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🔌 Save your energy to look for an outlet 📱We'll manage your mobilebattery and live your life with less hassle.Power Battery App canhelp you manage your battery usage and save your effort of chargingyour phone frequently. We find apps you might love ❤️We suggest ourrecommended apps which you might want to have on your phone basedon your usage🎁👏 Made in Japan quality won't disappoint you 🇯🇵

App Information Power Battery - Battery life saver & recommend app

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    Power Battery - Battery life saver & recommend app
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    October 4, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Fuller, Inc.
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    KOIL, Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 148-2, Wakashiba 178-4, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
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jp.co.fuller.trimtab_android 0.47.1 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Mr. Mobile, the battery saver/uninstaller. - The World's CoolestBattery Saver App - Mr. Mobile, the battery saver, is the cutestFREE battery saving app available and is capable of extending yourbattery life. Uninstaller Feature - Uninstall apps with a singletap! - Delete apps that are consuming your battery life! - Savepower and extend battery life! - Mr. Mobile gets healthier(losesweight) as you uninstall more apps. Collection Feature - Collect awide range of Mr. Mobile stickers! - As you collect new stickers,Mr. Mobile will give you tips on how to save power and extend yourbattery life! Does your phone die constantly and always needcharging? Does your smartphone always die at crucial moments due torunning out of battery? It's time to say goodbye to battery issues!Try Mr. Mobile, the battery saver! If you have any friends whocomplain about the battery life of their smartphone be sure torecommend Mr. Mobile to them too!
jp.co.fuller.qr_ojisan_android 2.22.0 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Mr. QR: Cute Barcode & QR Scanner/Reader A free Barcode &QR Scanner without any ads. Simple, smart and cute! Mr. QR is thefourth app in the series of "Mr." character apps. QR Codes? QRCodes are really handy, you can use them to exchange emailaddresses or share important information easily. You can even savethings like contact details or phone numbers. That's where Mr. QRcomes in, you can easily scan QR codes with the app and keep trackof the codes you have scanned in the past. You can even create apersonal QR code from your contact details(name, phone, emailaddress). Recommended For * People who want a cute QR Code readerapp. * People who like cute Japanese mascot characters. * Peoplewho trade contact details often. * Fans of the "Mr." smartphone appseries. * People who struggle trying to figure out the best way toshare contact details. What is a QR Code? 'QR Code' is anabbreviation for "Quick Response Code", which is a two-dimensionalbarcode that is readable by smartphones. QR Codes are able toencode over 4000 characters into a two-dimensional barcode.
jp.co.fuller.catenary.android 0.19.1 APK
Fuller, Inc.
■ As a smart phone specialist, Sma-Phospital can diagnosis thefollowing about your device: * Usage (Level of Addiction) Monitorsand tells you how much you use your phone in one day. From this,you can determine many things including how appropriate your smartphone use is and whether you are addicted or not. By getting agrasp of how you are using your smart phone, you can moreeffectively decide how not to over-use it. * Usage of TotalCapacity As your smart phone approaches maximum storage capacity,it starts to become sluggish and more likely to freeze. Able todetermine and rank which apps take up the most space, Sma-Phospitalcan help you uninstall large unnecessary apps. Sma-Phospital ishere to help you keep your phone running smoothly! * Smart PhoneType Games, sports, work-efficiency, social networking, medical,and fitness apps, etc Based on the types of apps you use,Sma-Phospital will determine your "Smartphone Type." There are over20 different Smartphone Types. Can you find them all? Share andcompare yours with your friends! ■ This app is recommended forthose who: * whether it's during a commute or any downtime ingeneral tend to play around with their phone * want to get rid oftheir addiction and over-reliance on their smartphones and theinternet * want to know how much they use their mobile deviceduring the day * don't feel comfortable unless they have theirphone constantly by their side * feel exhausted from the constantupdates and messages from various social networks * wonder whetherthey have "game poisoning" or "Social Network Poisoning" * want toknow how much their children are using their mobile devices * wantto determine which apps they don't need ■ Regarding problemsconcerning smart phone addiction As smart phones continue to bemore and more widely used, it has become easy to spend the majorityof our days looking at our screens. This addiction to our smartphones is becoming a serious problem. A recent finding by DigitalArts (Japan) found that female high schoolers spend, on average, 7hours a day (that's over a quarter of the day!) on their smartphones. This is just one example of the increasing graveness ofsmartphone addition . Fixing this addiction requires the user totake charge and properly manage their usage, yet the main problemis that many people don't realize that they are affected.Sma-Phospital can help address this issue by informing the user onhow they are using their phone, helping them take back control oftheir lives. ■ Introducing Doc's Public Account Follow the cute andcuddly Doc and learn to get a healthy smartphone/life balance!Recommend this to app to fellow smart phone addicts!
Calculator Ojisan 1.5.0 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Third round for Ojisan App!All calculators are inorganic. Not one cute calculatoranywhere!We have now solved the problem of anyone who thinks this way.Make a quick switch to Calculator Ojisan!Your Ojisan will busy himself to calculate for you.As you tap in the numbers, you'll hear Ojisan's voice from yoursmartphone.- fun for parties and girls' night out- good for when a lonely soul cannot fall asleep- when you simply like your Ojisan- when calculating to divide up a tab- when you want to feel busy- when you want to practice mimicking Ojisan's voice- of course, also when you just want to use a calculator- and when you crave hearing your dear Ojisan's voiceYour Calculator Ojisan will work very hard for you!Your ordinary calculations will become a source of fun!Let's add, subtract, multiply, and divide all kinds of things withdear Ojisan!Have a look at our entire line of Ojisan Apps.Ojisan - Battery Saverhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.fuller.trimtab_android&referrer=calculator_playFlashlight Ojisanhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.fuller.calculator_ojisan_android&referrer=calculator_play
2048 Puzzle & Ojisan 0.1.4 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Introducing "Puzzle & Ojisan" (PuzzOji forshort), Ojisan's take on the smash hit "2048" game!Master 2048 together with Ojisan and train your brain!What is 2048?2048 is a puzzle game where you combine multiples of 2 until theyform the number 2048.It's easy to play but hard to master - no wonder it's popularworldwide!2 x 2 = 4, 4 x 2 = 8, 8 x 2 = ... it's multiplication braintraining!Ojisan's Take on 2048PuzzOji brings the adorable sound effects and fun-to-play mechanicsof the Ojisan game series to 2048. Maybe we should go for 4096next?Unlike other 2048 apps, PuzzOji is nice enough to give youhints!Who should play?- Anyone looking for a free 2048 or Threes! app- Anyone who wants to learn to play - or master - 2048- Anyone who found 2048 too hard and gave up after trying it- Fans of the Ojisan series of smartphone appsPuzzle & Ojisan's Special Features- Anyone can play 2048 with PuzzOji's nice and easy tutorial!- Watch gameplay strategy videos! Want to learn some cheats?- Ojisan can ask for hints or strategies on Facebook.- The included ranking system lets you play with your friends. Canyou beat them?Let's master 2048 with Ojisan!
カキおじさん【ハラハラアクションゲーム】 0.8.1 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Mobile Bee - Data Usage 0.7.2 APK
Fuller, Inc.
Mobile Bee is a stylish and smart app thatmanages mobile data usage, battery life, and storage resources.Functions:(Mobile) Data Usage:Mobile Bee tells you how much data each of your apps uses. Ithelps prevent fees and speed restrictions, which happens when datausage exceeds your limit.Battery Life:Check the estimated remaining battery life based on the percentageof CPU usage per app and stop background apps to extend batterylife. Never worry again about losing a call because your batteryran out!Storage:On Mobile Bee, you can see how much storage space each app takes.It can help you efficiently decide what apps you truly need so youcan free up space for new ones.Mobile Bee is the smartest way to manage your smartphone.
タクシーおじさん料金検索!(タクおじ) 1.0.1 APK
Fuller, Inc.
おじさんアプリ第5弾!タクシーおじさん!日本交通とおじさんがコラボして、タクシーおじさんになっちゃいました!タクシー料金検索はおじさんにおまかせ!「可愛く計算、タクシー料金」をコンセプトに、わかりにくい料金をタクシーおじさんが簡単に調べてくれるアプリです。おじさんはタクシーに関する豆知識も教えてくれます!使い方は簡単。出発地と目的地をキーワードや地図から指定するだけ!深夜料金や有料・高速道路利用時の検索にも対応!料金計算には累計90万DLを誇る「日本交通タクシー配車・全国タクシー配車」アプリで実績のある日本交通の料金検索エンジンを使用しており、全国約90通りある料金体系に対応しています。料金検索後にタクシーを呼びたい場合は1タップで全国タクシー配車アプリから簡単に手配することができます。「節約! ぼく、スマホ 〜おじさん育てて電池長持ち〜」もよろしくお願いします!−節電実験を実施しました−「ぼく、スマホ」を使ってバッテリー(電池)持続時間が2時間伸びた実験結果http://blog.fuller.co.jp/2012/08/120.html使用したアプリ等:リバーシ by だーぱん、だーぱんブラウザ、だーぱんきせかえ、なめこ栽培S5th Uncle app! TaxiUncle!Uncle Japan and traffic is collaboration, I had become a taxiuncle!Taxi fare search Leave it to Uncle!The concept of "cute calculation, taxi fare," and is an app thattaxi uncle us examine briefly the price that is hard tounderstand.Uncle also tell bits of knowledge about the taxi!It's easy to use. You only need to specify from the map orkeyword origin and destination!It supports search of seasonal highway use or during late-nightfee!If you are using the charge search engine of Japan trafficproven boasts 900 000 DL total "In Japan, traffic taxi dispatch,national taxi dispatch" app in the price calculation, and iscompatible with fee structure that is about 90 streetnationwide.You can arrange easily from all over the country taxi dispatchapplication in one tap if you want to call a taxi in the priceafter the search.Thank you "save! I, battery long lasting ~ ~ grow smartphoneuncle" also!- We conducted a power-saving experiment -Experimental results battery (battery) duration was extended twohours with "I, smartphone" thehttp://blog.fuller.co.jp/2012/08/120.htmlApplication software, etc. were used: dress-up over a pan overbread browser's over bread, but Reversi by, Mushroom Garden S