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PREDICT TO PREVENT A keyboard for communicating with peoplewithdepression. For people who suffer from depression, every wordsthatyou say or choose talk to them matters, as normal conversationcandirectly affect their mind and feelings. Nowadays, there are350million people with depression around the world. One of themmightbe your family member or loved ones. Research also foundthatcommunication via text has much more risk than face tofacecommunication because we cannot pass on our tone of voice,faceexpressions or even manners of how much you care for them.PREDICTTO PREVENT keyboard utilizing a Predictive text function todetectharmful words or even good-intention words that potentiallyhurtpeople with depression’s feelings, and suggest the right choiceofwords to prevent a negative interpretation that might becomethecauses of self-harm or suicide. PREDICT TO PREVENT Keyboardiscompatible with every messaging application, available inEnglishand Thai.

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    Predict To Prevent
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    June 12, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    1Moby Co., Ltd.
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    Health & Fitness
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    2521/10 Ladprao Road , Klong Chaokhun Sing, Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310
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SAFE & SOUND MUSIC PLAYER DESCRIPTIONIn these past years,headphone distraction is one of the causes of road accidents.Numbers of pedestrians in Thailand lost their lives while walkingon streets and listening to music they love since using headphonesalso makes them unaware of surroundings such as car, motorbike ortrain, which can be dangerous and cause accidents for driver aswell.Introducing LMG® SAFE&SOUND MUSIC PLAYER, the world’sfirst music player app for safer music experience. Built-in mode inmusic player app lets everyone enjoy the music and also avoid roadaccident. By integrating location tracking feature, people can playtheir tunes right from the app, wear the headphones, and walk on.When they are approaching main roads or rail tracks, whereaccidents mostly occur. The app will automatically lower the volumeof music and activate the microphone which allow surrounding soundsto come in, so people can be more aware on the street and alsolower the risk of accidents that might happen.The app can alsotrack user’s speed and movements and SAFE & SOUND mode will notbe activated when user is on cars or mass transit for best musicexperience.InstructionUse this app as your default musicplayerToggle SAFE & SOUND mode to enable locationtrackerWhenever you are not near streets or railroads, enjoy fullmusic experience.But whenever you approach street or railroad area,SAFE & SOUND mode will be activated by decreasing music volumeby 50% and the ambient sounds on the street will be let in bymicrophone to make user aware and avoid risks and road accidentsthat might occur.