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ProfitApp – the simple way to collect loyaltypoints
Collect loyalty points, redeem vouchers or take part incompetitions: ProfitApp is the simple way to benefit from a rangeof different loyalty programmes. This multifaceted app replaces thetraditional collection cards and frees up a bit of room in yourwallet or purse. With the ProfitApp always at hand on yoursmartphone or Android tablet, you’re guaranteed never to miss anylucrative offers again!

With the help of the app, you can participate in the loyaltyprogrammes of an increasing number of Swiss companies withoutregistering*.
* Optional registration has the advantage that your loyalty pointsand vouchers will be retained, even if you change yoursmartphone.

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PostFinance Mobile 4.10.0 APK
Have your banking transactions under control in just a few secondsCarry out banking transactions online or via mobile. ThePostFinance App is the convenient way for you to access e-finance,e-trading and the fast service – quickly and easily withfingerprint. Benefit from the most important e-finance functions: -View your account balance and transactions - Enter payments andapprove electronic invoices (eBill) - Scan inpayment slips or QRinvoices (starting from 30 June 2020) with Scan + Pay and approvethem immediately - Purchase digital credit for Google Play,paysafecard, PlayStation, App Store & iTunes, Netflix etc. -Keep track of credit card transactions and top up your credit card- Set up notifications - Manage personal settings yourself, forexample block and unblock cards or make changes to your addressWith the fast service you have a selection of useful functions atyour disposal such as: - View your account balance and transactions- Scan inpayment slips and approve them later in e-finance -Purchase digital credit for Google Play, paysafecard, PlayStation,App Store & iTunes, Netflix etc. - Send money to mobile phonenumbers via the app - Reserve PostFinance Benefit offers - Top uptalktime credit - Receive Push messages about various events orservices Benefit from e-trading on the move: - View priceinformation from the world's leading stock exchanges - Access yourcustody account and trade with stocks, bonds, derivatives and fundsE-Wallet offers you the following advantages: - Activation of thedigital PostFinance Card - Payment via smartphone at NFC-capableterminals in Switzerland - Transaction overview for the PostFinanceCard and PostFinance TWINT - Easy registration for PostFinanceTWINT with the login via PostFinance App Benefit from a simplifiedpayment confirmation when shopping online: - You can now confirmPostFinance Card payments with the help of the Login via thePostFinance App, without entering card data or using the cardreader - Recurring payments: It is now possible to register thePostFinance Card as a means of payment for recurring paymentswithout using card data or card reader General information onsecurity - Keeping your data secure is our top priority. Amulti-stage encryption and identification process ensures that onlyyou have access to your accounts. - The Google Play Store must bepre-installed on the device. A manual installation of the Store anda subsequent installation of the PostFinance App via this channelor downloading the PostFinance App via a third-party provider (e.g.as an APK file) is prohibited. - All payments via the PostFinanceMobile fast service are made up to the defined monthly limit(standard: CHF 250, individually definable) and may not exceed theavailable account balance. - PostFinance observes the provisions ofSwiss data protection legislation when collecting and processingpersonal data. In all areas of its online product range,comprehensive technical tools and organizational measures are usedto protect against unauthorized access, manipulations and dataloss. - If you lose your mobile phone and/or your SIM card or ifthere is reason to suspect that the service is being misused,please contact our Contact Center immediately by calling 0848 888710. For regulatory reasons, the app is only available in the SwissApp Store. More information: postfinance.ch/app
PostFinance E-Finance 1.3.0 APK
Use e-finance on your tablet. Carry out your financial transactionsdirectly on your tablet and enjoy mobile access to your financeswherever and whenever you want. Thanks to the "Scan + Pay"function, you will no longer need to type out the details ofinpayment slips: simply scan your inpayment slips with the tabletand approve the payment directly.Benefit from full e-financefunctionality. Get an overview of your accounts and transactions,make domestic and international payments, manage standing ordersand account transfers, receive and approve e-bills, and muchmore.To use the tablet App, you require access toe-finance.Important: The fast service functions (e.g. transferringmoney to a mobile phone number, topping up prepaid credit andpurchasing iTunes vouchers) are not supported in the tabletversion. Use the PostFinance App for smartphone to take advantageof these features.More information: postfinance.ch/app
ProfitApp 2.5 APK
ProfitApp – the simple way to collect loyaltypointsCollect loyalty points, redeem vouchers or take part incompetitions: ProfitApp is the simple way to benefit from a rangeof different loyalty programmes. This multifaceted app replaces thetraditional collection cards and frees up a bit of room in yourwallet or purse. With the ProfitApp always at hand on yoursmartphone or Android tablet, you’re guaranteed never to miss anylucrative offers again!With the help of the app, you can participate in the loyaltyprogrammes of an increasing number of Swiss companies withoutregistering*.* Optional registration has the advantage that your loyalty pointsand vouchers will be retained, even if you change yoursmartphone.
PostFinance TWINT APK
TWINT - your digital wallet With PostFinance TWINT, managing yourmoney is now even easier. Pay conveniently with your smartphone atthe checkout, in online shops or at vending machines, send moneyto/receive money from friends, store customer cards and benefitfrom digital loyalty cards and discount coupons. Linked directly toyour account PostFinance TWINT is the digital wallet for everyonewith a PostFinance private account. Easily link your personalpostal account to PostFinance TWINT. The direct debit on therelevant account is made automatically. You can also store creditcards (MasterCard or Visa) and use them to pay. Complete theone-off registration in the app – you can then access it usingFingerprint or a PIN code of your choice. For the registration andlinking of your account either use the Login via PostFinance App(PostFinance Mobile App version 4.9.0) or your PostFinance Card andthe yellow card reader. Pay digitally with your smartphone Cashlesspayment with PostFinance TWINT is made by QR-Code or via Bluetooth.Here’s how to make a payment: • Turn on Bluetooth on yoursmartphone • Open the PostFinance TWINT App • Briefly hold yoursmartphone up to the TWINT beacon • Confirm the amount (onlynecessary for purchases of CHF 40 and above) For payments without aTWINT beacon (for example in online shops) you can simply scan theQR code with your smartphone’s camera or type in the payment codedisplayed. Making payments using PostFinance TWINT is free ofcharge. Send and receive money With the “Send money” function youcan transfer or request money to/from your friends quickly andeasily – smartphone to smartphone, it’s that easy. Store customerand employee cards: Store your cards – such as the Coop Supercard –in your digital wallet. The advantages of each card areautomatically taken into account when making payments. Digitalcoupons and loyalty cards You will continually be shown digitaldiscount coupons and loyalty cards in the app. After activatingthem, you can benefit from the exclusive advantages whilst payingwith PostFinance TWINT. Security • Keeping your data secure is ourtop priority. A multi-stage encryption and identification processensures that only you have access to your accounts. • PostFinanceobserves the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation whencollecting and processing personal data. In all areas of its onlineproduct range, comprehensive technical tools and organizationalmeasures are used to protect against unauthorized access,manipulations and data loss. If you lose your mobile phone and/oryour SIM card or if there is reason to suspect that the service isbeing misused, please contact our Contact Center immediately bycalling 058 667 17 56. For regulatory reasons, the app is onlyavailable in the Swiss Google Play and payment with PostFinanceTWINT is only possible in Switzerland. System requirementsPostFinance is supported for operating system Android version 5 andabove. We are constantly improving the functionality of PostFinanceTWINT and would welcome your feedback at twint@postfinance.chDownload PostFinance TWINT now and digitize your wallet!
Valuu by PostFinance 1.29.0 APK
Anyone wishing to buy a house or an apartment or to replace theirexisting mortgage at better conditions can now do so easily anddirectly via the Valuu app. There’s now no need to visit the bankbecause with Valuu everyone can easily find a suitable mortgage.Here’s how easy it is Download the app and you’ll receive the firstoffers after entering a few details. Valuu helps you find the offerwhich best matches your needs and guides you simply through all thesteps. When creating a profile, you can enter financing details,such as your assets and income as well as information about yourproperty, such as size, year of construction and purchase price.You will then receive tailored financing offers from banks,insurance companies and pension funds. Compare the offers andselect the mortgage that’s right for you. Once you’ve decided on afinancing solution, you can simply and conveniently upload alldocuments required to take out the mortgage to the app and completethe application. Once the application has been completed, the datais sent via a secure channel to the lender. The selected lenderwill send you the contracts once they have been successfullycompleted. If you have any questions you can consult our FAQ onwww.valuu.ch or contact our competence center by telephone. Keyfunctions at a glance ● Comparing mortgage offers: see suitablemortgage offers from several providers in real time, regardless ofwhether you’re seeking initial financing or are looking to replacean existing mortgage. ● Completing the application: Decide on asuitable offer and take out the mortgage directly in the app. Dueto regulatory reasons, the Valuu app is only available in the SwissPlay Store and only mortgages for Swiss real estate can becompleted. More information: https://valuu.ch We have been workingon the compatibility of the Valuu app with our new web version atvaluu.ch. Valuu is available in German and French. By downloadingthe Valuu app, you confirm that you have read, understood andaccepted the subscriber conditions(https://valuu.ch/nutzungsbedingungen) and the privacy policy(https://valuu.ch/datenschutz). Thank you very much for yourevaluations and reviews.
Homecheck 3.0.pfa APK
Assess the value of real estate in seconds With PostFinanceHomecheck, you can easily assess the value of a property in a flash– whether you are looking for your dream property or you would justlike to assess the value of your own home. You can use theintegrated financing calculator to check directly whether theproperty being valued is within your budget. You can then have theshort property assessment and additional information sent to you asa PDF. Here’s how easy it is Take a photograph of your dreamproperty using your smartphone. Homecheck will show you the valueof a typical home in this location straight away. The assessment iseven more precise when you provide a few additional details. Areyou not at the property’s location? Not a problem: you can simplymodify the address. In just one click, you can have a report sentto you as a PDF that contains the short property assessment andadditional information about the location and the municipality. Anoverview of the practical functions Estimate property price: • Injust a few seconds, you receive the market price for a typicalproperty in your location – regardless of whether it is asingle-family home or an owner-occupied flat. • You can make theassessment more precise by including a few details about the numberof rooms, the net living space, the floor space and the year ofconstruction. Receive property dossier: • Receive a short realestate report as a PDF with useful information on the property andadditional details about the location, municipality and population.Calculate financial viability: • Enter a few details about yourincome and assets to check whether you can afford the propertybeing valued. For regulatory reasons, the app is only available inthe Swiss App Store.
PostFinance SmartBusiness 1.0.2 APK
PostFinance SmartBusiness is the efficient way to helpbusinesspeople with everything from creating offers and invoicingtochecking outstanding accounts receivable. Anyone who hasregisteredfor the PostFinance SmartBusiness online platform can nowalso usea wide range of functions in the new mobile app. The mostimportantuseful functions - Consult the invoices, offers,orderconfirmations and delivery notes you have created - View andeditaccounts receivable and accounts payable contacts - Manageproductsand services - Project management (customer orders) -Timerecording (enter costs and record working hours) Forregulatoryreasons, the app is only available in the Swiss AppStore. Moreinformation: www.postfinance.ch/smartbusiness