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Are you annoyed of receiving unwanted notifications? PrefMinerallows you to create your own rules for stopping such notificationsfrom alerting you. Location-based RulesYou can also create separaterules for home and work place.Artificial IntelligencePrefMinerlearns your notification interaction behaviour on the go andsuggests rules that you might want to apply to filter out someinterruptions.

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    Pref Miner
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    January 5, 2016
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    ISS Lab
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My Phone and Me 0.11 APK
Are you addicted to your phone? My Phone and Me can help you tomonitor your phone usage pattern and your interaction withnotifications. The app presents an avatar which tells youraddiction level at the current moment. Also, it shows the amount oftime the phone has been used, the app which is used the most andthe app which triggers most notifications. Moreover, the app offersyou to visualise your phone activities such as hourly phone usage,hourly usage of an individual app, and your interaction withnotifications. Research Contribution This app is part of a researchproject at the NSDS Lab (University of Birmingham & UniversityCollege London). We collect notification and context data toanalyze the user interaction with notifications. All the personalinformation will be anonymised, and securely transmitted and storedon the server. No additional information would be collected by theapplication. We assure that there will be no attempt to misuse thedata or identify any user.You can opt in to contribute in ourresearch project once you install the app.We thank in advance foryour support in our study!
Pref Miner 0.20 APK
Are you annoyed of receiving unwanted notifications? PrefMinerallows you to create your own rules for stopping such notificationsfrom alerting you. Location-based RulesYou can also create separaterules for home and work place.Artificial IntelligencePrefMinerlearns your notification interaction behaviour on the go andsuggests rules that you might want to apply to filter out someinterruptions.
GC 2.8 APK
- CG is a mobile application that builds a behavioural model of theacceptance of notifications by a user. - It ensures that the Gmailnotifications are delivered at the right time. It stops anotification to trigger an alert, if the notification is predictednot to be accepted by the user at the time of delivery. - All thefiltered notifications (i.e., notifications that are stopped totrigger an alert) are shown to the user as a list of each day. Theusers are asked to mark the wrongly filtered notifications fromthis list to help us in evaluating the model. Data collection:- Onreceiving a notification, GC samples my contextual information suchas location, WiFi connectivity, surrounding Bluetooth traces,current physical activity, application usage and phone status, andmaps this information with the notification details such as arrivaltime, response time, sender app name and package. [Note: Thisinformation is used to train the model locally and nevertransmitted to the server.]- We collect only the data (such asnumber of accepted and declined Gmail notifications, and the numberof correctly and incorrectly filtered notifications) that definesthe accuracy of the predictor. This information is securelytransmitted and stored on the server. - No content of the emails isused and stored by the system, i.e., no additional informationwould be collected by the application.
MyLifeLogger 0.14 APK
This app has been designed for a study at the University ofCambridge. The study will investigate wellbeing and dailyactivities of first-year undergraduate students. What do I have todo? Please go about your day as you usually would while using theapp. Three times per day, the app will ask you about your mood.Please reply to these notifications promptly. This app alsoambiently collects sensor data such as your activity levels (asmeasured by the accelerometer in your phone) and your location. Atthe end of each day, please enter the activities you engaged induring the day. Taking part is of course entirely voluntary -Refusal or withdrawal will involve no penalty, now or in thefuture.Are there possible disadvantages and/or risks in takingpart? No particular discomfort or inconvenience should arise fromanswering the surveys. Participation is completely voluntary andyou can opt out of the study at any time.¬ If there are surveyquestions you do not want to answer, you need not answer them, andif you decide to withdraw from the study you are free to do so atany time.Although students may experience feelings of stress oranxiety when going through the process of adjusting to university,none of the measures we plan to use in the study are clinicallyvalid measures for diagnosing e.g. clinical depression or anxietydisorders. Thus, assessments of potential mental illnesses cannotbe made - especially not in real time as analysis of the data willfollow after collection has been completed.If you do not feel wellplease seek support. For example, you can contact the universitycounselling service [1], or take advantage of the NHS services [2].If you feel stressed, consider speaking to your College tutor ornurse, GP, or Director of Studies.[1]http://www.counselling.cam.ac.uk/studentcouns [2]http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Counselling/Pages/Introduction.aspxWhat are the possible benefits of taking part?There are no intendedbenefits to the participant from taking part in the project.However, past participants enjoyed the introspective aspect ofanswering the surveys and receiving feedback on their data.Will mytaking part in this project be kept confidential? As soon as datacollection is completed, the data will be stripped of allidentifying information (email addresses) and be identified only byan anonymous code. All data will at all times be kept in a lockedfile or secure computer with access only by the immediate researchteam.What will happen to the results of the research project?Results will be presented at conferences and written up injournals. Results are normally presented in terms of groups ofindividuals. If any individual data are presented, the data will betotally anonymous, without any means of identifying the individualsinvolved. The data collected during the course of the project mightbe used for additional or subsequent research.Who is organising andfunding the research? The Department of Psychology at theUniversity of Cambridge is sponsoring the research.Ethical reviewof the study The project has received ethical approval from thePsychology Research Ethics Committee of the University ofCambridge.Contact for further information Please contact SandrineMüller at srm77@cam.ac.uk with any questions.
My Magnetic Field 4.0.7 APK
In addition of being an amazing app for research you will also getthe chance to look at the magnetic field of the world around you.Electromagnetism... we've definitely heard about it. Visible light,X-Rays, radio frequencies, and yes, Earth's magnetic field are alldifferent ranges of the same scale. We know it changes based on ourpossition on the planet, but there is so much more that remains tobe seen. We are constanlty pushing the limits of what we know andwith this project we want to map as many cities, countries, placesas possible! We are looking at how electronic devices affect theirsurroundings and doing so by looking at the environmental sensorson the phone (acceleration, gyration, compass, etc...) We've doneour best to protect everything you share with us and we will showyou the results of your contributions. There is a completeinformation sheet inside if you are curious. Give it a try! It isfun for you and incredibly useful for us.
My Traces 0.20 APK
My Traces is an energy-efficient smartphone application thatperiodically samples location, activity, phone usage, and answersto mood questionnaires. The app is developed by the researchers atUniversity of Birmingham and University College London.Among allthe participants that will download the application in their phoneand will complete the daily questionnaire at least 50 times in atwo months span, one participant (selected through a lottery) willwin a MOTO 360 SMART-WATCH and 20 participants will win £5 Amazonvouchers.Participants need to sign a consent form allowing the appto collect their data in order to be eligible for the prize.
MoodTrace C4 1.0 APK
MoodTraces is an energy-efficient Android application forsmartphones developed by researchers at the University CollegeLondon which periodically samples location, activity, applicationusage, and answers to mood questionnaires. It allows you tovisualize in a map your mobility traces, the activities you wereperforming in different locations and the amount of time you spentdoing different activities.
MyMood - Photo Mood Journal 1.11 APK
Have you ever wondered when you are at your happiest? What thingsstress you out? And are you really that much more active atweekends? MyMood is a mood diary that lets you record youremotional state at various times during the day using images.MyMood has been developed for the purpose of a research study atUniversity College London, but we believe that the app itself isfun! One of our users will win a Motorola smartwatch for using theapp for at least two weeks. This app contains no ads. The appprovides the following features: - Mood journal: log your moodseveral times a day using pictures - Mood tracker: track how yourmood evolves each week with charts - Mood map: view your mood atplaces you visit frequently - Gallery: see the pictures you tookwith the app For full details about the app and our research study,visit our website at https://iss-mymood.geog.ucl.ac.uk/website/.