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Prison Sniper Cop 3D: Prisoner Escape Play the best snipershootergame with prison guard story-line. Some dangerous prisonerareattempting to flee prison yard. Secure exit point stay vigilantaspolice warden in this prison sniper game. Face hardchallengingprison guard missions. Don't let the prisoner successfulescapeprison or attack other cellmates inside jail. Play as copsniperbest of best marksman with long range shooting skills.Stayvigilant no one is above law, all prisoners have to followrulesinside the jail yard. Some prisoner are attempting to start ariotor eliminate former police informers. Use your past snipertrainingand shooting skills that can come handy against the longshots.Take time use sniper scope for precise target hitting inthisnewest sniper shooter game. You are not assassins or hiredgunner,evaluate the threat and try to catch them alive by targetingtheirlegs or hand. Don’t let anyone succeed in prison escape oryourmission is failed. Features Challenging shooting missionsThrillingaction packed game-play Ultimate FPS game with prisonsniper riflesHigh quality graphics and best sound effects Bestsniper shootergame for free without Internet Sniper Training to bethe BestShooter

App Information Prison Sniper Cop 3D: Prisoner Escape

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    Prison Sniper Cop 3D: Prisoner Escape
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    November 23, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Torque Gamers
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Kill or be killed play as a wild west town sheriff on a mission tobeat outlaw, mount horseback and chase bandits, gold train, saveranch from wolf attacking sheep and help townsfolk in this westerncowboy era game. Download West Sheriff: Bounty Hunting WesternCowboy in your mobile for FREE. Live life of a western sheriff inwild west town, survive the real western cowboy world as gunfighterand fight famous gunslingers, robbers in American native styles.Take out bandits, save train from loot, ride horse, fight at noonwhen sun is high. Saddle up for some horse riding and shootingmission in west frontier. Protect wild west town show deadly gunshooter skills fighting ruthless cowboys. Walk mid-day across townhall and saloon get fastest horse from stable. Rule the lawlesstown and help poor townsfolk with best cowboy shooting game. Helpcowgirl and enjoy horse riding like never before in wild westsheriff: bounty hunting western cowboy 3D game. Survive cowboyworld explore the red canyon, ranch, lake and more areas. Fightrobbers, trade with American Natives, set traps and duel in aMexican standoff! Hunt bounty taking down outlaws and robbers inthis American red canyon town. Discovery small town like Texas orNew Mexico. Save wagon cart from getting loot fulfill your duty aswestern sheriff. Catch outlaw gunslinger to the or shoot them rightoff their horses. Embark the incredible exploration bounty huntersurvival game journey in the wild west cowboy life!