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Preschool Junior KG Science - 2 is one of the fabulous collectionof curriculum based learning activities, to delight kids and makelearning fun with popular traditional rhymes, designed especiallyfor babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids of ages 2-6. It is oneof the most transportable forms of playing, learning and can beused anywhere at any time.Key Features:- 18 Progressive Activitieswith 100 Iterations Each. * Match Animals Shadows * Match AnimalsTails * Match Insects Home * Birds Not Fly Long * Seasons * SeasonOdd One Out * Push Pull * Transports * Community * Match Helper toVehicles * Match The Helper Tools * Object Run Electricity * Safety* Birthday Party * Sports Pair * Join Similar Objects * HiddenShape * Fill The Color- Popular Classic Rhymes. * Boogie Woogie *Clap Your Hands * Here We Go Round * Ring A Ring A Roses * Wheel OfThe Bus- Popular Classic Stories. * All Glitters Are Not Gold *Friends Forever * Lion And The Rat * The Clever Swan- BeautifullyAnimated and On Tap Audio Visuals.- Eye Exercises to keep your eyesstress free.- Fantastic Music & Sounds.- Draw and Sketch, useyour imagination.- Play puzzles and games inside our newly createdworld we call “Fun World”. * Jigsaws * Memory Game * T-Puzzle-Collect stickers as you gain coins as you play in our “StickerWorld”.- Easy and Smooth Navigation.- Iterations were designed withyour children in mind - there are no high scores, failures, limitsor stress. Your children can interact with the app at their ownpace.From the team at Tinytapps - the creators of Nursery Rhymes,All about Shapes and much more. Tinytapps is a team of passionateartists and engineers dedicated to designing the best of educationand entertainment for the toddlers around the world. We hope youenjoy playing with our newly released apps around the appstores.Contact us: http://www.thetinytapps.com/contact-us/Like us:https://www.facebook.com/Tinytapps/Follow us:https://twitter.com/tinytappsSubscribe us:https://www.youtube.com/user/tinytapps

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    Preschool Junior KG Science-2
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    January 4, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    AED 7.89
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    B3/3 cerebrum it park, kalyaninagar , pune, Maharashtra, india 411014.
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Hindi Vernmala: TinyTapps presents Hindi Alphabet also called HindiAksharmala or Hindi Varnmala. Hindi is a language that is spoken byabout 500 million people across the globe and even more peopleunderstand it. Hindi is a completely phonetic language meaning thatit is written exactly as it is spoken. Hindi, just as the Englishalphabet, has vowels and consonants. A letter is known as 'Varn'and the alphabet chart is known as 'Varnamala'. Vowels are called'Swar'. & Consonants are called 'Vyanjan' . This app makeslearning Hindi a simple and joyous experience for both, younglearners and first time learners. The picture/words have bothtranslation and transliteration in English. The five sections inthe app are : Swar : There are 13 Swar/Vowels in Hindi. The childlearns to recognize and discriminate the Swar. The child alsolearns to identify the shape and sound of the Swar. The childlearns to associate picture with the sound of the letter. Itdevelops the auditory and visual skills. It increases the child’svocabulary. Vyanjan : There are 33 Vyanjan/Consonants and 3Conjunct Consonants in Hindi. The child learns to recognize anddiscriminate the Vyanjan. The child also learns to identify theshape and sound of the Vyanjan. The child learns to associatepicture with the sound of the letter. It develops the auditory andvisual skills. It increases the child’s vocabulary. Writing Swar :The child learns to write the letter correctly. The formationarrows, choice of colour pencils, eraser and the blue lines makeswriting easy and fun to learn. Writing Vyanjan : The child learnsto write the letter correctly. The formation arrows, choice ofcolour pencils, eraser and the blue lines makes writing easy andfun to learn. Brought to you by TinyTapps - a redbytes softwarebrand http://www.thetinytapps.com
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To move to the next letter swiperight, to go to the previous letter swipe left

. Arabic Alphabetapp covers Letter & Picture Recognition, Phonic Sounds, LetterTracing and Activity to evaluate learning. In short, the appfocuses on the early childhood skills for language development. Theartwork is awesome and the user experience features verycool…everything in this app has been developed and designed keepingin mind your little sweethearts and their great smiles. • Letter& Picture • Letter & Picture Recognition Activity.
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 See and hear a common Arabic word which beginswith that letter. Education Consultant: SAJEDA JAMAL
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Community Helpers by Tinytapps teaches preschool children aboutpeople who make our lives easier and remind us of howinter-connected our lives are. • 10 Helpers and 1 activity FREE •40 Community Helpers. • 5 Activities Your child will learn aboutsome common and others not so common Community Helpers. From 1-40we have covered, Teacher, Doctor, Policeman, Fire Fighter, Milkman,Mailman, Actor, Writer, Dancer, Farmer, Mechanic, Zoo Keeper etc.Your child will also learn, the: • Work they do. e.g. A Doctortreats sick and injured patients. • Place they Work in. e.g. ATeacher works in a school. Learning Content 1. Work they do. 2.Place they Work in. 3. Tools they use. 4. Transport they use. 5.Uniform they wear. It’s a fun way to learn about the variousprofessions and the services they provide. An app that will makelearning fun, interactive and engaging for all kids aged 2 andabove. Activities: Fun & Evaluation 1.Photo Shoot – Click aphoto as your favourite helper. 2.Guess Who? Guess the Helper3.Tools & Transport – Tap to recognize the correct tool ortransport 4.Place of Work – Tap to recognize the correct place ofwork for the Helper. 5.Cool Colours – Enjoy colouring the Helpers,Transport etc. Tinytapps salutes these Community Helpers whodeliver services that make our lives easier.
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Arabic Flashcards: Arabic Flashcards connects pictures with soundsfor the very young, tickling their audio- visual nerves. Thepictures are of things around them…Animals, Birds, Transport,Nature, Music, At Home, etc. Arabic Flashcards is a collection of:1.100 Pictures with 2.100 Sounds they make. 3.100 Arabic Words.4.100 English Words. Developed specially for preschoolers, kids andtoddlers, this app makes learning names of things and sounds theymake easy and entertaining. You’ll see a big broad smile on yourchild’s face and also hear him/her giggling and laughing each timehe flips through these flashcards. Brought to you by TinyTapps - aredbytes software brand http://www.thetinytapps.com EducationalConsultant: Sajeda Jamal
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The Wonder Tree: Folktales by Tinytapps are lessons of value toteach young children desirable behaviour. They are aimed atcultivating “virtues” and praise qualities such as kindness, truth,honesty and hard work. Key Features: •Awesome Artwork &Animations •Excellent On Tap Audio Visuals •Amazing Sounds &Music •Story Text appearing along with narration •Options for Autoplay, Read To Me & I want to Read Folktales are importantlessons of life passed down the generations. Folktales have thepower to influence perception, attitude, behavior, and many otherfactors important to human’s life as well as the society. Folktalesby Tinytapps is developed and designed to both educate andentertain our young story lovers from start to finish. So sit back,relax and enjoy.
Action Rhymes By Tinytapps 1.0 APK
Action Rhymes: Specially designed for babies, toddlers,preschoolers and kids of all ages. Is beautifully illustrated,animated with on tap audio visual experience and excellent soundand music quality. Develops pre-reading skills, enhances phonemicawareness, help practicing volume, pitch and voice inflection.Short, rhythmic and repetitive, makes it easy for children to learnand memorize. Is one of the most transportable forms of play andcan be used anywhere at any time. You can't find a better choicethan Action Rhymes by Tinytapps for a fun way of spending timetogether with your little ones and creating your own personalfavourites. Some of the Action Rhymes included in this app are: •Row Row Row Your Boat • Clap Your Hand Listen To The Music • RingaRinga Roses • Boogie Boogie • Here We Go Round • If Your Are Happy• Old McDonnell Have A Farm • Wheel Of The Bus Key Features: •Animated & On Tap Audio Visuals • Fantastic Music and Sound •Lyrics displayed for each rhyme • Easy Navigation PreschoolConsultant: Sajeda Jamal