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Fast Battery Saver & Power Doctor is a battery saving app.Optimize consumption of your mobile phone battery by killing thepower draining apps that consume your mobile battery, produce phoneheat, make your phone slow and freeze. This app uses Accessibilityservices. Basically this app optimize phone battery by MemoryCleaner, Ram Booster, Super Cleaner and Task Killer for a betterbattery performance. You can save battery life up to 2x - 4x moreto boost your phone get along a lot more faster.First time cooldown your android phone by CPU Cooler Master functionality and getoverheat protection with Battery saver-CPU Cooler app.You canselect battery saver mode that you want easily. You can edit youown saving setting easily. Features Battery Saver Battery saverprovide the best optimization for long battery life. Kill yourbackground running task and make your phone faster. Power SaverModes Battery saver provides the best settings to save the batterytime. When your phone battery goes too much down then just tap thepower saver mode and select your power plan. CPU Cooler Master -Cooling Master Its Cooling master functionality makes your phonecool. So cool down your phone by Cooler master-Auto CPU Cooler andget overheat protectionSuper Cleaner- Smart BoosterIts superbcleaner and speed booster function make your phone faster bycleaning the background and unnecessary app. Boost, Optimize itsspeed by super cleaner 2017 algorithm.

App Information Power Saving Battery Saver - Cooler CPU - Cool

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    Power Saving Battery Saver - Cooler CPU - Cool
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    May 15, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Device Cooler - Cooling Master 1.8.2 APK
Smart Device Cooler Professional temperature monitoring andcontrolling app that detects and closes heavy resource consumingapps to reduce CPU usage cool down phone and lower phonetemperature. CPU Cooler overcomes the common heating problem ofandroid phones, lower down CPU temp and cooling your overheatingphone. CPU mobile cooler helps to detect temperature and controlthe extra usage of Apps that produces heat and makes your phoneslow. Cooler master close the heavy resources to reduce CPU usageand lower down temperature. Enhance overall performance of yourdevice, cool down phone and keep your device performance optimumwith CPU Cooler Master to cool down phone. Device cooler forandroid phone works for you in a perfect manner, Clean your cachememory, free up RAM, Boost your memory provide Real timetemperature monitoring and protection, optimize its speed,overheatprevention and cooling android phone. BASICALLY CPU COOLER PAUSEAND KILL BACKGROUND TASKS AND PROCESS THAT MAKE PHONE SLOW. Masterkey feature of this smart android cooler is lower down phonetemperature. It behaves like a mobile cooler, temperature cooler,cooler pro. Dynamic Overheat protection and prevention with thiscpu cooler app for android. CPU cooler for android is a smart toolin other words cooling android phone, Device cooler, Smart coolermaster and its heat minimization algorithm is very effective toreduce CPU usage which ensures long battery life. Battery coolerExtra feature is solve battery problems with battery saver mode andand extend your battery life with phone cooler. Do not worry aboutyour device speed and performance during multitasking andexperience the real time optimized performance. It gives you betterperformance in multimedia and game usage. Phone cooler master forandroid tablet version is also available. Features of CPU Cooler: ✓Battery Saver mode ✓ Real time device temperature monitoring ✓Material Design user interface ✓ Very easy to use to cool down ✓Optimize Speed and Performance ✓ Dynamic overheat apps detection ✓Overheat protection ✓ Temperature Unit ✓ Different Color Scheme✓Ignore List added ✓ Auto Detect Temperature Note: Please Contactus at Developer.technoapp@gmail.com for giving your feedback, anyquestion or suggestions.Your feedback, Questions & suggestionsis very important for us.
Call Blocker-Call Black list 1.0.4 APK
Block unknown numbers are very easy and justone step away .One of the simplest and effective app to block yourunwanted calls. Call blocker manage a blacklist and restrictunwanted calls.Call Blocker can reject unwanted callsautomatically/Call Blocker- call filter is a phone manager. Callblocker protect your privacy and keeps you away from fake callers.Now say good bye to annoying and strangers number by this callblocker. When you block a unknown number you will not be distractedby phone calls . this is one of the safest call blocker that helpsyou to keep safe you.Features:♥Easy to use interface♥Blacklist (List of block numbers.♥Block all incoming calls.♥Block specific call.♥Block calls from your call list.♥3 Blocking modes
Fast battery charging (Super Charger) 1.7.1 APK
Fast Battery Charging free app for android phone to charge mobilefast and reduce charging time. Android phones are facing batterylife common issues. Fast battery charging is one of the simplesttool and solution to charge your phone fast. Fast charging batteryreduce the charging time and save your time and energy. Free fastbattery charging initialize a limitation for your device wheneverit is connected to a power source. Then your device use a specialmechanism to boost your charging time, Takes a less amount time tocharge. This thing increase the charging speed and reduce the time.When you connect your charger with the phone, It will detect andlimit the power consumption of your phone/tablet and close theheavy resources app that takes more power then your battery doesn’twithdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it cancharge very quickly and fast. How to use fast battery charger ♥Launch the app and plug in your charger in phone ♥ Open chargingmode and start boost for charging fast. ♥ It will automaticallyturn off the WiFi and Bluetooth and enhance charging power.Features of super fast charging: ♥User friendly GUI. ♥View statusabout battery temperature ♥View status your RAM usage ♥Batteryremaining status ♥Automatically turn off WiFi ♥Automatically turnoff Bluetooth ♥Open App at Charger Connect settings ♥Kill screen atscreen turn On settings Fast Battery Charger latest features♥Different color scheme Settings ♥Battery Time notification insettings
Game Booster - Free 1.1.7 APK
Your Device too much lag or slow when you run games on deice?Unleash the full potential of your phone or tablet with GameBooster!Gain Max Permormax and speed up your phone with gamebooster. Optimized performance will reflect on smoother game play.Its basically kill, restart too many running apps, temporarilypauses these unnecessary processes that make your phone slow. Speedand boost your device with game booster. Get responsive controls onphone when you play games.Game Booster clean and stop yourunnecessary process temporarily and eliminating the bottle-neckissue that most Android devices experience with memory. Game boostalso prevent phone from overheating by killing the unnecessarybackground process. How Game Booster works? Start app and addgame/app that you want to accelerate. Tab on game that you want toboost. Now launch your game and get smoother game play and optimzedperformance.Do you want to get 100% performance in android gaming?Game Booster can help you speedup games, apps and user interface ingeneral. It kills background tasks and release RAM to accelerateloading of game resources. Use Game Booster when your phone getsslow and you will get extra memory and performance.Features of GameBooster:• easy one click optimization• kill almost all runningapps• speedup games and apps• release memory as much as possible
Smart Battery Saver - Power Plus 1.0.2 APK
Ultra Power save modeWith Smart Battery Saver & Booster you canSaves your phone battery with power saving features. Smart BatterySaver & Booster is the app that is specially designed for thosewho are tired off with charging there phones again and again. Nowthere is no need to take any tension because Battery saver 2016 isready for your help. In this app you can avail many option that aremay be built in or to be customized. Mobile Battery Saver - PowerBattery powerful features can not only extend phone standby, butalso keep battery healthy. Fast to clean junk file and cache, closebattery draining apps, keep smooth of your phone. This app doeverything to extend battery life. Phone will always at beststatus. This app uses Accessibility servicesPower saver has thesefollowing features: Battery Monitor, Fast Charge,Battery Booster,repair battery life, Give your phone 360 ° security protection.It’s basically functionality is to detect the draining item thatconsume battery and close that draining item that’s eat battery,keeps the battery normal by the advance cloud technology and keepyour android phone working well and cool. It’s also protected yourbattery from heat and cool down your device.Techno battery saver isbattery optimizer ,doctor , ram booster, device cooler, coolermaster for your smart android phones and tablets. Features:Easy touse.Neat and clean designBattery saving on just one tabPowerful appmanagementOverheated ProtectionBetter performance
Stealth Gunship Helicopter Battle-War Commandor 1.7 APK
Control room has suspected that army choppers and F16 jet fightersare on the way for attack on your army bases. They have occupied onyour army base camp. They are planned to attack on your army basecamp, sea and other mountain area with army troops and with gunshiphelicopter loaded with missiles and heavy machineguns. They haveprepare their army on their frontline border and Due to heavy anddangerous attacks most of your companions are killed. All yourfleet has been destroyed and only you left. Get into the cockpit gofor battle and destroy the enemy ships, cobra helicopter and jetfighters. Defending your army base is extremely difficult but youhave to show your fighting skills by keeping the head of the helidown and shoot the enemies in deadly ocean, Snow Mountains. Useyour ammo rockets to destroy the enemy troops and tanks and guidedmissile system to destroy fast jet fighters and helicopters.Enemy’s troops are moving towards your army base camp. You have tostop them. Target your mission and strike the enemy forces. Bewarewith the radars use your heavy machine gun against brutal armyforces. You can use your guns and missiles again attack. Gunshiphelicopter air war is on its peak and you to survive at any cost.The enemy is very strong but you are well trained chopper striker.You have entered in the mid field of desert of the death war andyou need to target their diploid area camps, ships, tanks and otherequipment. You are loaded with full of ammo and worlds best modernequipment. So just show your skills and beat the enemy. You have tocomplete the mission in three challenging levels in different areasof sea and mountain and snow. Fight for Honor, Dignity andVictory!! and save your homeland with gunship helicopter airstrike. Features of Gunship Helicopter: There are three intensecombating challenging combat battle levels. ✓ Sea , Mountains andsnow environment.✓ Apache combat health bar.✓ Stunning battlevisual graphics.✓ Targeted missile system to destroy supersonicjets and Apache gunship helicopter.How to play✓ Move & rotatethe screen to move helicopter forward or back, you can also usetilt controls✓ Tap fire button to destroy enemy force.✓ Usetargeted missile to destroy supersonic jet fighter and Apachegunship helicopter. ✓ Apache health and radar to see enemy fighterplanes and carriersPlease install and enjoy this shooting game.Give you feedback by rating this app because your feedback is veryimportant for us.
RAM booster - Cache Cleaner 1.1.5 APK
Devices are faced with problems of slowness due to the intensiveuse of memory which makes the devices very slow. RAM Booster is oneof the simplest application that overcomes the problems of slowdevice. Clean and boost ram for android. RAM Booster helps to speedup your devices by killing effectively task background whichrequires much use of memory giving your device an instant boost.You should always clean the system memory free by RAM Booster. Youcan select the task you want to delete and the ones you want topreserve in memory.Fast RAM and Junk Cleaner a professional smartand fast clear memory app for android phone. RAM Booster Extremepro close the heavy resourced app that make your phone slow.Accelerate cellular with just one tab. Now you can control your RAMUsage, Clean it and boost phone speed. With background andunnecessary killing apps you can save battery power consumption andextend battery life. More likely this will enhance your phoneperformance and cool down your phone CPU and temperature. RamBooster & RAM Cleaner easy clean up your android phone and youcan perform multitasking easily. RAM Booster clean memory to makephone fast. Totally Free Features of RAM Booster & CleanerSmartBoost A smart way to boost your pone by this app. Clean your junkfiles and speed up your phone.Phone OPTIMIZEROptimize phone speedSave Battery power and clean your phone by killing backgroundrunning apps that effects on phone performance. Master Key featuresList ✓ List of background Running Apps✓ Total Number of RunningApps✓ Free available Memory✓ Used Memory✓ One tab to Clean phone
History Cleaner - Phone Eraser 1.0 APK
History cleaner keeps your device clean, fast and protect yourprivacy. History Eraser & Cache Cleaner is system tool forclear cache .History cleaner is the best app to clean your cacheand delete your unnecessary data.and it also helps to free upmemory storage of the device.History cleaner is a quick optimizedtool that is very effectice for the android devices now a days.Withthe use of history cleaner protect your privacy clean your cache,secure your personal data and boost your phone speed. You canselect one or multiple history to erase.♥ Clear your browserHistory♥ Erase Call Logs♥ Clean google history♥ Clear Clip board♥Erase google play history♥ Material Design♥ Single and multipleselection