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It is a simple prefecture puzzle and prefecturenamequiz.[Description of Prefecture Puzzle]It is a game that puts47prefectures in the correct position.There is no time limitsoplease do it slowly.[Description of Prefecture Name Quiz]It isagame that taps the prefecture displayed on the right ofthescreen.Learn players who are not confident inpuzzlemode.[Thanks]BGM and sound effects were used by Ms. KomoriHei'show to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.

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    Prefectures Game
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    June 1, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Mona's Adventure II 1.0.1 APK
A sequel to "Mona's Adventure" appeared on Android!Let's operatearea 51 by operating "Mona" "Giko" "Moraler" "Ci"![Story]Thanks tothe success of Mona and Giko, Shorbon caught in Moraler wasrescued.They who came back to the village are informed of seriousproblems from Ci."Cookle-dododo" appears in the village and ishitting innocent people (?).Mona and Giko, the enemy's previousMoraler and Ci also joined,I will leave for "area 51" where Cookleis located ...[Description]It is an action game that manipulates"Mona" "Giko" "Moraler" "Ci" and captures numerous stages.The basicspecification is the same as the previous work, but the difficultylevel is getting high.[How to control]Left or right of Directionkeys : RunDown of Direction keys : CrouchJump key : JumpAttack key: Normal attackSpecial key : Special attackPause key : Pause[Playercharacters][Mona]He is an average and easy-to-use character withboth jumping power and running speed.His attacks are light bullets.it can attack remote enemies.[Giko]He is the best in jumping power,but running is a bit inferior to Mona.His attacks are yo-yo.Combined with the direction keys, it can be divided into sevendirections excluding directly below.[Moraler]He has the lowestjumping ability, but he is the fastest running.His attack is asword. it can attack with a small gap.[Ci]She can jump a couple oftimes, but running is the slowest.Her attack is a grenade. It dealsgreat damage with one shot.[Thanks]BGM and sound effects were usedby Ms. Komori Hei's how to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.
Mona's Adventure III 1.0.1 APK
The third volume of 'Mona's Adventure' appeared on Android! Operate"The Four ASCII Art" and aim for a rocky mountain with "fusagiko"![Story] Cookle who was doing innocent inhabitants was knocked downby Mona people and peace came to the village. Mona who was taking abreak for a while, Moraler ran crazy and said, "I saw that"Fusagiko" was striking all over 5-Channel!" Why is Fusagiko a goodrival of Giko, but now I have to chase it. In this way, four newjourneys have started! [Description] It is an action game thatmanipulates "Mona" "Giko" "Moraler" "Ci" and captures numerousstages. You can collect coins in the stage and buy items at theshop. There is also a recycling factor to recover ASCII Art data.[How to control] Left or right of Direction keys : Run Down ofDirection keys : Crouch Up or Down of Direction keys : Up and downthe ladder Jump key : Jump Attack key : Normal attack Special key :Special attack I-Box key : Open item box Pause key : Pause [Playercharacters] [Mona] He is an average and easy-to-use character withboth jumping power and running speed. His attacks are lightbullets. it can attack remote enemies. [Giko] He is the best injumping power, but running is a bit inferior to Mona. His attacksare yo-yo. Combined with the direction keys, it can be divided intoseven directions excluding directly below. [Moraler] He has thelowest jumping ability, but he is the fastest running. His attackis a sword. it can attack with a small gap. [Ci] She can jump acouple of times, but running is the slowest. Her attack is agrenade. It deals great damage with one shot. [Items] [P Drink] Ifyou use this you will restore your physical strength to 3 scales.You can stock up to nine. [S Drink] If you use this you willrecover all your strength. You can stock up to two. [1Up] Take thisand the remaining machine will increase. Often it can not be takenunless it is a specific character. [1 Warall Coin & 10 WarallsCoin] Collect this and you can purchase items at the shop.[ASCII-Art's Data chip] Take this and you can see the informationson ASCII Art. It is amazing if you collect 90 of them. [Fall Guard]If you hold this, you will return with a big jump even if you fallinto a hole. You can stock up to five. [Life Up] When you buy this,the maximum value of your physical strength will get excited.(Maximum 16 divisions) [Attack Up] When you buy this, the power ofregular attack will rise. (Maximum 5 levels) [Weapon Parts for Ray]Buy this and you will be able to charge light bullets. [WeaponParts for Yo-yo] When you buy this, yo-yo will be fired in threedirections. [Weapon Parts for Sword] When you buy this shock wavewill be shot from the sword. [Weapon Parts for Grenade] If you buythis you will be able to throw up to two grenades at once. [ExitParts] With this you can escape from the stage that has beencleared. [Character Changer] With this you can change the characterin the stage. [Power Saver] If you buy this you will reduce theconsumption of specality power by half. [Important points]Depending on the terminal, the screen may become stuck with thescreen darkened. It seems that it takes time to read due toinsufficient memory, so please wait until the screen brightens.[Thanks] BGM and sound effects were used by Ms. Komori Hei's how touse, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.
Mona's Adventure 1.0.5 APK
SmileBASIC game "Mona's Adventure" appears on Android! In addition,stage select mode was added. Let's rescue "Shobon" which wasscoffed by operating "Mona" and "Giko"! [Description] Operate"Mona" or "Giko" to capture the various stages, It is an actiongame to rescue "Shobon" who was deprived of "Moraler". When youdefeat the enemy, the green power gauge collects, When it becomesfull, you can activate the "Copy-Paste Ray" of deathblow. [How tocontrol] Left or right of Direction keys : Run Jump key : JumpAttack key : Normal attack Special key : Special attack Pause key :Pause [Player characters] [Mona] He is an average and easy-to-usecharacter with both jumping power and running speed. [Giko] He canjump higher than Mona, but the speed of running and attack isinferior. [Thanks] BGM and sound effects were used by Ms. KomoriHei's how to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.
Miso Eater 1.0.5 APK
Game for SmileBASIC "Miso Eater" realizes porting to Android! Inaddition, it has increased to 25 stages and online ranking functionwas added. Let's eat all the miso and aim at the roof of the tower![Story] One day, "Yaruo" found a high tower. There is a largeamount of miso in the tower. Following the smell of his favoritemiso, Yaruo entered the tower. But there were "Yaranaio" nesting... ... Will it ever eat Yaruo safely and eat miso safely and reachthe rooftop ...? [Description] Operating "Yaruo", while escapingfrom "Yaranaio" It is a game to eat miso. Easy to eat all the misoin the maze is stage clear. [Items] Sometimes items appear in themaze. [Jet Shoes] The moving speed of Yaruo rises and the movingspeed of Yaranaio goes down. [Vanish Mant] The appearance of Yaruobecomes translucent, and Yaranaio is not noticed. [Red miso Pot]Miso becomes red miso, and the score when you eat is doubled. [Soapbubble Set] You can beat it by wrapping Yaranaio with soap bubbles.[1UP] The remaining number of Yaruo increases by one person.[Thanks] BGM and sound effects were used by Ms. Komori Hei's how touse, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.
Rice Ball Puzzle 1.0.2 APK
A simple Fall puzzle by Rice Ball.You can aim for a high scorealonefor one person, or you can play a communication match withtwopeople.[Description of One Player]It's a falling thing puzzlegamewhich arranges three or more rice balls of the sameingredientsvertically, horizontally, diagonally."Mr. 1" can besubstituted forall rice balls.[Description of Two Players]Theplayer who erased 200rice balls first is a victory.If you erase"Mr. 1" you can raise therice ball in the opponent'sfield.[Thanks]BGM and sound effects wereused by Ms. Komori Hei'show to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.
Advance! Needle Threader 1.0.3 APK
Game that threads needle threader appears! There is also an onlineranking function. [Description] Move the needle threader up anddown, It keeps sewing thread through wire. It is game over ifsewing thread protrudes from wire. Continuing long passage willmake the thread move faster. [Thanks] BGM and sound effects wereused by Ms. Komori Hei's how to use, On-Jin, PANICPUMPKIN.