - ora di pranzo, ambiente cucina : assaggiaretutte i cibi buoni che la mamma ci ha preparato- pomeriggio ,nellacameretta è il momento del gioco e dello svago- la sera nel propriolettino: spegnere la luce ,dire buonanotte e fare la nanna.In ogniambiente inoltre il bambino con l’aiuto di mamma e papà può daresfogo alla fantasia e inserire adesivi di personaggi e stickers dioggetti creando situazioni sempre nuove.La app Gli Appiccichini diTopo Tip aiuta il bambino a posizionare elementi e personaggi nellospazio e lo stimola a inventare infinite storie con ilsimpaticissimo TopoTip da KidsinMind.Ogni oggetto che il bambinoinserisce nell’ambientazione risponde al movimento con una piccolaanimazione e un suono aiutandolo, con un feedback immediato, acomprendere velocemente la dinamica del gioco da chids inmaind.Topo Tip - Figurine is an app for children, included in theapp Kids in Mind and designed to give children a sense of time.Thefigurine is TopoTip declination digital animated television seriesthat features Topo Tip, funny character based on the eponymous bookseries published by Giunti Editore for years help parents to solvesmall moments of crisis how to convince the children to wash teeth,to bathe, to comb, eat healthy foods and go for a nap.The app forchildren Topo Tip - Figurine consists of four scenarios that helpparents with their children to mark the different moments of theday with the help of very nice friend "pelosino" TopoTip:- Morning,spa setting: brushing teeth, bathing, dry your hair without beingafraid of the noise of the dryer, comb- Lunchtime, environmentkitchen: taste all the good foods that mom cooked us- Afternoon inthe bedroom is the time of the game and entertainment- The night intheir own bed: turn off the light, say goodnight and going tosleep.In every environment also the child with the help of mom anddad can give rein to the imagination and put stickers of charactersand stickers of objects by creating situations that are alwaysnew.The app The Appiccichini Topo Tip helps the child to placeelements and characters in space and stimulates him to inventendless stories with the very nice TopoTip from KidsinMind.Eachobject that the child fits in the setting responds to movement witha small animation and sound, helping with immediate feedback, toquickly understand the dynamics of the game in chids MAIND.
Famous Fables 1 - KidzinMind 1.0.14 APK
Take a journey into the imaginary world of fairy tales. Thisthree-dimensional book is well animated and a very entertainingexperience for children. KidzInMind Famous Fable - Volume 1 is theEnglish version of a classic German tale telling the story of aprincess with long golden hair locked in a dungeon and waiting forrescue: it deals with love, family and jealousy. It is importantfor kids to discover famous fables and classic fairy tales formultiple reasons: 1) It develops their sense of human emotions aswell as social values, like making difference between good andevil. 2) It is also a good way to improve their languageunderstanding and grow their imagination. Famous Fables vol 1 - KIMbelongs to the KidzInMind 'safe digital playground' for childrenaged 1 to 6 years. This app has been tested accurately by expertsto ensure it doesn’t contain any payment requests, advertising orexternal links. Designed to guarantee a safe digital environmentfor parents and children, KidzInMind is equipped withfunctionalities which will allow parents to switch off smartphoneand tablet access, internet access and to control play time.
Little Chef - KIM 1.0.13 APK
Little Chef belongs to the KidzInMind 'safe digital playground' forchildren aged 1 to 6 years.This app has been tested accurately byexperts to ensure it doesn’t contain any payment requests,advertising or external links. Designed to guarantee a safe digitalenvironment for parents and children, KidzInMind is equipped withfunctionalities which will allow parents to switch off smartphoneand tablet access, internet access and to control play time.LittleChefAge: 2-3 yearsAim: Have fun creating your favoritedishes!Skills: Help your child to become a little chef! Have funcreating and exploring new dishes, flavors andtastes.Certification: no in app purchases, no advertising, noexternal links.
Memory Practice - KIM 1.0.10 APK
Memory Practice is part of the KidzInMind 'safe digital playground'for children aged 1 to 6 years. The app has been tested by expertsto ensure it doesn’t contain payment requests, advertising orexternal links. KidzInMind has been designed to protect children'ssafety and allows parents to block certain functionalities.Designed to guarantee a safe digital environment for both parentsand children, KidzInMind allows parents to control playtime byswitching off smartphone and tablet options if required. MemoryPractice Age: 2-3 years Theme: Memory Skills: The different levelswill help to improve the child's memory skills. Certification: noin-app purchases, no advertising and no external links.
Sort Objects 2 - KIM 1.0.11 APK
Sort Objects 2 belongs to the KidzInMind “safe digital playground”for children aged 1 to 6 years. The app has been tested accuratelyby experts to ensure it doesn’t contain payment requests,advertising or external links. KidzInMind has been designed toensure children’s security allowing parents to set functionalitiesto block. Designed to guarantee a safe digital environment forparents and children, KidzInMind is equipped with functionalitieswhich will allow parents to switch off smartphone and tabletoptions if required and to control play time. Sort Objects 2 - KIMAge: 2-3 years Theme: Associates objects with each other and createfamilies! Skills: This app helps developthe visual and cognitiveskills of your child. It will teach them how to categorize objectsthat surround them in everyday life. Playing with the parents thechild can also learn new words and improve their pronunciation ,giving names to objects and groups that are displayed . MyFirstApp:Helped with an educational psychologist, the Editor takes a lot ofcare emphasizing on the developmental content of the games. Graphicelements, movements, animations and sounds are selected veryprecisely in order to deliver high quality applicationsCertification: no in app purchases, no advertising, no externallinks.