6.0 / April 23, 2012
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Live wallpaper.
Star moves.
You can change the speed setting in motion.

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BatteryDischarger 6.0 APK
It is an application that supports thedischarge of the battery.You will damage the battery and repeat the charging batterylevel halfway.You will be able to support the discharge be used this app.App to increase the brightness of the backlight by pressing thebutton and the CPU usage,I increase the battery usage.Please leave you launch the app.If the battery becomes hot,I avoid that the temperature continues to rise automatically reducethe CPU usage.Since it does not use unnecessary privileges,I am assured security.We have to view the battery information,You can always check the status of the battery.Will increase the life of the battery using this app!Tags: battery, discharge, charging, long-lasting, maintenance
SmartKeepScreen APK
You can easily set the timeout perioddisplayed when you use this app.Operation is very simple, I just select the button once.You can quickly set the time to see the browser and e-books.By setting wisely,You will be able to reduce power consumption to your smartphone ortablet.· Sleep TimeYou can set the display timeout period by selecting the togglebuttons.· KeepScreenWe will not display off display timeout is disabled andselected.I This is useful when you wish to leave a display duringcharging.Tags: screen, time, setting, maintenance, change
BrightnessChecker 3.0 APK
Do you have to take care of eyes?This application can check the brightness.To protect your eyes from 300lx 500lx illuminance isappropriate.Let's create a proper environment illuminance measured theillumination with this app.
Voice Effects 6.0 APK
You can change the voice to a variety of yourvoice.Procedures and operations.Press the record button to record a voice.Adjust speed and operate the seek bar.Press the play button to play the voice.The settings are reset by pressing the reset button.
point LiveWall 7.0 APK
Appear one after another of colored dots
LogcatViewer 1.0 APK
Log of your device you can check at any time.You can also save the log.Please make use of the device maintenance, debugging of thedevice, for debugging of application development.Tags: log, Logcat, debugging, development
Talk Time Ranking 2.0 APK
I want to display a ranking based on the usagehistory of talk time on your phone.You can be used by anyone because it is very simple to make.Since I only display the call time rankings,It can be used by simply launch the app, all users areavailable.There is no problem if the age at which you can make a phone call.You can select a menu with the following button.You can set the period of time from the menu. (1-999)You can make a call from the list.Tags: call, phone, rankings, time, conversation
Vibration 3.0 APK
Body massage for tired in child careandhousework.Vibration starts when you touch the screen.