1.1 / January 25, 2019
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Get ready to experience the endless cat's game. Play the best epicrunning game of the season. This little cat sky high path runningand jumping game is best for your kids. Enjoy unlimited kitty bestsimulator with your friends and with family. Explore with kittencity fort, avoid all types of endless obstacles and enjoy super catfun simulator. Ready to go on run adventure dodge all the sharphurdles jump over the walls control cat fast speed to approachdestination. Be careful from the hurdles catch health and hit thegold bundles to purchase more cats. The gameplay of this new catsgame of the winter season easy to learn. There are multiple funnykitty actions ready to play in a unique style. Take your favoritecat from the store and jump into the fun. Improve cat health aftercollecting more and more health to earn extra rewards chase thegold bags. Start the tail adventure with friends and take the catto the destination. It’s totally different from the subway types sograb the maximum rewards to enjoy best cat actions. Jump over thewalls in just single tap. In case of big jump tap and hold for amoment. Avoid all types of sharp hurdles and maintain your speed.Run through different levels with unique cat missions. A realisticgraphical environment with best night views and falling snow scenesmake this game a best little cat game for all age era peoples. Insome levels catch a mouse as a delicious meal. Run as fast as a catcan run. So play this animal running game without internet. Also,share first runners game experience with others. Features - Bestcat game - Free to play the animal game - Favorite kids game of theseason - The best 3d graphical environment - Purchase new cats -Addictive gameplay - Perfect controls Run the tom at sky-highgalaxy paths. Avoid all types of hurdles and survive until thefinishing point. go on a running adventure, dodge fast hurdles andcollect meals. There are Multiple cats to choose, tom cat, unicornand kiddy cat. Every cat runner have unique style.

App Information Princess Cat: Super Kitty Running

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    Princess Cat: Super Kitty Running
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    January 25, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Papas Gaming Crush Inc
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Kids Real Rumble: Tag Team Wrestling 1.1 APK
Play kids game with your fighting moves. Entertain yourself whileattacking and beating opponent kids. In this kid's funny boxing,you are multiple strong with your tag team partner. Rumble withyour partner in the ring and complete the level within time limits.Play the single wrestling match with multiple ring battles alongwith baby wrestlers. Each and every quick match is more difficultand entertaining than the original series. Use the best wrestlerphysics with best techniques to cover the opponent action moves inthis tough show. Show some class and punch the hero and give him astrong fantasy message. In this ring battle, tag your opponentwhile boxing or kicking. Play this new wrestling pro game in cagewrestling as well as street chairs wrestling mode. Play babybuddies match under cage rules. Follow the wrestler health linewith opponent wrestler fighting health. Before any rumble match,cover each side before starting wrestle match. There are differentmodes here to play. 1- Kids mode 2- Professional wrestler mode 3-Survival mode 4- Tag team action mode Kids’ Mode: kids mode is forall nonprofessional or wrestling learner. In this action game forkids’ mode, you can judge your opponent health as well as hisdefending power. Professional Mode: In professional you will facesome difficulties while attacking and kicking the opponent. Startlike a professional fighter and cover ring fighter with your superfighting techniques. Survival Mode: Survival mode is just like aprofessional series of the fighters for the champion belt. Wait foryour opponent in the ring till the countdown; face the opponent inthe arena. Cover as many survivors as you can to win the titlerace. Tag Team Match: In the tag team, you have a partner option.You have a golden chance to become a universal tag team championafter beating all wrestler tag teams. Be a wrestling 3d player andshow some freestyle moves and much more in this action mode. So areyou ready to play this new upgraded star of the wrestling game tobecome a professional heavyweight kid’s champion? The best kidsfighting game animation with unstoppable action well never let youbored. To fulfill your dream to become the best kid champion whilefighting and showing some champion moves. Game Play & Features- Easy to play - Free to play - Looks likes real rumble pre-matchescompetition - Easy to control player while playing this newprofessional children wrestling - Best tag team animations - Best3d fighters arena with cage wrestling matches
com.papasgamingcrush.us.airplane.hijack.gangster.rescue.mission.game 1.0.2 APK
Welcome to the new world of hijack aeroplane games 2018. This isthe big hijack mission US by the terrorists. The hostage andpassengers of the plane are in danger. Now they need the fearlesslystrong secret brave agent to take control of the airport andaeroplane security to take off all the planes with safety to theirdestination. This is the best rescue training test in aircraft realbattle plane modern rescue thrilling new 3d game 2k18. Thisairforce commando super pixel agent game requires your smart rescueskills to safe the plane and passengers by eliminating theterrorist mafia. This is very difficult task to draw a safe plan towipe out the criminals. As a commando, find a smart way to save thecivilians and president from the terror killers. The missions ofthe game in which the presidentielles plane is hijacked by theterrorists is a big challenge for agent commando to save thepresident by striking with the criminals and try to safe yourhealth bar to remain alive in this mission. There is multipleunique challenging missions in the new last man game. This is theaccurate test of your smashing terrorist’s skills to cover thecivilian for their safety. You will be awarded with cash at the endof every successful mission and you can by more guns with moredamage, accuracy and range to enhance your power to counter thecriminals. The complete mission briefing will be provided at thestart of every critical and thrilling level for your ease. GamePlay and Features:  10 Unique and Challenging Missions Tremendous 3D Gameplay  Weapon Selection  HD Graphics  SmoothControls for Crazy Shooting Experience  Realistic Sound Effects Rescue the aero plane Hijacked by the Terrorists  Fight Bravely ToSave the Civilians In battleground
The Last Day Mission: Survival 1.0.1 APK
Get ready to play last day mission game of the survivals with bestaction adventures. Show your battleground skills. Survive untilyour last breath. Rescue the ultimate hijacked team and destroy allthe terrorists. Follow the map to stop all the kidnapper at the endday of the mission. In this apocalypse game, your duty is to rescuethe civilians from the group of the terrorists. This survival gamebased upon the best fps actions as well as the 3d graphicalcontext. You may even play many commando survival games but thisnew battle entertainment will never let you bored at anyinfestation survivors’ level. So forget all the boring shootinggames play the most advanced and fearless game now. Eliminate theenemies in this strategy game and achieved the level. In this game,your duty is to rescue a group of civilians from the shelters ofthe terrorists. The enemies have captured innocents’ citizens sohigher command decided to rescue them. They wished your unit forthe frontline rescue mission. So get your soldier gadgets and movetowards the destination. Before starting the operations take a deepbreath and calm yourself. Start your game day after parachuteadventure from the helicopter and land at the right place. Grip atthe weapons and prove your best defensive and gorilla skills tillyour last enemy. you see it’s a type of war between the biggestterrorist squad. So never lose yourself while eliminating any enemyjust follows the surviving road which leads you to the topposition. So hit the base and deliver your best and destroy theenemy. if we talk about the gameplay, just follow the map and findthe jail to escape the commoners. In this operation, you will facea real strike from enemies but never lose hope and face theultimate attacks from the enemies. Cover the level within timelimits because if you are failed to complete the level you are alsofailed to rescue the group. Just eliminate and erase all the badpersons one by one with your rifle. The guns and other gadgetslocked so to complete the level and receive some rewards to unlockthe whole package. Fulfill your ultimate commando duty and destroythe enemy’s fort. Auto reloads the weapon. So get this epicfighters game of the week and give us valuable feedback in thereview for the further last standing missions. So best of Luck andenjoy. Gameplay & Features - Put the correct key within timelimits - Best smooth controls - Ultimately HD graphical environment- Multiple fearless military missions in each and every level -Guns selections - Best sound effects
Bank Robbers Strike : US Police Squad 1.1 APK
Welcome to the police shooting banks robbery game 3D. This is thebest gangster game for you to feel like legend police cops and thenasties squad tries to rob the city bank and escape; now being aresponsible policeman it’s your duty to save the bank importantassets and bank cash in this modern police war vs bank robber’s newfree game. The criminals tried to break the bank by taking the riskwith the support of illegal umpire. The robbery master squad is abig challenge for the police team of the city to strike and makesure the bank security in this robber stealing games. Now the supershark, intelligent and brave police officer need to draw a safe andsecure master plan to counter the criminals in this strike new freegame3d of the year. There exist multiple challenging and thrillinglevels in this game to test your skills of striking and this gamewill boost your craze and excitement to become the champion bysmashing the robbers. Now in the upcoming levels, the difficultylevel of the game will increase to give you more tough battleagainst criminals in big thrilling counter to robber’s missions inthis modern action new game 3d. This is the best action counterenemies game in the new free quality apps of this year. So don’twaste your time in searching more and avail the opportunity to playthis tremendous shooting game 2k19. You will be awarded coins atthe successful completion of each level; with these reward coins,you can unlock more latest featured powerful guns to strengthenyourself in this war game. Game Features:  Weapons Selection(Sniper rifles, machine gun, hand grenades)  Multiple ChallengingLevels  HD Graphics  Amazing 3D gameplay and environment  SmoothControls Let’s download this police shooter action game and don’tmiss the chance of playing this credible game with your friends.And your feedback to improve our games in highly prior for us.
Virtual Air Hostess: Plane Attendant Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Welcome to the new world of virtual air hostess flight simulator.This is the modern flight attendant game that will surely entertainyou and make you insane for the sky high flying area virtualattendant 3d game. You are the air flight hostess on sky-highairline and now it’s your duty to help and give services to thepassengers on the airplane with everything they require fromcheck-in to landing the plane. Prove yourself the best andefficient air receptionist in the cabin crew with your serviceswith honesty. You need to make assured and ready the fresh food andcook the tasty dishes like fries and chicken with temptation steaksfor your passengers to make them comfortable during the wholejourney. Get yourself ready for all major duties and activities bymakeup makeover with decent hostess uniform in this new free airhostess game. It’s the best test of your airplane air hostessmanagement skills and duties that you need to perform efficientlyin this modern virtual air hostess game. There are multipleindividual levels of this game with modern air hostess activitiesthat will give you the feelings of expert airline sky girls in thisaddictive and tremendous game of the year. The HD graphics contextwith realistic animations and an amazing gameplay and controls willbuild your craze for playing this entertaining game 3d. At thesuccessful completion of every level, you will be granted coin.This modern air hostess virtual assistance game will never get youbored and you can enjoy this superb fun simulation game with yourfriends and class. Game Features:  Unique entertaining multiplelevels  Serving food to passengers experience  Smooth controls Realistic animations  HD graphics and amazing 3D gameplay Let’sDownload the virtual air hostess game and enjoy this high-qualitygame for free. If you have any suggestion then gives you valuablefeedback to us.
Archer Shoot: Modern Arrow Strike 3D 1.1 APK
Get ready to play as a archers champ in this new arrow game. Gripto your archer aim and ready to crush the enemies. In this bowshow, you are playing as a league soldier who is equipped with bowsand arrows against the warriors. Experience the legend archer manin this arrow shooting game 3d. Ready to face the weapons anddefend yourself with your super survival skills. Destroy the fortninjas and enjoy the taste of victory. Complete the mission withintime limits. One thing always kept in mind, you are a fully trainedarcher and this is the only platform where you have to show yourhigh archers skills. Save the freedom of the country against thefighters. Be the best fighter and save the territory from theenemies. Enemies have planned to strike at your country bordercity. So save the city walls from the all such type of enemies.Your enemies will try to crush you, therefore be careful ready toface such type of battle situation. In this shooting game, you arethe only soldier to save the people so be care full and surviveuntil your last breath. Because your enemies already destroyed theentire border security check posts. Cover the hidden enemies withyour arrows. In this modern action game of the week work hard towin the battle against unknown enemies rages. Enemies’ guards arealerts at the city streets. Visibility is the priority in thisaction shooting game. So keep calm just like trained assassins& win the war. Eliminate all the dishonorable fighters withyour crazy shooting skills. Dodge the assault rifles and completethe war level without any wound. Be the superior with your warstrategies and get the rewards to unlock the next apocalypse warmissions. The 3d graphical fort fighting environment with 3d soundeffects will never let you bored at any fighting level. Just keepyour position tight to win the battle. Eliminate all of them withintime limits. So what are you waiting for? Get this war game withmodern action adventures. This ultimate action game is free to playeven you can play this action game without wifi. Features - Free toplay at the store - Best 3d graphical environment - Variety ofmissions in each and every level - Best platform to show yourfighting skills - Best offline action game
New City Firefighter Rescue 3D 1.0.2 APK
The modern firefighters game is one of the High-grade addictivefire engine game with a number of challenging rescue missions. Alsodriving the city fire truck is to be likely laborious drivingchallenge in the gaming radars. So get ready to play this new 911rescue game with the modern fire engine and act with well-trainedfirefighters team. You may even play a lot of fire brigades games2018 but this new fire truck for kids is totally insane and worldbravest people choice game. So get the fire outfit and be ready tosave the people and rescue accidents. Driving fire 911 truck is themost challenging and fun driving risk. Drive the big wheeler in thedirection of the occurrence; extinguish the fire using firehoseextinguisher to control the fire. In this new ultimate machine,fire game gets ready to perform different technical rescue missionswithin rescue time. Drive the big blue fire truck. Be the bravestAmerican firefighter and perform your trucking job and fire stationrescue duty with honesty and loyalty. In this new game for teens,drive your fire emergency truck with top class rescue gear. So Mrgrabs your helmet with the outfit and fasten your seat belts of thetruck seats and move, proud to perform duty like a part of the cityfire department. After some city, rescue training performs asprofessional rescue men. Prepare your rescue equipment for any typeof accidental fire emergency. Perform like a real firefighter andcover the fire within time limits in this new fire game your dutyis to driving the rescue shuttle and extinguishing the fire. Sodon’t miss the new firefighter stories after the planes fires andother emergency support trucks games. Visit the accidental place tohelp the teammates suffocating the fire. The 3d graphicalenvironment with ultra HD graphics will never let you down. So getthis new epic firefighters truck game and show some nominativeskills. So best of luck and kindly give us your valuable feedbackin the review section for this new firefighters games of the week.Gameplay & Features - Easy to control - Cover the distancewithin time limits - Best 3d graphical environments - Multiplerescue missions in a single mode - Addictive gameplay with bestsounds
Virtual Dad: Happy Modern Family Life 1.0.1 APK
Welcome to the new world of Virtual dad: Happy modern familyactivities game 3d 2018. This virtual game on a busy day is thebest Everest simulation game that’s all about routine activitiesperformed by the dad in this modern papa virtual familial game ofthis year. The feelings of a child always expressed as: I love mydad and in return, a virtual kind dad always look after his babiesand this happy modern family game will surely entertain you andprovide you the opportunity of playing this amazing game 3d 2k18.So play this new modern lifestyle game and learn about a modernfamily daily routine. Now in the morning, the house activities fora dad starts that’s not easy as he thinks. Early in the morning, hehas to wake up the children’s because they have to prepare forschool. Now this ultimate family man will make food for thechildren’s and serve them. Now after dropping the child’s toschool: now before wake up the virtual mom he has to go to themarket to buy some daily grocery in this virtual Life game. The topfamily vurtual games always joyful and addictive to play to getpractice of housekeeping activities that you can enjoy with yourfriends and family for free. There are also a lot of tasks for adad to do in this best family game 2018. Game Features: - Variousfamily activities based missions - Realistic virtual dad and kidsanimations - Amazing 3D gameplay and HD graphics environment -Realistic Sound effects - Absolutely free to play