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Professional Business Cards app is used todesign e-visiting cards for you. Now share your visiting cards withyour friends, relatives, clients and business... Even printthem!
You can also create your own Business related Card using thisapplication. It’s really useful for business related card transfer.As like in personal card, just right your information! And there istemplates to choose, what design you prefer.
The best business card application. Professional Business Cardscreates professional digital business card for your business. Youcan create, save and share your business card. You can also createcustom business card according to your need.

1- Easy to create
2- Adding more number of profiles
3- Different types of Templates
4 Horizontal & Vertical style
6 Quick sharing methods
My 7 cards with the option Used to view all created cards from allcategory.
8- There are so many sample cards available.
9- Can set effects on card.
10- Can set the logo of the card.
11- Can delete the text if need be editing.
12- Share custom card's visiting social networks.

App Information Professional Business Cards

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    Professional Business Cards
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    December 20, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Safe Gaming Zone
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Secret Commando Assassin 3D is a firstperson shooting game that is aim and shoot. In commando street wargame you are a sniper shooter ready to attack on dangerousterrorists game you have to protect your city from contract killerand become a war hero. In Secret Commando Assassin 3D game you area regiment and your duty is to protect yourself and your city frombrutal enemies. If you have a shooting skills and you like shootinggames, sniper games than its right time to play duty commando game.In this Secret Commando Assassin 3D Game mission you have assignedas a sniper shooter with increase difficulty. Lead as an ArmedForce Commander and enter the hostile battle locations like darkforest, bullet Zombie station and Army bases. Secret CommandoAssassin 3D is thrilling action game to deal with crazy and deadlyglobal terrorist groups. You are a master sniper and tacticalshooter so go crazy as a pro gunman and save the valuable militaryassets. In this crisis situation your battlefield training willlead you to success in green forest and hidden enemies stations.Target enemies mercenary and ex-military forces, take aim and pulltrigger to kill them all in superb FPS game play. Enjoy mostthrilling anti-terrorist shooting game in smart devices market fortablet and smart phones. Enter in warfare battle against hard corecriminal like thief, robbers, and real gangsters. Do not enter intoof sniper with the enemy, simple destroy them us army powerfulcounter strike by elite dangerous army. Destroy your targetmilitary soldiers and their assets with assassin sniper game 3D.You, as an elite assassin sniper and revenge of Commando AssaultAdventure, a real the steel sniper killer are the last line ofdefense of tower city of crime against the terrorists. You likekilling time play sniper games, shooting game, battle and crime insimulator. The national forces are sending in their elite marinecommando sniper on a secret spy mission duty. His elite duty is toinfiltrate and obtain viable information on the series of terroristattacks duty the past year Hold your American military Sniper andstart the thrill.One man army as a front line commando in the war at mountains withmost battlefield sniper shooter: It is challenging bloodshedcommando action game. Assassins of creed game sniper attack withfirst of commando action game, huge destroy the criminals includingsniper gunship helicopter gunner. Battlefield 3 game, battlefieldgame free download, latest battlefield game, free battlefield gamethis is action igi commando battlefield game, battlefield games,all shooting games, play shooting games action shooting games, 3dgames free download mobile, free mobile action game download,Assassin’s commando of modern battlefield story: Secret CommandoAssassin 3D completed great modern combat have a mission asultimate front line commando of your military. Army person not fearwith dead assault on battlefield warship, gunship helicopters andmodern mini tank mission on high mountains sniper shooting areawhere you are staying and they want you destroyHow to Play1- Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up ordown.2- Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.3- Tap Fire button fire.4- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope for snipershoot.5- Detect enemies by the help of radar.6- Increase your Health by fire at Health box.GAME FEATURES1- Multiple levels of extensive shooter mission series2- Scenic war battlefield arena3- Top quality battle ambiance sounds and effects4- Realistic visual effects and the world's best battlemusic.5- Great graphics and environment6- Realistic long range shooting system7- Multiple enemy characters ranging from marines to snipers.8- Well-built story line9- Multiple missions with increasing difficulty10- Enemy characters with unique attack, defense characteristicsand AI11- Efficient weapon controls & movement
Rooster Fight Sim Multiplayer 1.0 APK
Note: We are strongly against animal crueltyin real life and we made this game for simulation and fun purposesfor users..Have you ever experienced one of the best rooster fighting gameswith awesome galo fighter simulator 3D action game.You need tofight against enemy cock to kill him with the trained roostersimulator.Rooster cock fighting games were never too exciting. So,run madly in the farm where there is a match of cocks which are thebest fighter with enemies enemies in Farm rooster fight. you shouldbeat the enemies gallo in this cock fighter game. there is atournament of rooster fighting in village. you have best rooster tofight with the other roaster. the hero rooster is fully animatedhave jump and attack animation to beat the other roosters. Manypeople are there to see the performance of your cocorico. there arelot of huhn cluck sonidos to excitement of fight.Big rooster cock is waiting for the hero to attack him. But yourrooster is hero of whole area has a maximum cockfight power in thisaction and fighting game.Other gallo looks like iga but in realthey are legal fowl. In this liberal fighting game you will enjoyvery much when attack on other roosters.Your mission is to fight for your best famous rooster life with hisspecial mortal combat fighting skills, should be prepared for thedeadly fight against enemies. Your kungfo has a respect for you.You need to encouraged him when fighting.This gallo fighters is a real joy for those who love playingchicken fighting games. We promise you to take into an epic journeyof cock fight in one of the most modern saigon simulator games. Sohurry up and download the free farm rooster fighting game..
Park Factory vehicles 1.0 APK
Are you crazy about 3D parking games, andareyou up for a challenge with a big truck then download theParkFactory vehicles game and start playing our new free gameonAndroid ! In this easy parking 3d game you are atransportertrucker and you need to deliver priceless cargo to thegarage, withyour car transporter truck. So start trucking today ina real ParkFactory vehicles. Park Factory vehicles is the most funandrealistic parking game ever created. This Park Factoryvehiclesgame simulates various parking skill. In this Park Factoryvehiclesgame, you can get an overall view of the vehicle positionin a 3Doptic angle outside the vehicle. You can change angle ofview byclick camera button. Control your vehicle with an steeringwheel,acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear to forwardorbackward as you need. Nine different exciting parking levels areinthis game. Select your choice Player vehicle from threeDifferentvehicles( Bulldozer ,Dosser,Flatbed) and used it as aplayer.Challenge yourself by trying to be as fast as you can. Keepyoureye on time and complete the level in given time. Try to bethebest Vehicles Driver in the world, become the King of theroad!Experienced truckers will know that this kind of cargo ismoredifficult to handle, which makes this the ultimate 3dparkingchallenge. In this 3d parking game there are 20 differentparkingsimulator missions. Use the 3d camera to your advances andmaneuverthrough the city until you can unload the car cargo fromyourloader to the garage. This is no easy parking 3d game and youneedto rely on your skills as a trucker in this trucking 3dparkingchallenge. Watch out for traffic on your way to thegarage.Park Factory vehicles challenges you to do your job carefully,timeis not on your side, so be on time at the garage. You have atimelimit in each of the easy parking 3d levels. Trucking hasneverbeen so much fun as it is in this real trucking 3d parkinggame.Drive and park a large American truck with cars in the backkeepthe truck on the road in this new exciting parking challengegameon android. Start enjoying this easy parking 3d game with loadsofdifferent features. Drive the truck with on screen controls.How to play1- Accelerator is on the right bottom side of the screen2- Brake button is on the left side of accelerator3- Steering is on the left bottom side of the screen4- Camera is on the top right side of the screenPark Factory vehicles Feature1- Different parking simulation levels2- Parking lot, factory yard, and mountain roads levels3- Real life parking situations4- Realistic Controls and Sound5- Great dynamic gameplay6- Extreme precision driving simulator7- Park according the arrow in the parking spot for yourwarvehicle8- Every mission is a race against the clock, hurry up and parkintime
Professional Business Cards 1.0 APK
Professional Business Cards app is used todesign e-visiting cards for you. Now share your visiting cards withyour friends, relatives, clients and business... Even printthem!You can also create your own Business related Card using thisapplication. It’s really useful for business related card transfer.As like in personal card, just right your information! And there istemplates to choose, what design you prefer.The best business card application. Professional Business Cardscreates professional digital business card for your business. Youcan create, save and share your business card. You can also createcustom business card according to your need.Features1- Easy to create2- Adding more number of profiles3- Different types of Templates4 Horizontal & Vertical style6 Quick sharing methodsMy 7 cards with the option Used to view all created cards from allcategory.8- There are so many sample cards available.9- Can set effects on card.10- Can set the logo of the card.11- Can delete the text if need be editing.12- Share custom card's visiting social networks.
Karachi Night Mission 1.0 APK
Karachi Night Mission is FirstPersonController Game – a 3D Shooting game, mission game andcommandogame – all in one package for your Entertainment. KarachiNightMission Game offers you to fight against terrorist. Inbattlegames, you have to kill you enemies within health and time.it isfree shooting game, and you will find each term ofEntertainment init.The innocents have been slaughtered and some ofthem exchangedto the close-by town for their lives. There might bea fewprisoners also, this is your central goal times somewhat notthesame as the past ones, as you need to move deliberately in thecityyou can discover the foe whenever. A noteworthy test cluster offoewarriors to execute your extraordinary commando aptitudes.Pickamongst Primal and auxiliary weapons carefully and aftertheapproaching foe wave. Demonstrate your outrage at your foesanddispense with them utilizing your weapon like an expertmarksmanrifle. War zone is loaded with challenges and dangerousenemies. Sobe mindful so as to strike at foes. Seek shelter andreload yourweapon to maintain a strategic distance from their shotsor youwill be dead.You are a well-trained Commando who can fight in eachworstsituation for your Country. This time your mission is to cleantheKarachi City from the evil deeds of Enemies, Terrorist andBombers.Features of KNM – 3D Shooting Game- Full of Action Game- Commando is free to move anywhere in the city in searchofEnemy- Excellent graphics with outstanding animations- Astonishing Music in each situation- Pack of fully functional and advance weapons- Health and weapons gather point for you to increaseyourstorage- Easy and Soft navigation controls to move throughoutthecity- Play as a well-trained Elite Commando- Acute Battle field with daring action missions- Different Missions in each LevelAn over-the-top shooter in each sense, Karachi NightMissiontakes you on a commando journey through the criminalEnemiesunderworld in Karachi City. You are a rifleman shooterprepared tohave influence in hazardous assaults and quietprofessional killermissions. You are the new IGI Commando on thebleeding edge of thefront line against the most hazardouspsychological oppressordangers to the world request! This is apresent day war battled byan alone commando used to be an expertsharpshooter in themountains once. Travel through the situations insucculent firstindividual missions and take the extremely essentialKill Shots!Test your uncommon expertise; arm and marshal yourselfwith lethalalone epic war professional killer assault rifles.Execute shooteris a First individual activity amusement, permitscommando toexperience a standout amongst the most excitingknowledge of battlemissions all through the streets of Karachi.Secure your city by killing all the alleged terroristwanderingaround the city. Your city is under assault you need tosecure yourtown by murdering every one of the warriors and turninto a warlegend. This FPS diversion has different kinds ofsharpshootingRifles you can utilize them in the event that you havedeterminedfocuses. You can collect hidden riffles and health aroundthe cityand see them from Main menu.Game Commando is mighty,intelligentand extremely exact seeker of Terrorist. He is adefinitive expertmarksman executioner. Each challengingprofessional killer's partmodel. His rifleman head shot killingsare a show-stopper. Sneakstealthily and murder to chase down everyone of the adversariesnoiselessly like a challenging horrendousexpert marksman seeker.Hop into his extraordinary fear basedoppressor environment andcomplete all the expert sharpshooter headchase slaughteringcontracts now.So, are you ready for the ultimate Shooting Game | Mission Game|IGI Game3 3d hunting challenge?Tags: - mission game, mission games 3d, IGI missiongames,shooting games, sharpshooter’s game, sniper shooting game,andaction game)
Racing Car in Traffic 1.0 APK
Racing Car in Traffic is a bestcarracing game which mixed endless chasing! Drive your car, youcouldbe an traffic road racer! Driving on highway, enjoy the speedoflightning! And be surprised by car transformation! Startyourcareer in real racing on asphalt tracks. Try to be one ofthefastest drivers . Endless racing is now redefined. This RacingCarin Traffic game will give you the thrill you've been lookingfor.Get ready for challenging missions, race fast and fearlessanddominate your opponents. The top-notch GT racing cars, the3Denvironment and the treacherous asphalt track will makeyourcompetition even more enticing. Install Racing Car in Trafficandpilot this car with a lot of adrenaline in the bustlingboulevardwith very careful not to hit the other cars in the samedirectionor the opposite. Check out this new 3D car racing game.Play hard,drift your car, burn rubber on a full lineup and cruisethrough the3D race tracks. Burn up the streets with the fastest andmostexhilarating 3D cars. Live life a quarter mile every moment asyoutake over the streets with the #1 3D racing game. Stunninghighdefinition graphics with mind blowing game-play giving youtheadrenaline rush with every game.Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the City streetsina collection of game modes. This amazingly realistic racingcardriving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast racecarsand exciting, dynamic racing levels. Check out Daytona rushtypethrilling game. The ultimate top end race in the citystreets,countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazingvehicles,addictive game play and intense traffic competition.Barrel throughpacked streets, avoid crashes, take down trafficcars, pick upcoins and perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts!The game willchallenge even the most skilled racing fans. The crazyusers ofTraffic Racer and Traffic rider love this game. Check alsoourother games of Precision Driving and Parking Series. It’s thebestHighway racing game indeed. Select from multiple sports carsandenjoy the Asphalt thunder racing. Your car will be out of gas,soyou have to refuel by hitting the "Gas" on your racetrack.Feel truly need for speed and let yourself lost inamazingexperience of newest racer on the market. Explorebeautifulenvironments with beaches, palms, cities and danger turns.Rise tothe top in the auto and motorsport race series. Withdeterminationchase fast the highest ranks in real racing world.Your need forspeed should be fulfilled with this amazing rallytitle. Doesn'tmatter if you like shutter or asphalt races - youwill findenjoyment anyway. Fast run through the race allows you tohave hopebeing at the top of the rank. Push the limits - rush thetrafficand pursuit greatness. Most wanted cup from racing worldcould beyours, just accelerate and compete in real racing,experience thetaste of racing emotions. Become fast and becomefurious duringrace, this will bring you the fortune on the trackand worship ofthe crowds. Participate in fast race and own thecompetition byeffective speed race. Perform car chase by fastracing on asphalttracks. If you desperately need for speed, you’llbe satisfied byfeatures found in this free best racertitle.How to Play1- Game play is very easy, Just swipe left or right to changeyourlane2- Auto acceleration, Auto brakes and auto turns with a lotofdrifting3- Collect virtual cash from the track to unlock new cars4- Pick different Pickups during race5- Experience the thrills of real racing and drifting.Key Features1- Amazingly detailed HD cars based on real sportscarsmodels.2- Multiple camera angles to enhance the view.3- Smooth and realistic arcade racing game.4- Different Daytime conditions.5- A full catalog of 4 different sports cars real 3D models.6- Easy to learn and drive.7- Control like real car drive simulator.
Ninja Attack Zombies 1.0 APK
Ninja Attack Zombies is a classicplatformgame. You can get exciting experience of jumping &running. Itcombines the old school play and new arcade elements.Reports arecoming in about a new zombie attack that has justoccurred, thistime happening in a small town in Wild West. Be awarethese wildbloody zombies in this zombie town. Remember you alsohave a sword,so you can say it’s a challenge between ninja andzombies. Be aNinja assassin warrior when the zombie’s strikes inthis survivalgame of war. Ninja attack Zombies is a survival gameand you wouldbe in a zombie war in this Shadow fight. You have tobe a goodninja assassin warrior to defeat the zombies in thisattacking gameof war. Show that you are a Ninja hero by using yourweapon ofrevenge in this game of war. Be a great Ninja legend bydefendingyourself with your weapon of revenge. one Ninja assassin,oneSword, lots of crazy zombies and wild bloody zombies shadowfightin a small town, defend your life by killing coming wildbloodyzombies with different types of weapons and become a ninjaassassinwarrior, a tense and interesting endless game play, kill asmany aszombies to set a high score. Ninja Attack Zombies is a greatzombiegame of a ninja legend who is in a zombie war. Use yourswordwisely in this shadow fight, use Spear to kill the all zombiesinsingle Kill shot the zombies using ninja blades to preventzombiesto come closer to you. Be a ninja legend in zombie war byusingweapon of revenge.Ninja attack Zombies Features1-Horrible Zombies.2-Dark and dangerous world.3-Wonderful graphics and game play music4-Challenging enemies,5- Natural touchscreen controls with play of amazing animationsofninja warrior6-Thrilling combat game play with full of action and strategy