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Hi, it is a wonderful day, a day where we can walk with friends andwe can even visit our relatives but we decided to organize a party.This party is a pyjama party. We all know of what constitutes aparty and you definitely also attended a party and you like it. Wewant to be a wonderful party and this will be if you help usthrough this game with the princess. We love this game and you willhave fun. Through this party game you'll be able to prove toeveryone that you are a responsible child who may hold asignificant event. Princess is our friend for a long time and nowwe want to make her very happy. This has invited many friends andwants everything to be perfect. You have to prepare delicious foodand do not forget the cake.For the mission to have a happy endingyou will have to follow all instructions of the game.Pay attentionto details.Success!- Nana, Maria and Alex need you;- You have tohelp them;- Help them to look good;- Wash hair with a shampoo;-Brush their teeth with a special toothpaste;- Rinse hair;- Dry hairwith a clean towel;- Apply: contact lenses, eye shadow, lipstickand mascara;- Tailor the most beautiful pyjama;- Choose the mostinteresting accessories;- The girls are very excited;- You did themost beautiful pijamele;- Now you need to help them choose music;-Prepare muffins;- Use only fresh eggs;- Do not forget creams;- Youdid a good job.Thank you for help, please come back every daythrough this cooking game.Have fun!

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Hello, how are you? Do you want to have fun with us? If you want tohave part of a wonderful day this is the perfect place for you.Here, you'll discover a wonderful girls game. You will love to helpus through this tailoring game for babies. We are sure that you arevery careful about the way you dress. When you buy clothescertainly already you know what models and what colors to wear inthat time. We have confidence in your abilities and we know thatyou will love this special mission. In this kids game you'll beable to prove all that you can be a very good fashion designer,you'll be able to make clothes for our child. She wants the mostbeautiful clothes and have great confidence in you. From today youwill have the most important role you will be the one who takescare of our child's appearance.You will love to play with us everyday. At the end of the game you'll be able to open a tailor shopand I'm sure you will have many clients.For everything to come outas we wish, please pay attention to all instructions of this gamefor girls.Good luck!- You are in the park and you see how ourdaughter falls and breaks her dress;- She is very upset and shewill have to come to your workshop but before this you have to tryto clean and repair the dress;- Gather all the garbage that werehanging in dress;- Cut the material that was broken;- Wash dress;-Girl wants the most beautiful dress and will come to you;- At firstyou will notice that our shop is very nice and very well equipped;-You will be able to start making the most beautiful clothes;- Youmust be careful what size girl needs;- Choose the best material;-Choose an interesting model;- Sew dress with a sewing machine;- Thedress is very beautiful;- Now you must provide the most interestingaccessories;- The girl is happy, now she is in the park and wantsice cream;- Now the dress is very dirty;- Wash dress;- The girl isvery happy, you did a great job.Thank you for helping, please comeback daily through this game.Have fun!
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Hi doctors are the ones who always help us when we do not feelwell. If we go to the doctor because we are cooled he prescribes usa treatment and soon we feel better and if we go to the dentistbecause we have a toothache he helps us immediately. Doctors arevery important in our lives and therefore we should appreciate themand understand that they work hard and have huge responsibilities.We have a friend who is a dentist and today had an emergency and hehad to go to help his patient and his cabinet do not look verygood. Our friend needs help from a child very diligent to makeclean until comes the next patient. Do you want to help the doctorthrough this game for children?If you want to help him you can doso through this game with doctors for children.Follow allinstructions of this game for kids.Good luck!1) Put the picture onthe wall;2) Clean the floor;3) Collect all tools needed by thedoctor;4) Clean the seat;5) Take all trash;6) Clean walls;7) Nowyou need to clean the waiting room;8) Put magazines on the table;9)Remove the dust;10) Collect the garbage;11) You did a very goodjob, now it is very clean. Patients and doctor will be veryhappy.Thank you because you were our help today, please come backevery day through this doctor gamesHave fun!
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Hi, probably by many times have you wondered how you got in thisworld and your mother explained and even told you where thishappened but also about the doctor who attended your birth. If youwant to become a doctor to help mothers to know their children sureyou will enjoy this game very much. You will have the opportunityto play a very good doctor that today you have to help a youngmother gives birth to three children. Yes you read right, today youwill help a mother to give birth of three children. This game willhelp you have fun and if you follow the instructions you'll beready to prove to everyone that you are a responsible child.Payattention to details and certainly everything will be exactly as itshould.- You come into your office and there you will meet ouryoung friend;- She is very nervous and please pay attention to howyou behave with her;- She has to sit on the bed;- Now you can startconsultation;- Check heartbeat;- Checks if younger has a fever;-Give her a sedative that will help you relax and then you'll haveto make anesthesia for painless childbirth;- Make an ultrasound tocheck the condition of children;- The children were born;- Now weneed to consult them;- Check weight and height;- Give them a glassof milk;- Put them on a special bed for children;- If they complainyou have to give them toys;- Mother and children feel very well;-You're a very good doctor.Thank you for your help. Please come backevery day to help us through this game for kids.Have fun!
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Elliot feels very bored because all day she standed and watched TVand didn't know what to do. But before closing the TV, anadvertisement appear and said that was opened a new complex withpool in her town and is very interested in it that he wants to goto the pool to jump over boredom. It is quite small and can notwalk alone by the pool or take care of herself so we'll ask you totake care of little Elliot. Once the pool has to arrange them sometoys that Elliot could enjoy time at the pool. We need to help getinto the pool and play ball or swim with a buoy or a mattress. Itseems that Elliot would want to eat something so we can go with herto the resort's restaurant to serve it with something good to eat,like toast chicken and a slice of pizza that loves this dish. Thengo to her wardrobe and you have to help to dress, what we do is tohelp in choosing the dress, accessories, glasses and eventuallyhave to help in choosing a beautiful shoes. Please try other gamesfor girls in this category to test your ability to work withchildren.Instructions: Use your fingers to play
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Hello, it is a beautiful day with a beautiful sun and with kids whoare dancing and play in parks, like the whole world is a dream. Wecan say that we are part of a fairy tale. Every beautiful day isasking for something sweet that we can eat at the party or with ourfamily. Today we want to prepare something special, tasty and quickto make. What could be a better choice than the famous donuts? Theyare famous all over the world, are easy to make and very tasty.Inthis cooking game you have a chance to prepare for your parentssome delicious donuts. Make sure you follow the instructions, checkthe ingredients and utensils you have to use and be verycarefully.- Add flour, cheese, eggs, salt, sugar, water and mixwell until it forms a dough.- The dough above have to do a sheetand using forms of metal you will create different types ofdonuts.- It is time to be fried donuts, add oil in pan and fry thedonuts very well.- Once you have fried you have to prepare forgarnish. You choose the ingredients that you like. You can selectwhat you can have, for example, ice cream, tea, hot chocolate.Thankyou for your help, we are sure that throught this donuts cookinggame you will prove your skills in the kitchen. Thank you forchoosing this game and invite you to choose and others cookinggames, games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you didbefore.Instructions: Use your fingers to playHave fun and goodappetite!