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Some of the most notorious criminal have broken the prison and arenow running away, killing the guards and snatching their weapons.You are a sniper terminator who is performing his duties on theguard tower and destroy their escape plan.Guard the prison as theultimate sniper terminator to thwart the escape plan from thecriminal outlaws. The criminals will not be empty handed though, asthey’ve already plundered the prison and taken weapons. But youhave the advantage of a better vantage point at the guard tower.Shoot down enemies as they try to outnumber you with firepower.Gameplay Features - Top down FPS sniper shooter gameplay- Kill theescaping prisoners before they make their way to the outer city-Wave based enemy movement levels, with various weapons at theirdisposal- Different enemy attacking and evading patterns to hackBecome the real Crime Terminator The prison is deserted and thereis only one opposition left tin the way of the criminals, theultimate tower sniper terminator. Don’t let the criminals win.

App Information Prison Escape Plan

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    Prison Escape Plan
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    March 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Muddy Games
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    Muddy Apps (Pvt) Ltd 2nd Floor, Plaza # 12-CCA, Phase-5, DHA, DHA Lahore Cantt. 54000 Pakistan. Phone +9242-37182320
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Killer Blue Orca Whale Attack Sim 3D: Whale game 1.2 APK
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Experience high quality realistic environments and the feel of atrue blue whale hunter killer, as you play an Orca whale and sharkgames Simulator like no other. A beach is usually a place fortourists and people to hang out and relax. Most of these touristscome to enjoy the scenic locations and indulge in seeing sea lifeforms.You play the role of a hungry and vicious blue Orca whale, asyou target the people roaming around the sea shores and beaches.You will need to be stealthy and prey upon your targets in order totake them out and feed your hungry blue Killer orca Whale. Bluewhale and shark simulator Attack game is all about hunting yourprey in the best possible way to increase your power. But always beon the lookout, the white shark and other big fish will be waitingfor a chance to take over your food in this whale and shark attackevolution game. You have played many animal survival games and nowis your chance to unleash your killer blue whale and shark beachattack instincts.GAMEPLAY Control your killer shark and orca whalegames through the navigation pad, maneuvering around the scenicseas and beaches of florida. Target your prey and get close enoughfor a prompt kill animation to feed on these people.Play in 6thrilling whale simulator 3D levels and feed your hunger withultimate kills, ensuring enough stealth so that your preys don’tget alarmed and run away. If you done with feeding your orca whaleto full tummy, you can surf on a free roam to further seas and havefun with ongoers, ships and buoys in the sea. Experience hunterShark crazy Run, the horrifying simulation of a deadly killer sharkwho is on a rampage to gobble up all the holiday goers on thebeach. They are known as one of the most dangerous wild animals inthe sea waters. So get ready to become the crazy man-eater todevour all the people on the shores. This shark simulator offers ussome great tactics to attack the tourists that come for holidays.But beware there are some hunters also who like teeth of sharks sodon't go near them. Like playing shark games, this one is foryou.FEATURES - Manually control killer orca whale movements in thewater - 6 challenging levels of gameplay- Each play offers a “FREERIDE” mode upon completion, where you can roam around the seaenvironments, causing further chaos and destroying various buoysand ships.- Realistic whale simulator 3D attack, eating and preydying animations- Vast sea environments with scenic graphicsKeepyour killer instincts going to full craze as your whale’s growsever more on completing each kill successfully
Super Cow Run 1.2 APK
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Get an exciting endless runner experience this Eid ul Azha, as ourbeloved cow gets ready for a wild run through the butcher market,trying an escape from the local slaughters this Eid. This season’smost wanted cow is on the loose from the market, and a bunch ofbutchers are after her in this addictive neverending story game.But the Mandi is not a place where most can get out of alive. Ourprecious cow will have to make a run for her life and run fast andfree of their capture. But your sim cow has some super powers whichwill only unlock at high level, so you have to keep runningendlessly. If the butcher catches the cow the super powers willnever be unlocked. Try to unlock the super powers of your Super Cowand make the butchers pay. The angry butcher is running after thesuper cow to catch'em down and eliminate instantly, the life ofsuper cow is now in your hands, run as fast as you can. Avoidobstacles during the run like manholes,cars and barbed wires andkeep running for as long as you can, make those butchers have a runfor their money this Eid, or you become this Eid’s most prizedsacrifice.Help your super cow to avoid the butchery in theneverending story games, if you are hit by any of the obstacle inthis endless simulation game, the butcher will hunt you down, tryto avoid the obstacles as long as you can. GAMEPLAYUse gyroscopiccontrols of your device to strafe your cow sideways by tilting.Keep running for as long as you can and avoid incoming people andother obstacles. Upon fumbling, the butchers will grow near you andtry to grab you. Too many mistakes and its “Allahu Akbar” foryou.FEATURES- Eid Themed Cow Endless Runner - Exciting AnimalMarket Environment- Collect Coins Along the way and Set Records forMost Distance Run- Addictive Butcher Games- Amazing 3D SimulationGame
Metro Super Train Simulator 1.1 APK
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Get ready to be the metro super train driver, driving through thetough and scenic routes of snowy mountain valleys and blizzardterrains. Experience drive of speed controlling simulator gears ofan metro super train, blazing through snowy scenic environments.Get highly customizable environmental conditions, train designcustomizations and rotate environments to bring in action the trainsimulator experience. Lets set in the driver seat to go in blizzardcity suburbs, crossing the speed limits. Highly DetailedCustomization Options Players can change the suburb environment ofthe gameplay levels, like weather changes, day or night, includingstorm falls, rain and various other effects. Driver need to keep acontrol on speed for better performance. Set on lead your simulatorskills proving you a master of train simulator.The metro supertrain can be redesigned and manufactured, with numerous options tochange the bogey, engine designs and toggle engine lights on or offaccording to the lighting conditions. Let your creativity come intoplay by mix and matching engine and bogey designs to create funkybullet trains. Metro Super Train Simulator is free to download andplay. Download Now! Features - Extremely well built train simulatorengine - Highly detailed graphical assets and environments.- Smoothgraphics rendering - 360 degrees view of the environment by swipingscreen controls
Navy Air Gunner War 3D 1.3 APK
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Briefing from Headquarters Good Day Air Gunner! It’s another day atthe navy air combat against the Japanese troops in the ocean. Wehave just deployed our mighty warship, “The Destroyer”, into thewaters to carry supplies to allied forces on the Far East islands.But our attempt to aid the forces has been caught off guard by thefurious attack from Japanese air gunner planes. These planes areheavily armored and equip dangerous mounted guns and torpedoes.They can go on every extreme to halt in our movement. Thankfully,our navy air gunner warship had deployed some anti-aircraft singleand twin guns as a failsafe in this combat.We need you to takecharge of these guns and take the gunner war to the Japaneseaircrafts. You need to defend the navy air gunner warship fromattacks, securing the supplies till we reach the island borders.But, the battle won’t be over, even after securing the warship tothe islands. These are uncharted territories, the Japanese canattack us aerially. Stay on your toes and thwart a message surge bythe enemy, as they will be eying to destroy the water tanks supplyto cut us off completely Gameplay Engage in destructive combatagainst the aerial fighter planes, which are equipped with deadlyweapons to sink your navy air gunner warship to the last extreme.Control the anti-aircraft guns and blaze the enemy in the air,before they launch extreme attacks to take you down. Play through 5levels of extreme gunner war, defending your navy air warship untilreaching the island base. The final mission will be a survivalcombat, where player will have to survive a massive ambush,securing both the warship and the supplies already present on theisland. Features - Realistic battle ambience and detailed oceanenvironments - Smooth fps shooting controls- Challengingenvironmental conditions
Jungle Hunter - Dinosaur Swamp 2.0 APK
Muddy Games
Origin Story of These Wild Beasts Back in ancient times, Earth wasruled by some of the most powerful and deadly carnivores creaturesto have ever lived. For thousands of years, dinosaurs werecompletely unchallenged across the jungle. However, disaster struckand the story of Dino storm was plunged into the depths of historyleaving nothing but small clues of their existence. What if thisera in our history was to return? Would the human race be ready todeal with a deadly dinosaur that doesn’t care who’s bones itscrushing? Thanks it's an endless sniper game with multiplecarnivores dinosaur hunter missions so load your troopers withenough firepower if you are to survive from these deadly man eatercreatures. GAMEPLAYThis game takes jungle hunting to a whole newlevel and showcases amazing 3D graphics. The deadly jungle dominionmeans you need to have quick reactions and courage to complete themissions, if you don’t do well then you will become an afternoonsnack for a terrifying flesh eating dinosaur king. It’s up to youto decide, are you a dinosaur hunter? Or are you their prey in thishungry survival game?Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D takes a closer lookinto the Dinosaur dominion and brings with it, incredible graphics,realistic environments and deadly hunter gameplay to the Androidplatform. Plant both feet in dinosaur hunter game and strap in,you’re hunting a dinosaur today. Your sniper rifle is your onlyfriend so load it with enough firepower and take care of itproperly and make sure you practice hunting well. This huntermission will have you glued to your device screens and have youexcited with every shot.Take on waves of angry meat eating t-rexmonsters and survive for as long as you can. You are equipped witha hunter rifle and an arsenal of awesome firepower which might justbe powerful enough to drive these jungle carnivores away and freethe villagers from dinosaur attacks. Dinosaur hunting games alsoprovide you with the option to simulate the dinosaurs at certainlevel, download Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D today and experience themost terrifying attacks at deadly shores. With Hunting Dinosaursand other fierce animals in the forest, you should have experienceplaying sniper games. In the dark forest when the dinosaurs, bears,crocodile, deer are hunting you, the sniper fury gun is your bestfriend, be sharp and steady in all these sniper shooter adventures.FEATURES- Hunt relentless dinosaur waves with guns and power-ups-Make sure to kill every hungry dinosaur who is attacking at you tocomplete the mission.- Beat your personal best scores while playing‘Endless Mode’ - Use the device settings to adjust sensitivityoptions - Share your progress on social media and challenge yourfriends - Get a more divulging gaming experience with Google PlayGames Services- Keep track of your progress in the game withleaderboards and unlockable achievementsNEXT PLANNED UPGRADEThenext planned upgrade for this amazing dino hunter game is scheduledwith brilliant new updates and features- A Wider array of assaultweapons, crossbow, and powerups - Players leaderboards integration-New Game Levels and environments - Various other dinosaurcategories Want More Action?All characters and visuals created inthe game are sole property of Muddy Apps©. Use and collection ofany materials is subjects to the company’s Privacy Policy ©MuddyApps. All Rights ReservedIf You like our apps then please give us arating. Your feedback is highly appreciated Visit us athttp://www.muddyapps.com/ or Like us:http://www.facebook.com/Muddy.Apps Follow us on:https://twitter.com/Muddy_Apps
Elite Army Killer: Sniper Swat 2.0 APK
Muddy Games
Elite Army Killer: Sniper Swat is a sniper war games that has neverseen before, it is the unique gameplay makes it a 3D sniper wargames with many aim and the thrilling excitement of commando snipermission, Here you will become one of the world's top commandosniper counter strike shooter. Quickly pickup the weapons in yourhands, let your blood boil up, donot let the terrible criminals outof your sight.The battle for the ultimate survival is on, as yougear up your sniper rifle as the army’s lieutenant snipersharpshooter. Get ready to face the mission against the might ofcritical enemy force, as they attempt to rampage the city and burnit to ashes. The special gunner battle commando attack have attackin your city its total assault of sniper commando assassin. Itstime for an army infantry battle of special commando forces, thelast commando to survive this ultimate battle will be call eliteswat commando killer.You have been landed to the barren entrance ofyour city, a deserted looking place which looks like a graveyard,all because of the destruction trail lead by the enemy specialcommando forces. Their leader, is a ruthless and unforgiving snipercommando assassin , has killed every inhabitant in the city andtaken control of the area by posting commando silent killersharpshooter at each tall building.Your mission as the lieutenantleader commando sniper killer is to eliminate this group of specialcommando force with your army grade sniper rifle. The tasks willgreet you with increasing difficulty each time you finish of agroup of terrorist, bringing forth and even critical convoy. Asteady hand and time preservation might come in handy as you mightsurvive the onslaught of shooters by taking critical headshot.Inthis battle simulator become the elite swat defender of your cityby shooting bad guys of the special forces. Be an ultimate armyranger in this commando action war game. Show your fps commando gunshooting skills in this special forces war as never before its thesurvival of the best in this ultimate sniper commando assassin. Bevigilant and don't lose control while fighting the special forcestheir are more in numbers so show your skills and tactics to killeach enemy before their kill you. Aim and shoot the enemies andaccomplish mission to become a military commando shooter 3d. Makesure you keep under control. As you progress through this game, themissions will become crazier and sicker. It is a sniper 3D gamethat looks awesome graphically. Turn your android phone into aseason battle field and snipe the walking enemies. If you are ableto withstand the enemy commando sniper killer shooter showdown longenough, their leader will be enticed to force his hand and get inthe battlefield himself to take you down. Be ready to take thisopportunity and finish him with multiple gunshot to end the war.This will be the last and only chance to redeem your city’sintegrity, so make the most of it. Good Luck Elite Swat CommandoKiller ! FEATURES - Thrilling FPS shooting mission gameplay-Challenging gameplay with intense boss battles- Smooth aimingcontrols with scope zoom- Highly detailed ruined city environmentswith night and day conditions- Battlefield Environments of classicworld wars like ww11, ww2, ww1 etc