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Princess castle cleaning Princess is getting ready to celebrate NewYear with the family. Just now she was working on the decoration atthe entrance. Though she is tired she has decided to clean up hermessy palace. She will be glad if you help the princess. Clean theroom neat and tidy and leave the visitors in wonder. Collect thewaste items and put them in the garbage. What very important iscleaning the place before the time runs out. It is high time forthe princess should have cleaned the palace including rooms,kitchen, bathrooms, pool etc. Together complete cleaning the placeas quick as possible. Bed Room Cleaning: Princess will be able tocomplete the work swiftly if you work together. She couldn't sleepproperly owing to the disorder of it. She will feel content ifcleans the messy bedroom. can you help the princess to clean thebed room, And you have to collect all dirty cloths and short bycolor. Then take it for clean wash by washing machine then afterdry it press it and fold it. And put it on proper place inprincess’s cupboard. Drawing Room Cleaning: Let's help princessmake her living room clean and organised by cleaning and arrangingthe things in it. Have fun playing this clean up game! Kitchen Cleaning: princess can never start cooking in a dirtykitchen! The stains are just going to get richer and richer anddirtier and dirtier as you pile more and more sauces and pastas,meats and cheeses on top of the stove! Don't let any of it sink it!Get it out and prepare a nice starting point for any of these.Bathroom Cleaning: princess wants to entrust to you theresponsibility of cleaning the bathroom. First arrange the bathtowels and bathrobe and then dry the wet floor with a sponge.Finally, arrange the items and things in the bathroom in properplaces that it looks neat. Pool Cleaning: if you want to dosomething meaningful clean the swimming pool of the princess. It iswhere the party is going to take place. The place looks dirty as ithas not been cleaned for many days. Castle Cleaning: Sometimesprincess indulges in cleaning the palace too. There was a heavywind in the kingdom and it caused a mess in the castle. Hence, sheis cleaning up the palace but it is too much for her. It would benice if you help her clean up the palace that she can finish it upfast and go for horse riding. In this princess cleanup game you canhave fun cleaning up your princess’s house including with FabulousFun.

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    Princess Castle Cleaning - Princess Story
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Hello WelCome To Princess World. Princess time! Play the mostprincessy princess games. Your little girl love pinky princessthen lets play with Princess baby phone. This is an educationalgame which contains real phone activity plus other games likedrawing book ,scratch book, pony games Game Includes - Phone callto princess - Dress Up - Pony Care - Coloring Book - Scratch Book -Puzzle Fun features in the game - Pink purple theme to your littleangel - Live background - Dress the princesses as you like, chooseyour dress and even the most beautiful crown. - Sweet Princessvoice - Multiple images for jigsaw puzzle - Beautiful coloringpages - 3 types of scratch book - Simple and attractive graphics -Princess Baby Phone really is one of the best games for babies inthe world. - Princess Phone For Kids will keep your toddlerentertained for hours with the catchy nursery rhymes and fungraphics. - Baby Phone is one of the most fun baby games for a sixmonth old to one year old to 2 year old baby. - Phone watch forkids and toddlers - Kids mobile phone - Use this princess mobilephone to turn your phone or tablet into a colorful princess babyphone - Our game will convert the smartphone into a phone forchildren. - Children’s Mobile Phone that plays piano sounds whennumbered keys are touched and makes musical calls - Princess Gamesprovides lot of funs for girls and princess. - Kids Mobile is veryeasy to play and learn. - Baby phone for babies inside the realphone.  This game was created for children to learn and playat the same time. If you have some problems or suggest to make thisgame better, please contact us! fabulousfungames@gmail.com EnjoyWith FABULOUS FUN.