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Welcome to the Primary Times App. Here you can download the freePrimary Times magazine for your region. Primary Times is a magazinefor parents, pupils and teachers in the primary school sectoracross the UK and Ireland. There are 58 Primary Times magazineswith a combined distribution of over 2.6 million copies per issue,each one serving its respective local community with eventlistings, information and advertising relevant to their region.Itis primarily a What's On / Where to Go / What to Do Guide forparents of primary school children, supplemented with localeditorials and advertising. We publish 7 times a year at the startof each half & full term holiday, plus a 'Back to School'issue. Distributed free to primary schools, it is taken home by thepupils and remains in the home for several weeks. The magazine isfranchised out to regional publishers, each of whom usually liveslocally and therefore has a keen appreciation of, and empathy with,the region they serve. It has been commended by the Daily Mail, TheScotsman, The Irish Times, Business A.M. and by Directors ofEducation across the country for its service to local communities.“Things to do at a place near you”.

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