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Thanks for a breakthrough of 2 milliondownloads!

*Let Princess kick the "soldiers" up high!*

Princess Punt, the new genre of game called "Action Puzzle RPG",is now debut!

The stage-based format game, the great combineationf of excitingfeatures of puzzle and elements of RPG, is now available for yoursmartphones and tablet play!

Interactive touching gameplay is easy and fun to play foreveryone!

Rules are simple! But the gameplay is Not!!

Surely addictive and can't regist! Battle with your owncharacters that you raised.

1.Control "Princess" to kick the "soldiers" toward monsters!
=> Clear stages by defeating all monsters.

2.Amont of damage depends on where you hit on themonsters.
=> Aim at the weak point to give even bigger damage! Eachmonster has different weak points.

3.One-tap strategies
=> Release special skills of the arms by tapping the screenwhile solders are in the air.

To clear the stage, you need to work out strategies like apuzzle with your character to beat up the monsters.
In order to strengthen your character, you have to level up yourarms and/or to change the weapons to stronger one.
Different kinds of weapons with special skills are available, suchas Swords, Bows, Spears, and Wands.
Special skills can be released by tapping the screen while a solderis in the air.
Keep going to clear the one area to another. You need to defeat anawful boss at the end of each stage.

Defeating the Special Boss, which appears randomly, is thechance to get rare items!

◆XPERIA PLAY Optimized

◆Princess Punt meets Heyzap!
 Check in to the Heyzap and see who's playing Princess Punt!
 Check in by tapping the Z button on the title.
 >About Heyzap, visit http://www.heyzap.com/

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App Information Princess Punt

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    Princess Punt
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    December 14, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Installs
    1,000,000 - 5,000,000
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サモンズボード 6.7.0 APK
4×4マスの召喚盤の上で、モンスターを操って勝利をつかめ! キミの頭脳を熱くする、思考の戦略バトル「サモンズボード」-----------------------------------------------------------------「サモンズボード」のダウンロードは無料! 一部有料コンテンツもご利用いただけますが、最後まで無料でお楽しみいただくことが可能です。▼基本ルールはターン制バトル! ①モンスターをスライド操作で移動させよう! →モンスターごとに移動できる方向が決まっているぞ。②上手に敵に近づき攻撃しよう!→モンスターの移動出来る方向がそのまま攻撃できる方向だぞ!動かしたモンスター以外にも攻撃できるモンスターがいたら一斉に攻撃するぞ!③同時に沢山の味方モンスターで攻撃しよう!→1度に沢山の味方モンスターで同じモンスターを攻撃すると「コンボ攻撃」が発動!1体で攻撃するより沢山のダメージを与えられるぞ!▼獲得したモンスターで自分なりのチームを組もう! 敵を倒すとポーンをゲット!ダンジョンをクリアするとモンスターが仲間になるぞ!移動攻撃方向やスキルなどモンスターによってそれぞれ違うモンスターの能力を見極め、あなただけの最強チームを編成しよう! ▼モンスター育成モンスターを育成するとモンスターがパワーアップ! さらにモンスターを育成すると進化するモンスターも…!強力なモンスターを育ててバトルを有利に進めよう! ▼一致団結ギルド結成! ゲーム内で知り合った友達とギルドを結成!一緒にギルドを育てるとギルドメンバー全員のモンスターが強くなるよ! 友達と一緒にギルドを育てて手強い敵モンスターをやっつけよう!▼ランバトで自分の力を試しちゃおう! 自分の育てたモンスターでお手軽ランキングバトル勝負ができるよ!ランキングバトルの相手はなんとあなたと同じ冒険者! 育成した自慢のモンスターで簡単腕試しをしちゃおう! 【価格】 アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。ご利用前に必ず利用規約をご確認ください。お客様が本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。利用規約:https://mobile.gungho.jp/reg/rules/terms.htmlアプリケーション公式サイト:https://sb.gungho.jp/プライバシーポリシー:http://mobile.gungho.jp/reg/sb/privacy/ On top of the 4× 4 squares of summoning board, grab the victory by manipulatingthe monsters! Heated Kimi brain, strategy battle of thinking"Samonzubodo" ----------------------------------------------------------------- Download of "Samonzubodo" Free! Some paid contentare also available, but you can enjoy until the end for free. ▼ Thebasic rule turn-based battle! ① attempts to move by the slideoperation of the monsters! → it has been decided the direction thatyou can move to every monster. ② try to skillfully approach theenemy attack! → movement can be the direction of the monster'sdirection that can attack as it is! Tara monster purchase that canattack other than to move the monster to attack all at once! ③trying to attack a lot of friendly monsters at the same time! → Ifyou attack the same monster with a lot of friendly monster at atime "combo attack" is activated! Given a lot of damage from theattack in one body! ▼ Let spider the team of my own in the acquiredmonster! Get a pawn and defeat the enemy! Monster becomes a friendand to clear the dungeon! Assess the ability of different eachmonster by monster such as a mobile attack direction and skills,trying to organize your own strongest team! ▼ monster trainingMonster power-up and to foster a monster! Even monsters to evolvefurther to foster a monster ...! Advantageously Susumeyo Let thebattle grow a powerful monster! ▼ unity guild formed! Formed thefriends and guild, which met in the game! Guild all members of themonster becomes stronger and together to grow the guild! Letvictory against a formidable enemy monsters grow the guild withfriends! ▼ Let's try his power in the match championship! You arehandy rankings battle game in their own grown monster! Rankingsbattle of the opponent whopping same adventurers with you! Let thesimple test your skills in the pride of the monster that was grown![Price] Apps body: Free ※ There is some paid items. Please checkthe Terms and Conditions before you use. If you are downloadingthis application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Terms ofUse: https: //mobile.gungho.jp/reg/rules/terms.html Applicationofficial site: https: //sb.gungho.jp/ Privacy Policy: http://mobile.gungho.jp/reg/sb/privacy/
Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖) 16.2.1 APK
◆◇Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)◆◇ ※本遊戲的語言設定僅對應日文。 【遊戲介紹】 用拼圖來進行壯大的冒險!「Puzzle & Dragons」是一款玩家與寵物們一同奮戰、並且以拼圖的力量來進行冒險的遊戲。玩家們將走遍世界各地的地城迷宮,尋覓傳說中的巨龍! 「Puzzle & Dragons」遊戲本身為下載免費!本遊戲將會提供一部分的付費下載內容 但玩家也能從頭到尾都以免費的方式來享受遊戲。 ▼基本規則簡單明瞭的拼圖遊戲!將同樣顏色的寶珠以縱向或橫向的方式排列在一起,就能將它消去。巧妙地移動拼圖內的寶珠,來將所有相同顏色的寶珠同時消除,發動爽快無比的連段! ▼與敵方寵物們的戰鬥!一旦把寶珠消除,我方寵物就會對敵方展開攻勢! 目標是在被敵人打倒前先發制人,以華麗的連段來發動高損傷的攻擊!▼用獲得的寵物來組成新隊伍! 把在迷宮中撿到的各式彩蛋帶回去之後,就會誕生出新的寵物!玩家可以把自己中意的寵物編入隊伍,來組成屬於自己的原創組合! 此外除了迷宮,玩家也可以藉由轉蛋來獲得寵物喔! ▼寵物培育讓寵物們彼此進化合成之後,能力值將會大幅強化! 遊戲中也存在需要特定條件才能進化的寵物,以及經由強化來完成究極進化的寵物喔!▼與朋友們同樂! 在「Puzzle & Dragons」裡,玩家可以出借自己的寵物給予朋友!與朋友的寵物一起展開探險,迷宮冒險的樂趣也會倍增! ■■【遊戲售價】■■ 遊戲本體:免費 ※部份道具需付費。使用前請務必事先確認「遊戲使用條約」裡的使用規則。當使用者按下遊戲下載鈕,並且完成本遊戲的下載後,將視同使用者已同意本遊戲的使用規則。遊戲官方網站→http://www.gungho.jp/hktw/pad/官方Facebook→www.facebook.com/PuzzleAndDragonsHKTW
ケリ姫スイーツ APK
ありがとう6周年! おかげさまで1200万ダウンロード! 蹴って、飛ばして、倒す快感! 「ケリ姫」シリーズの最新作 『ケリ姫スイーツ』◇◆『姫』を操り『兵士』を蹴り飛ばせ!!◆◇ 前作以上に蹴って蹴って蹴りまくれ! 『パズル』と『RPG要素』をプラスした『アクションパズルRPG』の集大成! 簡単操作で『触って納得!楽しさMAX!』 『スイーツシステム』導入でバトルが更に激熱!----------------------------------------●「Android4.0未満」は非対応です。詳しくは下記をご覧ください。https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/faq/#faq0102----------------------------------------●ケリ姫スイーツが正常に起動できない場合には、下記をご覧ください。https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/faq/#faq0801----------------------------------------●アプリ起動時に表示されるメッセージについては、下記をご覧ください。https://kerihime.gungho.jp/maintenance/kps/pua59k000000bh3n.html---------------------------------------- ◆◇◆更新情報◆◇◆※イベント・キャンペーンの詳細情報・実施期間は公式サイトをご確認ください ◇◆ケリ姫スイーツ公式サイト◆◇https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/ ◇◆ケリ姫スイーツの最新情報はコチラ◆◇https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/m/index.html---------------------------------------- 【価格】 ▼アプリ本体:無料       ※一部有料アイテムがございます。 【特徴】 ▼触っているだけで楽しいゲームプレイ! ▼ルールは単純!しかしゲームは奥深い!▼自分好みに育てたキャラが大活躍! 【ゲーム説明】 ▼モンスターを全滅させればステージクリア! ①『姫』を操り『兵士』を飛ばそう!姫を指で引っ張って放すと蹴っ飛ばすぞ! ②攻撃を当てる場所によってダメージが変化! 弱点にうまく当てると大ダメージ!③1タップの戦略性! 兵士が飛んでいる間に『画面をタップ』すると 武器に応じた様々なスキルを発動するぞ!▼色々な武器を使ってパワーアップ! 武器に経験値を溜めたり、新武器に持ち変えたり キャラクターをドンドン成長させよう!▼個性豊かなキャラクターを育てよう! 今回は全てのキャラクターを育成できるぞ! ※キャラクターの種類は前作の『2倍』以上!【ストーリー】 ▼今回の冒険の目的は『スイーツ!』 (とその店のイケメン店長) ケリ姫は目的を達成できるのか!?そして、兵士達はケリ姫の大冒険(わがまま) について行けるのか? ※ケリ姫中毒にはくれぐれもご注意ください。ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約 https://mobile.gungho.jp/reg/rules/terms.htmlアプリケーション公式サイト https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/ Thank you 6thanniversary! Thanks to 12 million downloads! Kick, fly, pleasurepleasure! The latest work of "Keli Hime" series "Kelihist sweets" ◇◆ Manipulate the "princess" and kick the "soldier"! ◆ ◇ Kick overthe previous work and kick it and roll it up! Puzzle "and" RPGelement "added Culmination of "Action Puzzle RPG"! "Easy to touchby touching! Fun MAX! " The battle is more intense fever with theintroduction of "sweet system"!------------------------------------------ ● "Android less than4.0" is not supported. See below for details.https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/faq/#faq0102------------------------------------------ ● If the Kelihi sweetscan not start up properly, please see below.https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/faq/#faq0801------------------------------------------ ● For messages displayedat application startup, please see below.https://kerihime.gungho.jp/maintenance/kps/pua59k000000bh3n.html------------------------------------------ ◆ ◇ ◆ Update information◆ ◇ ◆ ※ Detailed information on event · campaign · Please check theofficial website for the implementation period ◇ ◆ Kelili principalofficial site ◆ ◇ https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/ ◇ ◆ For thelatest information on Kelihi Suites, click here ◆ ◇https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/m/index.html------------------------------------------ 【price】 ▼ App body: free※ There are some charged items. 【Feature】 ▼ Fun game play just bytouching! ▼ The rules are simple! But the game is deep! ▼Characters brought up to your liking are great success! 【Gamedescription】 ▼ Clear the stage if you kill the monster! ①Manipulate "Princess" and fly "Soldiers"! Pull and release theprincess with your finger and kick it off! ② Damage changesdepending on where you hit the attack! If you hit a weak pointwell, it will cause a great damage! ③ Strategy of 1 tap! When asoldier is flying "tap the screen" We will activate various skillsaccording to weapons! ▼ Power up using various weapons! Weaccumulated experience values ​​in weapons, changed to new weaponsLet's grow the characters dongon! ▼ Let's raise individualcharacter characters! This time we can train all the characters! ※The type of character is more than "2 times" of the previous work!【story】 ▼ The purpose of this adventure is "Sweets! " (And ahandsome manager of the store) Can Kelihi accomplish the purpose!What? And the soldiers are Keri princess' s great adventure(selfishness) Can you go about it? ※ Please beware of Kerry'saddiction. Please be sure to check the terms of use indicated in"Application common use terms" before using. When the customerclicks the download button and downloaded this application, it isdeemed that you accepted the terms of use. Application common termsof service https://mobile.gungho.jp/reg/rules/terms.htmlApplication official website https://kerihime.gungho.jp/kps/
DivineGateZeroJP 5.5.3 APK
Key Features: 1. Sensational pleasure is coming in 5 sec... Speedypanel action battle! Rule is so simple! Draw the “Energy Panels” toevoke the powerful skills! Give huge damage by chain combos! 2.Over 2000 stylish characters! Noble dragons, man let by fate,beautiful maiden... The mysterious world is full filled with uniqueand gorgeous characters.
퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons) 16.0.0 APK
AWARD WINNING #1 JAPANESE PUZZLE RPG! Adventure meets dynamicpuzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with Monsters and Friends! The #1social puzzle role-playing game from Japan is now available in theUS! *Originally released on February 22, 2012 in Japan. - SIMPLEYET ENGROSSING GAMEPLAY Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color toattack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an Orbas far as you want. Try to make as many Combos as you can! -EPICBATTLES WITH TONS OF DIFFERENT MONSTERS Match the mystical Orbs andwatch your Monsters attack. String together as many Combos as youcan to unleash a devastating attack! - MONSTERS ASSEMBLE! Collecttons of unique Monsters and assemble the best possible team. Youcan use 1 Leader and up to 4 Ally Monsters as you explore dungeons.Obtain new Monsters by completing dungeon or by utilizing the EggMachines. - POWER-UP AND EVOLVE Monsters grow stronger by “Fusion.”Using different combinations of ingredients, you can Power-up yourMonsters or try Evolve Fusion to make your team incrediblypowerful. - EXPLORE DUNGEONS WITH FRIENDS You can make Friends ingame or invite your real friends by using their ID. Everyone canenjoy the world of Puzzle & Dragons together!