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☆☆ Be the Belle of the ball! ☆☆Who doesn’t love to dress up like aprincess?Give these fairytale princesses a magical fashionmakeover. Style them with ballgowns, sparking jewels and much more.Get them ready for the unforgettable party with their PrinceCharmings! Princess Dress Up is a fun dress up for girl of allages.

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Icy Princess Dress Up APK
The kingdom may love this frozen princess, but they sure don’t loveher style! Her hair’s a rat’s nest, her nails are a mess, and herclothes aren’t stylish at all. This frozen ice princess has nofashion sense, and she needs your help to make her kingdom proud!Won’t you use your fashion skill to make her the princess she wantsto be?In Frozen Princess Dress Up, the kingdom is relying on you tomake their princess look the part! Clean her up and choosebeautiful makeup that matches her pale skin and then give her a newhairstyle by cutting, brushing, and styling her hair. When she’spolished and ready, pick out cute outfits for her to dress up inand impress her subjects. Don’t forget her nails! Polish herfingernails to match her outfit to finish her look. With yourfashion know-how, this princess will make her people proud!ProductFeatures:- Frozen ice princess themed beauty salon game.- Easy touse controls for girls of all ages.- Choose beautiful eye shadows,lipsticks, and other makeups.- Cut, brush, and style her hair justright.- Polish her nails! Pick out cool colors to match heroutfit.- Dress up in princess style dresses, outfits, shoes, andmore.- Make this princess shine!How to Play:- Use interactivecontrols to play the game.- Pick out makeup, style her hair, andpolish her nails.- Dress up in the cutest princessoutfits.-----------------------------------------Join our FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-Up-Media/729843633801652Followus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DressUp_MediaKnow more about usat our official website: http://www.dressupmedia.com/
High School Dress Up APK
Do you always feel bad when you do not have stylist clothes? Do youwant to practice how to dress up easily? Do you have ever dream tobe a queen at high school?Never worry about how to dress properlyany more! Just download the App and try to design! Here it is,ladies! This app has many beautiful clothes for high school younggirls like you. You can choose your hairstyle, skin color and etc.You can design your looks. Come and play. Become the star girl ofthe high school!
Cinderella Dress Up APK
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a damsel indistress named Cinderella. The cause of her distress? She hadnothing to wear to the Prince's ball!Become her own Fashion FairyGodmother and create magical looks for her to capture the Prince'sheart! With tons of elegant ball gowns and beautiful accessories tochoose from, you can create the perfect princess look forCinderella!Don't let her meet the Prince looking like a pumpkin -help Cinderella find her happily ever after!
Ice Princess - Birthday Fever 1.0 APK
- Cheer up the ice princess who's fallen ill on her birthday!-Throw a party with all of her friends to make her smile again.-Bake her a cake, give her a makeover, and she'll be better in notime!Oh no, the princess is sick! Someone needs to help her feelbetter! In Icy Princess Fever, you get to cheer up a sick birthdaygirl! All the ice princess wants is to have a party with all of hergirl friends, a beautiful magic cake, and maybe a nice dress andsome makeup. Run your own beauty salon and bakery as you doeverything you can to make the birthday girl feel better!Nothing'sworse than getting sick on your birthday. The ice princess knowsthat all too well! Use your magic skills to help throw her a partythat'll cheer her up in no time. Start by baking a delicious magiccake with tons of pink and blue frosting. Just the thing to cooldown an ice princess' fever!With the cake baked and ready to eat,keep the party going for the girls by picking out a cute dress forthe princess to wear. Something festive that'll make her smile, sheneeds to be happy since she's so ill! Don't forget to add makeup sothe princess looks her best. This party will befantastic!Features:- Help the ice princess feel better at herbirthday party.- Bake a cake so the princess will have somethingdelicious to eat.- Give her a makeover, complete with a brand newdress and makeup!- Get all the girls together so the princess willsmile again!How to Play:- Bake a magic cake and bring it to thesick princess.- Choose a cute dress and makeup for the princess towear.
Messy Car! Wash & Paint 1.1 APK
Adults hate to clean their messy car, but they don't know just howfun spraying water can be! Grab a sponge and a bucket of water,it's time to clean up this messy drive! Funny Car Wash featuresmany unique cars for you to design, drive, clean, paint anddecorate, all in one convenient package! It's the best way to turnyour messy vehicle into a clean and unique masterpiece. All youneed is a little paint, some water, and a doodle or design andyou're ready!Bring a messy car into the shop and get ready for agood clean. Scrub away dirt with soapy suds as you wash every inchof your car's surface. Once your drive is clean, add a coat of waxand you're ready for more fun! Add paint and decorate your car withunique doodles and designs. Anything you want is fair game, justimagine up a doodle and paint it right on! Choose from manydifferent designs as you customize your car however youplease.Features:- Many different messy cars to wash, clean andpaint.- Doodle unique designs on your drive when you're done.How toPlay:- Use the touch screen to select suds to scrub your car with.-Wash your car clean with the water hose.- Paint and design bydrawing doodles on yourcar!------------------------------------------Join our FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-Up-Media/729843633801652Followus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DressUp_MediaKnow more about usat our official website: http://www.dressupmedia.com/
Dress Up! Mermaid APK
No need to hold your breath to experience the wonders of the sea.Now you can dress up the underwater beauties with Dress Up!Mermaids and be part of their world!!❤ Unbelievably cute!❤ 4beautiful mermaids!❤ Thousands of combinations! Mix and match!❤Stunning undersea backgrounds!
Cyber Friends Alien Dress SPA 1.0 APK
Do you think only humans want to look their best? No, silly! Aliensand robots also want to look beautiful! Both want to look theirbest at dance parties….when the best drops, they want to lookbeautiful and fabulous! And you can help them look their best whenyou play Funny Aliens – Dress And Play! In the future in outerspace, fashion is a passion…but you’re the expert! Show them whatyou can do!For the robots, first you can fix all their gears andtighten their screws to get them into goo working order! Make themlook shiny and new, and then program them to move like pros! Thealiens need help picking out the best intergalactic fashion…createthe looks that will stun and surprise! When everything iscompleted, it’s time to get down and boogie all night! Play FunnyAliens – Dress And Play for out of this world fun!FEATURES- Welcometo the future party in outer space!- Make the robots and alienslook their best!- Boogie down when the beat drops!HOW TO PLAY-Follow directions to clean and fix robots!- Use the touch screen topick out the best alien clothes!- Come back again andagain!-----------------------------------------Join our FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-Up-Media/729843633801652Followus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DressUp_MediaKnow more about usat our official website: http://www.dressupmedia.com/
Car Salon - Kids Games 1.0 APK
Wash, build, repair, paint and drive. All the cool things amechanic can do with his car, you can do with yours, too! Car Salonhands you the parts you need to build and repair cool drives one byone. Open up your mechanic shop, bring in the cars, add new partsfor that sweet new build, slap on a cool kind of paint and you'regood to drive away!Nobody wants an ugly car, especially not you! Asthe best mechanic around, your job is to build and repair carts outof new parts so they're hot and cool at the same time. Drive eachone into your mechanic shop and let the repair work begin. Oncethey're road-worthy, bring out the parts and paints and startdesigning a new look. Want a hot rod that can burn some seriousrubber? How about a cool drive that'll make everyone jealous? CarSalon gives you the tools you need to do both! Now all you have todo is get creative and get to painting!Features:- Work as amechanic in your very own car shop.- Many different kinds of carsto clean, repair and fix.- Build new vehicles and drive them aroundtown.- Decorate each car with cool paint jobs and accessories.Howto Play:- Use the touch screen to select a car to repair.- Add newparts to customize your vehicle.- Decorate the outside with paintand other extras.- Drive away in your awesome newride!------------------------------------------Join our FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dress-Up-Media/729843633801652Followus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DressUp_MediaKnow more about usat our official website: http://www.dressupmedia.com/