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Dark dungeon black cell Prisoner and criminals Jail Broker Escapehard mission. use your brain mind for how to break the dark dungeonlockup jail and complete the mission. this is very interesting gamefor the google play user.Get ready to dodge the jail security andexecute your enemy. In this Prison Jail Escaping Game game you havebeen punished to prison for 10 years for a serious crime. You arebeing watched through Cameras and security. The security of thejail is not in your hands, you can run and save your life otherwiseenemies kill you. Have you any experience as escape prisoner? If nothen you need to download this 3D simulation and enjoy the amazingadventure of prisoner with tactical criminal skills. You are aprofessional criminal and you will not living in the prison. Youwill have to assassinate your enemies in the lockup. It will not bean easy task to attack the enemies. Opened your mind and protectyourself from enemy. Prison Jail Escaping Game Simulator with aunique concept, where you play as a prisoner to escape thejailhouse. It is time to fight hard with your amazing skills tofight with police guard in jail breakout missions. Mostly your lifetime is spent with dangerous criminals in prison cell. You spentsome hard time with punishment in this custody home. Your missionis save your life, your enemies’ killing silently one by onequickly. Use simple tools to assassinate the enemies and saveyourself from their counter attacks. Use baseball bat, punches andkicks and protect yourself to fight with enemies, hitting on theirhead and body. You do not have any weapons to use except yourpower. Some prisoners have escaped by picking the locks on theircells, creating keys to their cells, sawing bars off of the doorsor holes, carving away the walls, or breaking away the vent. Thisjail has most advanced security system and escape from there to bevery hard, guards are watching continuously and patrolling everyware, police man duty are very alert. Security camera and searchlight look after intervals of time. Execute a difficult plan to endthis hard time. In this Prison Jail Escaping Game you will destroyenemies and collect money to unlock the more difficulty missions.There are multiple dazzling levels are waiting for you. this isvery unique game like a sniper or commando clash and escaping gamebest action and thrilling Game.Bring professional criminal in yourmind in this Prison Jail Escaping Game game, you are a prisoner andrequired to thinking a plan. How need plan, to break the jail andcome out in this crime simulator. Detention center wardens areroaming everywhere, so you need to be careful while you shouldescape. Jail wardens is very violence and harmful to you and theypunishment very hard. It is a very exciting and thrilling prisonerescape strategy addictive game. Also available on Google playstore, now! Download it and enjoy the adventure of lockup as aprisoner.FEATURES:,Amazing 3D Prison Dark Dungeon jail cellEnvironmentA Complete Prison Escape Story to AccomplishReal Thrillof Escaping the PrisonMultiple Challenging prisoner escape andpolice chase missionsUse Combat & Fighting ToolslikeInteresting Game PlaySmooth and intuitive controlsReal Thrillof Escaping the PrisonStunning & High Quality 3DGraphicsInteresting & Hardcore addictive game play PlayerPunch, Power ups and CombosEasy and Hard fun to play.Dress up yourprisoner Realistic and effective soundBest animationsInterestinggame play

App Information Prisoner Jail Escaping Game

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    Prisoner Jail Escaping Game
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    October 26, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    GAMELORDs Action Simulation Games Ever
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    Dak-Khana Musa banda tehsil zaida dist. sawabi
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Block Pile Up Square 1.0 APK
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Modern Terrorist Attack 1.0 APK
***Counter terrorist attack***Get ready to take the head shots and counter theterrorist.Infiltrate deep into enemy territory to eliminate andkill theenemies. Look into your rifle scope, zoom in to locate andfind thetarget, take a breath and pull the trigger shoot theterrorists.Fight for justice, protect innocent peoples. Hurry up tojoins themission and finish terror activitiesThis is the story of the brave army soldiers, who countertheterrorist attack. Brutal enemies attack on your country withheavyweapons and air crafts. They hide in buildings and otherplaces.The terrorist forces kill the innocent peoples. Yourcountrybecomes war zone. Take revenge and ready to attack on theenemies.Cordon off the threaten areas and set your position. Youhave manylatest weapons and brave armed force. Terrorist arecovering behindwalls, pillars, houses and sensitive palaces.Navigate theterrorist position and ready to last attack. No timetowaste.Attack on brutal enemies and their ammunition. Take head shotsofterrorist. Kill all the enemies and save your country. Protectyourammunition places, atoms and armed headquarters.Complete the ultimate counter missions and increase your art ofwarskills. This is t full of action and challenging game.***Control and environment***Let’s ready for a great journey in the world of counterterroristgames. Shooting control of this game is very smooth andperfect.Zoom of rifle is very clear to take the head shoot ofenemies.Avoid attack of terrorist and save your health bar. Gamehasamazing action environments and stunning graphics. Latestandworlds best weapons and armed equipment’s is for you. Sound isveryrealist like a world war.***Feature****nice graphics*realistic animations*sound effects
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Roller coaster crazy fun is the latestcrazyhigh speed and fun game. You can feel the excitement of ridingonroller coaster only with crazy roller coaster fun game. Getreadyfor a pleasing and stunning ride in big enjoyable park withthisroller coaster game-play. Take a control of roller coasterandenjoy real roller coaster tour through the whole park. Thisrollercoaster ride is sure to make your trip crazy and fill youwith theeventual thrill and fun.This roller coaster is full of packed with full of steeptracks,huge drops, sky-scraping peaks and gut-wrenching curves!Pull offExtreme Air and other insane stunts as you overcomechallengingbreakable tracks. Control the speed of the rollercoaster rides andbe careful to slow down while you ride your rollercoaster on sharpturns and crossing. Roller coaster ride is lookseasy to play, butthat full of steep tracks with sharp turns don'tmake it easy.Variation of speeds control also increases yourexcitement andgives you extra score.The thrill ride of colorful roller coaster through beautifulgreenlyfun land, 3D environment of park and meet with many birdsat skywill entertain you for several hours. The many flying birdsmakeyour ride most realistic and thrill, and give you experiencelikereal roller coaster ride. In this game has multiple cameraanglecontrol. Use these camera angles to view different scenesofcharming and exciting environment.This time is for ride with roller coaster! Jump now into thecoastertrolley and let's start the ride with exciting adventure.Downloadnow our latest roller coaster crazy fun game-play andenjoy real funand thrill ride.>>> Cool Features of Game <<<• Tightly Tuned Physics Engine of Coaster• Stunning game-play give several hours of play• Multiple camera angle control• Endless enjoyment and fun• Realistic 3D environment and advanced graphics• Very Smooth speed control button• Crazy tracks and sharp turns• Incredible music won't let you get board• Very easy to download and play
Modern Deadly Sniper 1.3 APK
Frontier deadly Sniper is an incredible test to your shootingskills and ability; perform well on this game and become a goodsniper assassin! This city sniper shooter strike is one of the mostpopular frontline Commando Games. Aim and shoot the terrorist inthis FPS game, this is a huge death assault city sniper game. Onwhich have many interesting aiming shooting and action you havenever before see. On this game have ultra-realistic 3d graphics andcool animation. The terrorist enemies have taken the city undercontrol. As a professional sniper shooter, you are called to defeatthe terrorist. Take your sniper rifle and strike the city rivals inthis battle. Kill the enemies in first person thrilling game,allows user to experience one of the most thrilling experience ofsniper combat missions throughout the streets of grand city.Protect your city by shoot all the enemy and anti-terrorist aroundthe city. You’re brave sniper performing missions in differentareas locations around the city facing real enemies. Shoot anddestroy the terrorist on your assault rifles. Eliminate terrorists,criminals, and dangerous rivals. Aim carefully and shoot yourtargets from different place. The game mission is so exciting andthrilling to play. On this game have 20 multiple difficult grandcity levels. On each level have different terrorist walk on thedifferent color of clothes on the city. Your mission is to focusthe gun scope and read the challenge mission to shoot the enemy.Complete all the missions and become a best city combat sniper.Game Features:- Realistic 3D city Environment- Very smooth controlof sniper guns- Improve your skills and accomplish critical levels-Optimize for all android devices- Addicting FPS game-play- Twolethal sniper guns- Multiple thrilling missions for your enjoyment
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***story***BATBIKER real rider is a dark knight biker combat gamewith great graphics and sound effects; BATBIKER bike real ridinggame is totally thrilling and action bike racing game. In this gameyou have to ride with awesome BATBIKER fastest heavy bike withheavy missionary guns. This is a Dashing and Booming bike ridergame. This game is packed with fantastic bike riding and collectionof coins as a challenge being a BATBIKER.It is a non-stop bikeriding game; in this game you will ride your BATBIKER bike andcheck how much vehicles and choppers you destroy in your mission.You are real super hero bike rider, you need to dodge or destroyall the obstacles and vehicles, which are coming on your way.Collect coins, nitro, and ammo and boost your heavy bike on theroad or shoot all the vehicles and chopper, try to make high scoresand become a real bat bike rider.Now you can be a BATBIKER shootingthe oncoming vehicles with your heavy guns which are preciselyfitted on your bike, you need to clear your way for collecting allthe coins. In this game we additionally provide you speedometer onyour screen, which will help you to display your heavy shooter bikewith high speed. If you crash with any obstacles and vehicles, youwill fail! Then you have to start your mission again.BATBIKER bikeracing game is beautiful environment and realistic graphics basedgame, which provide you enjoyable time and several hours of gameplay. Jump into the world with dark knight BATBIKER because "it issuper hero’s time! Download now our latest thrill action bikeracing game. Absolutely free on Google play!Try the real heavy bikeracing with reckless motto stunts.Enjoy it :)--- Game Features ----Destroy Oncoming Vehicles and chopper- Press Shoot Button to ShootOncoming Vehicles- Intelligent and Smooth Control System- Tilt YourSmart Device to Control Heavy Bike left/right.- Incredible Way forRiding- Colorful and Charming Graphics- Great Thrilling SoundEffects- Ride around the City Roads and Huge Buildings