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This revolutionary app is designed to wirelessly print texts,images, html pages and web pages from your Android to a printerthat is connected to your Windows PC! The communication betweenyour Android and your PC is by means of your own wireless WiFinetwork. All you need to do is to install a very simple piece oflocal server software on your Windows PC This installation is donewithin 2 minutes and the server runs directly without having to setport or IP numbers and without complications Firewall. If a flatbedscanner is connected to your Windows PC, you can also command itfrom your Android to scan documents. The plain text is thenautomatically transmitted wirelessly to your Android and, ifdesired, read aloud .Commands to print or scan something can bespoken or activated via buttons or via the menu .This 'Print andScan' app also has a built-in folders and files explorer as well asa built-in web browser. The contents of any webpage can also beprinted!This app uses the principle of "WYSIWYP": " What You See IsWhat You Print" Using the lower right button, you can switch from aplain text to an image, the browser and back to plain text .Thereis also a menu available ( Android button with the three dots) .Therequired server software is called "Arti Server" and can bedownloaded and installed on your Windows PC via this link:http://www.dsh2000.com/SETUP_ArtiServer1.exeWe hope you will enjoyand use this software [email protected]

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    Print & Scan
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    June 11, 2013
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Koningsspil 17 2265VH, Leidschendam The Netherlands
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Brainz is an elaborate personal assistant withSIRI-alike features but much more!There is also a "pro" version available for smartwatches like theOmate True Smart and the ZGPAX-S5. This pro version is available asan in-app upgrade purchase.The "Brainz Quick Start Guide" can be downloaded and viewed here:http://www.dsh2000.com/Brainz2.pdf
Remote Media 2.10 APK
With this revolutionary "Remote Media" (R&M) app you cansearch, play and view media files on both your Android and on yourWindows PC! In order to do so, a simple but powerful server is usedthat bridges both devices by means of your home WiFi network.Setting up this server is extremely simple because no ports need tobe set, nor IP numbers have to be entered and also no Firewallchanges need to be made.The required server software is called "Arti Server" and can be downloaded and installed on your Windows PCvia this link :http://www.dsh2000.com/SETUP_ArtiServer1.exeYou canselect images, music and video files on from your Android or fromyour Windows computer to play/show, regardless of whether the filesare on your Android or on your PC ! Similarly, you can also viewseveral TV and radio stations on your Android or PC as well assearch and play view Youtube videos.A great application of R&Mis to connect your Windows PC to your HiFi and/or television set.You can then use your Android from anywhere in the house toinstruct your PC to play media on this equipment!If you purchaseour "Print and Scan" you can also print images, texts etc. via aprinter connected to your PC ( both from your Android and thePC).Furthermore, R&M may also be controlled by means of voicecommands. It uses Google's speech recognition.R&M also has abuilt-in folders and files explorer as well as a built-in webbrowser. There is also a menu available from which most of thefeatures of R & M can be started.The basic version of R&Mis free. However, in this version the number of files that can beselected is limited. In order to release the full potential ofR&M, we recommend that you purchase the (in-app) upgrade. To doso, follow the "in-app upgrade" link at the bottom of the Menu.Wehope you enjoy and use this software .DSH electronicsLeidschendam,The [email protected] .
LED Ring Clock 2.20 APK
This (free) clock indicates the time by means of LEDs. Inparticular, the seconds indication is unique because of the use of60 LEDs in a ring. There is also a Grandfather Clock built in thatcan optionally strike every hour. If you have installed an Englishvoice on Android then the clock will also provide spokeninformation! The LED clock can be configured to your own tastethrough the settings menu (icon with three dots). You can alsopress 'long' on the clock itself to activate the settings window.The four possible settings are: - American or European dateindication. - Configuration of the Grandfather Clock. - Whether ornot to display the Date. - Whether or not to show the Seconds.There is also a built-in mechanical clock with tumbling digitswhich can be selected via the Menu. There is also an extendedversion of this clock available that can be purchased through ourGoogle Play Store. We wish you much pleasure of this software. DSHelectronics Leidschendam, The Netherlands www.dsh2000.com
Fiets GPS 1.40 APK
Deze Fiets GPS is uitsluitend bedoeld om te worden gebruikt incombinatie met onze "Fiets Navigator" app. Het stuurt GPSinformatie via WiFi-Direct naar een ander Android toestel, met nameE-readers zoals de Icarus Illumina.Immers beschikken E-readers(meestal) niet over een GPS ontvanger (maar wel over WiFi).Als jede Fiets Navigator niet gebruikt is downloaden van deze Fiets GPSapp zinloos.This Bike GPS is intended to be used in conjunctionwith our "Bicycle Navigator" app. It sends GPS information via WiFiDirect to another Android device, especially E-readers like theIcarus Illumina.E-readers have at their disposal (usually) do nothave a GPS receiver (but over WiFi).If you're not used BicycleNavigator Bike GPS downloading this app useless.
EASY-Stream 7.30 APK
ATTENTIE: Deze App werkt alleen als u reeds een abonnement hebt bijBibliotheekservice Passend Lezen! Deze "EASY Stream" App is primairbedoeld voor blinden en slechtzienden. Het biedt o.a. toegang totde volledige audioboeken catalogus van Bibliotheekservice PassendLezen (ruim 75000 boektitels). Ook kunnen vele Podcasts, uw eigenEPUB boeken en maar liefs 8 Bijbels ermee worden voorgelezen. Doormiddel van gesproken opdrachten en via een menustructuur kan heelgemakkelijk naar streaming audioboeken worden gezocht op titelen/of auteur. De bediening met het menu is zeer eenvoudig namelijkd.m.v. een touchscreen en ook met het toetsenbordje op onze 'MyEyesEASY Phone' en 'MyEyes EASY Flip'. Aldus kan nadere informatieworden verkregen over een geselecteerd boek, een fragment wordenbeluisterd en uiteraard ook een boek volledig (hoofdstuk voorhoofdstuk) worden voorgelezen (via uw boekenplank). De EASY-Streamis met name een uitbreidingsmodule voor onze MyEyes software, zie:http://www.supportmiddelen.nl. De volledige gebruiksaanwijzing (inPDF format) vindt u hier op onze website:http://www.dsh2000.com/Gesproken%20Boeken1.pdf ATTENTION: This apponly works if you already have a subscription to Library ServiceFit Reading! This "EASY Stream" app is intended primarily for blindand visually impaired. The offers include access to the completecatalog of audio books Library Service Fit Reading (over 75,000titles). Also, many podcasts, your own EPUB books and no less thaneight Bibles to read it. Through voice commands and via a menustructure can be very easy to streaming audio books requested bytitle and / or author. The operation menu is very simple namely bymeans a touchscreen and keypad with our 'MyEyes EASY Phone' and'MyEyes EASY Flip. Thus, further information can be obtained abouta selected book, a fragment can be listened to and of course a bookto be read completely (chapter by chapter) (via your bookshelf).The EASY-Stream is particularly an expansion module for our MyEyessoftware, see: http://www.supportmiddelen.nl. The complete manual(in PDF format) can be found here on our website:http://www.dsh2000.com/Gesproken%20Boeken1.pdf
Deaf Interpreter 6.2 APK
NOW COMMUNICATE WITH DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED USERS VIA YOURANDROID This is the fully functional 14 day trial version. The DeafInterpreter has an "in-app" upgrade option to the unlimited "PRO"version. This Deaf Interpreter app is specifically designed to makecommunication with deaf and hearing impaired people as easy aspossible. It uses speech recognition. To say something to a deaf orhearing impaired person you only need to touch the microphone andthen speak whatever you want. The spoken words then appearsdirectly as plain text on the screen. In principle it is alsopossible to make a telephe call by using an ordinary phone and ourDeaf Interpreter. A precondition is that the phone has a speakerand that its sound quality is good. The other party must alsorealize that Android is used to process the speech and that a toneneeds to be awaited before commencing to speak. The deaf andhearing impaired user can also reply by means of the built-intext-to-speech voice. He or she may also select a short text from alist with standard texts that will then be read aloud. Thistext-to-speech feature is especially useful if the user hasdifficulty speaking in a clear and intelligible manner. The DeafInterpreter has an elaborate built-in User Guide. It also has anaudio VU meter with colored LEDs that enable the user to seewhether something in the environment is making a noise or tomonitor the speech. The VU meter can also be used during atelephone call to see if the other party is saying something. DSHelectronics Leidschendam, The Netherlands. [email protected]
ARTI Watchdog 1.01 APK
Dit is een hulpprogramma t.b.v. onze ARTIsoftware waarmee automatisch fouten worden hersteld. De ARTIsoftware is speciaal ontwikkeld voor blinde en slechtziende klantenen is inmiddels nagenoeg foutvrij. Echter heel sporadisch kan nogwel eens een foutmelding komen die door blinde gebruikers nietgemakkelijk kan worden weggeklikt. Deze waakhond bewaakt permanentof de ARTI software nog goed functioneert en zo niet wordt ARTIopnieuw opgestart.LET OP: Deze Watchdog is alleen bedoeld t.b.v. ARTI, dus NIETdownloaden als u geen ARTI klant bent!!This is a utilitysoftware that automatically serving our ARTI errors are corrected.The ARTI software is specially developed for visually impairedcustomers and is now virtually error-free. However, very rarely cansometimes get an error that can not be clicked away. Easily byblind users The watchdog monitors permanently or ARTI software isstill working and if not ARTI restarts.NOTE: The Watchdog is only serving ARTI, NOT download if you arenot a customer ARTI!
Deaf-Blind Interpreter 2.10 APK
NOW COMMUNICATE WITH DEAF-BLIND USERS VIA YOUR ANDROIDThis is thefree basic version. The interpreter has an "in-app" (paid) upgradeoption to the unlimited "PRO" version. This interpreter app isspecifically designed to make communication with deaf-blind personsas easy as possible. It uses speech recognition or simply typing toformulate a short text which can then be passed on to a deaf-blindperson by means of vibration in the form of Morse code.TheDeaf-Blind Interpreter also has an audio VU meter with colored LEDsthat enable to monitor the speech. We wish you lots of pleasure andusefulness of this software. DSH electronics Leidschendam, TheNetherlands. www.dsh2000.com [email protected]