1.5.0 / February 5, 2016
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If you cannot wait till Christmas thanyoushould definitely get this amazing calendar to ease the wait.Setin a magic fantasy world you will discover an astonishinglittlegame behind every window.
You will find all sorts of games, ranging from a funny match-3gameto puzzles, racing games, old fashion arcade games andmuchmore.

There is something for all tastes.

★★★ Features: ★★★
✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Advent calendar 2016 full with surprises
✔ An extremely entertaining calendar!

How to play: To open the windows simply tap on them andyourdaily gift will be displayed.

We wish you a merry Christmas!

App Information Princess Advent Calendar Xmas

  • App Name
    Princess Advent Calendar Xmas
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email baumandroid@googlemail.com Privacy Policy
    Kaufcom GmbH Ruchstuckstr. 19 CH-8306 Brüttisellen
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Talking Babsy Baby: Baby Games 5.1 APK
Just talk to the Talking Babsy Baby girl. Thetalking baby answers with his funny voice and reacts to what yousay or your touch. Babsy is a little sweet baby that is taking herfirst steps in the world. As every kid she still needs a lot ofloving care. Spend some time with the sweet baby, feed her, calmher when she cries, play the piano and get to know her closer. Witha lot of exciting inside games with many levels to play!If you like talking animals like talking cat or talking dog,talking pets, baby games, baby care games, baby panda care, babygirl games, newborn baby games or Baby apps in general youwill love the talking babsy baby! Enjoy hours of fun and laughterwith this talking and free virtual baby app! If you like TalkingBabsy Baby: Baby Games then please rate it with 5 stars. Thankyou!★★★ Features Talking Babsy Baby: ★★★✔ Talking Baby Girl Babsy - Talking App - Talking Game✔ Sweet Baby Funny Games - Fun Games - Crazy Games - CuteGames✔ Sweet Baby Games for for girls and boys - Sweet Baby Games forchildren and adults of all ages✔ High quality 3D graphics✔ Cool voice interaction✔ Baby Piano✔ Many different funny talking babi animations✔ Gets angry, cries, smiles, laughs, etc.✔ Fun for the whole familyYou can talk from very intelligent to despicable and crazy - theTalking Baby will repeat it and you will have big fun!Talking Babsy Baby is one of the best talking games - try it outand download it now.Extra content and some of the best mini games:★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picturewith your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoonpictures that can be colored such as a wonderful princess, animals,cars, fast rockets and many more. Discover the artist in you!★ Sliding puzzle: Touch and slide the pieces of the puzzle wherethey belong to recreate the original image.★ Pairs: Find the same looking images on the board and train yourmemory with this cool match-2 game.★ Beside the talking baby there are many other funny baby games youcan play waiting for youDownload Talking Babsy Baby: Baby Games now and have big fun!
Stickman Run: 1 2 3 Go Running 6.0 APK
Life is short but running makes it seemlonger!The addictive Stickman Run is now available on the market, forfree! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their highscores?!Stickman wants to escape from the world created by his designer andyou have to help him through all his struggles. Test your reflexesas you race along the bridges. Swipe to turn, jump and slide toavoid obstacles, collect coins and see how far you can run!You will have to run like hell to escape from this virtual officetemple! All your abilities will be required to dodge all the officetools on your path. Run, skip and evade a great amount of staplers,paperclips, scotch tape, pencils like spears, pens, erasers,highlighters, markers, scissors, rulers and many more, to give ourbrave hero at least the illusion of freedom. Every collision canbring him a step closer to his confinement or even death.3, 2, 1 go!We challenge you! Show us what you can and do your best!If you cannot save our reckless super crazy character from hisprison, he will probably need some surgery to get back on his feetand be ready for a new escaping attempt.Features:★ Easy touch control★ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, andsliding.★ Colorful graphics and smooth animations★ The coolest Stickman ever to play with!★ The never-ending mega game★ Time change like: Night, day, sun rise, sun set and moon rise /set★ Special abilities:✔ Thunderbolt / Lightning: Makes you run much faster (at a nearlyuncontrollable speed)✔ Chronometer: Resets your speed to normal (slows you down)✔ Shield: Makes you invincible for 10 seconds (The only thing youhave to remember is to turn at every corner)Advise: Catch the chronometer during your rush through the city toslow down the speed and increase the possibility of gettingfarther.Warning: Avoid the thunderbolt power up, as it will give you aturbo boost that makes you incredibly fast, but you will probablyquickly lose control of Stickman. The only way to stop the highspeed is to take a chronometer.If you like racing, stunts, sprint, doodle, adventure and actiongames in general then you will definitely love Stickman Run.Fun is guaranteed!If your phone/tablet/device has enough CPU processor speed, thisgame is displayed in HD.
Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D 16.0 APK
Begin a new amazing adventure with Babsy thetalking baby. Enter the theme park with her and check out all themarvelous attractions.Walk Babsy around the park in order to reach the differentattractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars and try to hit as manyopponents and as often as possible to win the competition.Participate in an exciting boat race on the little lake. Hone yourdriving skills and win the race.Take a ride on a breathtaking rollercoaster and a fun.If you should feel a little bit tired you can enjoy the view fromthe ferris wheel or walk to the magicians pavilion.The magician will entertain you by letting astonishing surprisesappear for you.If you like theme park games, simulator games, rollercoaster games,simulation games, fun games or baby games in general then you willlove Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D!- - - Features: - - -✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔ Talking baby✔ Amusement and theme park with rollercoaster etc✔ Baby games✔ Baby run game with Babsy✔ One finger control joystick✔ Jump button to climb over some obstacles✔ The baby repeats everything you say with a funny voice✔ Background music and sounds✔ Games for children and the whole family - Games for boys andgirls and adults of all agesBaby Babsy Amusement Park 3D is a funny and free game! DownloadBaby Babsy Amusement Park 3D now and please rate it with 5 stars ifyou like it.
Princess Game Salon Angela 3D - Talking Princess 4.0 APK
Meet Angela the super star princess. As allthe celebrities she needs to look beautiful in every occasion asshe can never know who she is going to meet.Unfortunately to look always beautiful can be tiring, for thisreason Angela will need your precious help and council.In this princess salon game you can land a hand to our gorgeous andmagical princess to get ready for her public appearing’s.You can make Angela start with some relaxing spa treatments (PimplePopping Game) to make sure that her skin is clean and as smooth asthe one of a baby. Wash her hair and make it shine with some coolglitter effects.As second step help my Angela choose the best matching mascara,hair color and style. Moreover if you should think that she wouldlook nicer with a different eye color, you will be able to applyher some colored contact lenses.Next assist her in choosing the perfect make up and apply her a bitof eye shadow, lipstick, blusher etc.To complete your work it remains only to choose the right clothingand accessories for her big day.Now thanks to your help the magical princess is ready to face everyphoto shooting and all the paparazzi’s that she might encounters onher way.At the end of the makeover you can speak with Angela and she willrepeat everything you say.After the makeover, you can save and share the pictures per mail,with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, or simply upload them to Facebook,Flickr, Dropbox etc.If you like hair salon games, princess salon games, babygames, girl games, pimple popping games, baby care games, dress upgames, makeup games, makeover games or princess apps in general youwill love Princess Game Salon Angela 3D - TalkingPrincess!How to play:To get read of the despicable pimple you need to rub on them untilthey disappear.To apply a mask simply select the type of mask you want to use andthen spread the product on Angela's face with the finger. To cleanit either use the water shower or switch to the next beautyproduct.Some of the make-up products will automatically be applied on themodel by simply selecting the desired icon (color), other will needto be applied with your finger.** Features **- Pimple Popping Game- Spa Section- Makeup Section- Princess game for people of all ages who love princess salongames- Fashion dress up Section - Make her ready for the Cat Walk, sheis the cat’s pyjamas ;-)- Choose the skin color- 360° View to have a better look at the model- Many different backgrounds: Sea side, her room, forest, castleetc.- Different hair styles to choose- Try different hair dye, lipstick colors, eye color,eye-shadow.- Accessories, including earrings, necklaces, crowns and ahat.- Small face tattoos- Blow soap bubbles- Talking part with Angela talking and repeating everything yousay- Share your awesome girl pictures easily on facebook, mail etc.with few clicks.The princess is a big fan of the talking Babsy baby!Princess Game Salon Angela 3D - Talking Princess is a greatprincess game! Please download Princess Game Salon Angela 3D -Talking Princess now and rate it with 5 stars if you like the angelgame it. Thank you!
My Talking Baby Music Star 3.3.0 APK
Talk to the Talking Justin West Baby and getinto his dreaming world. He answers with his funny voice and reactsto what you say or your touch. With 4 exciting inside games withmany levels to play.Our sweet baby just fell asleep and you will be able to see what isgoing on in his little head while he is apparently restingpeacefully.Spend some time with Justin the dreaming super star and his highlyentertaining activities. He will show his talent and how much helikes performing for you. He is a little actor that likes prettymuch all kind of music as rock, blues, hip hop classic, tribal etc.You will see him playing a guitar, a piano, drums and otherinstruments dressed up in different pretty cool outfits. Even ifJustin has an artistic personality he is still a baby, therefore donot expect only crazy things from him. In fact he likes to do alsothe normal things every kid of his age likes such as hugging hisbrown teddy bear, playing with his toy airplane, tasting new food,throwing stuff around etc. After having such a an exciting dream heloves to take a warm relaxing bath and to blow big soap bubblesthat fly all over the place.If you like talking games like talking cat or talking dog, babygames, baby care games, baby panda care, newborn baby games, babygirl games or baby apps in general you will love My Talking BabyMusic Star! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this talking andfree virtual baby app! If you like My Talking Baby Music Star thenplease rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!★★★ Features of My Talking Baby Music Star: ★★★✔ Baby Game - Baby Games✔ Talking Game - Talking App - Talking Baby✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔ Cool voice interaction✔ Baby Piano✔ Exciting touch game with 20 levels inside - for free✔ Great numbers game - check now the IQ and your brainsmemory✔ 1 to 60 game incl. 1 to 60, A to Z, 2 4 6…, 1 3 5 …, hex, romannumerals, periodic table, octal, etc.✔ Many different animations✔ Gets angry, smiles, laughs, dances, jumps etc.✔ Fun for all✔ Amazing soundboard with many funny sounds: animals, cow, cat,rooster, fart, gun, scream, bomb, etc.✔ House gameExtra Content:★ Comics & Cartoons: Comics involving different subjects as forexample: jobs, neighbors, doctors, fishing, homeless, old storiesand many more.★ Jokes Collection: Funny jokes divided in different categories.You will find funny jokes about: weather, teachers, insects,robbers, etc.★ General knowledge: Do you know all the things about history,curiosities, geography, buildings, monuments, science, etc.?★ Photo Fun Functionality: Create funny and fake images/picturesand share them with your friends★ Great and wonderful images out of the space. You will see thespace shuttle, the moon, burning rockets, turning satellites,astronauts, the first men doing a moonwalk, and many more...★ Stickers★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picturewith your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoonpictures that can be colored such as a wonderful princess, nicetoys, a clown, a long snake, a sea star, a koala, a helicopter,ships and many more. Discover the artist in you!★ Pairs: Find the same looking images on the board and train yourmemory with this cool match-2 game.★ Sliding puzzle: Touch and slide the pieces of the puzzle wherethey belong to recreate the original image.★ Pair Up: Match up the pictures that belong together (that havesomething in common).★ Quiz★ Two Players Super Duel GameEnjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funny app My Talking BabyMusic Star! My Talking Baby Music Star is especially fun forchildren.
Talking John Dog: Funny Dog APK
Just talk to the talking dog John. He answerswith his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Withmore than 10 exciting inside games with many levels to play!Become the owner of this slightly loony dog and share some amusingexperiences with him. He does pretty much the same things a normaldog would do, but in his own foolish way.If you like talking animals games like talking cat or talking dog,dog simulater or dog games then you will love Talking John Dog! Tryit out!My Talking John Dog is a free Talking Dog games app -download the funny Talking App Talking Dog John now and enjoyit!★★★ Features of Talking John Dog: ★★★✔ High quality 3D graphics✔ Talking Animals - My Talking Pets - My Talking Dog -Talking App✔ Sweet Dog Game - Dog Games - Virtual Games✔ Fun Games - Funny Games - Crazy Games✔ Voice interaction/animations with talking dog✔ Funny animations and cool special effectsEnjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funny games app my TalkingJohn Dog! The Talking Dog is specially made for teenagersand adults of all ages.
Warp My Face: Fun Photo Editor 1.7 APK
Sometimes life can be boring. But now you willbe able to break those boring moments by making everybody laugh.The amusing, exciting and extreme entertaining Warp My Face – FunPhoto Editor app is here.Bring a smile into your friends’ everyday life thanks to thishilarious face morpher.Take a photo of your gallery or one you downloaded and distort,bend, stretch or melt a face as you like.Make the subjects of your pictures fatter or skinnier by enlargingor narrowing their faces.Transform your friends in some sort of crazy monsters by displacingand deforming completely some part of their faces.Take some pictures of your colleagues at work / school, at yoursport club, from your class mates, etc. and create some comiccaricatures of them to share a big smile with them.How will they look like? Will they appear fatter, thinner,whimsical, like an alien, funny, or maybe slightly scary? Find itout, with this amazing tool!With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake picturesto send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, anotherMessenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropboxetc.Features:- Position a picture in the face frame. Resize the picture withyour finger(s).- Warp tool (Select the warp tool, tap somewhere on the face ofyour image and drag to move around pixels.)- Squeeze and bloat tools- Rotate your pics clockwise and counterclockwise- Responsive and quick manipulation- You can warp every image whether it has been made from yourcamera or if it has been downloaded from internet.- Add some animated cartoon special effects (heart eyes and breath,bright stars, etc.)- Save and share your amusing pictures with the world- 3 buttons with big medium and tiny predefined deformations- There are two beautiful test models available to get used to themorphing toolsTips: Download some cool celebrity (VIP) or politicians pictures(e. g. from movie, music or tv stars, actors, presidents,dictators, etc.) and submit them to plastic surgery (morph theirface as it pleases you) it will be exhilarating.Take a picture of your boy / girlfriend and deform his / her facelike it would be made of rubber and check if they have a good senseof humor. ;-)With this free face changer app it is very easy to fake yourphotos. Enjoy it!
Image Faker 2.23.0 APK
★★★ Top Photo Fun App ★★★Get the funniest tool ever :-))If you like face fun apps, face warp apps, photo editor apps, funnyphoto effects, face changer apps, photo fun apps or fake imagemaker apps in general you will love Image Faker! Enjoy hours of funand laughter with Image Faker! If you like Image Faker then pleaserate it with 5 stars. Thank you!Take a photo of a friend and let the photo fun tool generate funnypictures.It's easy to use Image Faker:1. Choose picture2. Position it in the frame. Resize the picture withfinger(s).3. See the funny results4. Save, email and share pictures or upload them to facebook;-)With this app it is very easy to fake photos.Features of Image Faker:✔ A lot of predefined pictures✔ Save, email, share (MMS, Facebook, etc.) pictures✔ Create wallpapers and backgrounds✔ Create photomontages, illusions, cool image effects, photo artand fun pictures✔ Photo edit / editor✔ etc.With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake picturesto send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, anotherMessenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropboxetc.Turn yourself or your friend into a lion, a monkey, a sheep, aterminator, a hero, a scarecrow, a bodybuilder or a toilet. Appearinto a truth teller ball, in a TV on an open air cinema screen, onbillboards placed on a bridge at the top of many buildings or evenon a truck trailer. You could also decide to prank your mates byusing their faces for signs as vote for president, today’s idiot,see you soon, a military target, next, stop, wanted, you are dead,I love you etc. Become a macho man by putting your photo betweentwo girls or get some hart frames around the pictures of yourgirlfriend to make her feel happy and important.It is a really fun app to have when you want to add somethingspecial and unique to your pictures.You will find over 60 different scenes to play with.Newly added: StickersGive your pictures an even more personal touch as you used to dountil now with this fantastic update. Select either a photo fromyour gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selectedpic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers.You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. Itcontains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs(hairstyles), crowns, sunglasses, eyes, mouth expressions likekisses, scary objects with blood, etc. Let your picturescommunicate something or create some comics by writing some funstuff into bubbles.You can show this app on a party and have fun with your friends:-)Fool your friends with this cool and funny app.Fun for teens, young people and adults (girls, boys, men,women)!Download Image Faker now!

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Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.