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All girls want to look gorgeous for their prom, so they needbeautiful and elegant prom dresses and a stunning makeup for aperfect look. With our prom makeup games we offer you the chance toimagine one of the most beautiful prom night. Our newest makeupsalon games is called Prom Makeup Beauty Fashion and there you canuse all your ideas to change you in a gorgeous princess .Firstlevel of our makeup games is a virtual prom makeup salon where youshould take care of your skin with a lot of cosmetics treatments .Wash the hair with smooth shampoo that will make your hair silkyand with the perfect volume .After using all these creams for skinand also other beauty products, you may see the difference and youcan go to the next level.The second step is brings you in one ofthe most amazing makeup salon that you have seen before. Our prommakeup games have a lot of colors for lipstick, eye shadow or blushcolors. So you may use everything you want for the perfect makeup.Do not forget the prom dress and accessories. These come in thethird level and there are many fancy dresses and accessories tolook like a true fashionista. All you need to do is to pick up whatyou like or try everything. At the end you should be like a realprincess prepared for your dream prom night.Prom Makeup beautyFashion Games features :- a complete makeup salon with all toolsthat you need for makeup games- colorful lipstick and eye shadowfor a beautiful prom makeup- pretty dresses and accessories forprom games- easy to play for all girls that like makeup gamesWethink you will be very pleased by our makeup games and please helpus to make them better by writing your opinions in your comments .Enjoy playing our prom games collection !

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Wedding Salon - Bride Princess 2.4 APK
Wedding games are those kind of games where each little girl canimagine a perfect wedding day, like a royal princess. We start ourcollection of wedding games with one of the most complete weddingsalon games and all girls can play it for free . The game is calledWedding salon - Bride Princess and is one of the best princesswedding salon games in 2016, with a makeover session , a weddingmakeup salon , some gorgeous wedding dresses for a true princess ,amazing shoes and do not forget about the wedding flowers. Today isa big day because your princess will getting married with hercharming prince and she must look beautiful for this special day.She came in your wedding salon and ask you for help with a specialprincess makeup , makeover and wedding dress up ideas . There are alot of cosmetics for this and you can use them as you want to makeyour bride princess the most beautiful princess in the world. Firstof all you need to make a skin care treatment because your royalprincess must have a fabulous skin. Use all the beauty treatmentsthat you have in your wedding salon and you will see that yourroyal princess is gorgeous.The next step is the princess makeupsession and there are everything you need for doing this. Mascaraand lipstick, colorful makeup box for the eyes or skin. Choose whatyou like and make your princess perfect for her wedding day . Afterthis special makeup session you must go to the wedding dress uproom . There are more elegant wedding dress for your princess,shoes, special flowers and more gorgeous accessories !Wedding Salon- Bride Princess features :- a special wedding salon full of makeupoptions for your royal princess- a wedding dress up room where youcan choose elegant dresses- lots of wedding shoes to choose from -beautiful accessories for wedding gamesWe hope that you will likeour bride princess wedding salon games and please tell us what doyou think in your comments to give us an idea about what we canimprove in our wedding games for girls. Enjoy playing !
Royal Princess Prom Dress up 3.5 APK
Our collection of princess games is bigger with one of the bestdress up games in 2016 called Royal Princess Prom Dress up whereyou are able transform your doll in a true fashionista in yourvirtual fashion studio with a lot of elegant prom dresses andgorgeous accessories . All girls dream at the prom night and theywant to look like a real princess , with beautiful royal promclothes . Now you have the chance to make it real . Imagine thattonight is a big spring prom and your favorite princess doll shouldbe fabulous because there are more elegant princes and she mustimpress them . Like in all prom dress up games you can change theprincess dresses and accessories. First of all is the hairstylewhich is an important part of the dress up games. Choose the colorand the style which you like for your princess doll and be surethat she will look very pretty ! After that you will have a verybig wardrobe with beautiful and colorful dresses for princess promdress up games. Only your imagination is the limit because in promgames you can choose everything you want : the red dress or theblue one, short or long, fancy or pretty royal dresses. The promshoes must match with the clothes that you choose and do not forgetthe accessories like purses or bracelets . At the end of promgames, your doll will be like a real princess ! Royal Princess PromDress up Games features : - your own fashion studio for princessgames - a big wardrobe with elegant dresses for prom games - fancyaccessories like necklaces or earrings for prom games - beautifulprom shoes and purses to complete your princess games We believethat this is a great girl game and you will like all our royalprincess games and we try to improve all them . So we are happy toread what do you think about our princess games in your comment .Enjoy playing all our prom games !
Beauty Makeup and Nail Salon 1.2 APK
Because all girls like to play makeup games, we decide to offer youtoday one of the newest makeup salon games called Beauty Makeup andNail Salon , were all girls can see their dream comes true : a niceand professional beauty salon, with a lot of cosmetics touse.Imagine that you are the owner of one of the well known beautymakeup salon and your client is a beautiful princess. She needs youto take care of her skin, to makeup her with gorgeous colors and,of course, to make her a pretty manicure with fancy patterns forher nails.First step of this kind of makeup games is to use yourcosmetics for a beauty skin treatment. Apply a beauty cream and afacial mask and do not forget the eyes, they also need a cosmeticcare. For the hair use a good shampoo and you will see at the end avery pretty princess in your makeup salon.The next level will giveyou the chance to prove your makeup artist skills. Which kind ofcolors should be used ? A blue one or yellow ? Maybe a combinationof red and blue will make your favorite princess to look amazing.Try everything you think that will be nice for the beautifulprincess . The lipstick will complete this nice makeup and be surethat the color of lips will be match with the color of makeup.Afterthis makeup games part, you can go to a virtual nail salon for amost fancy manicure that you can try for your princess.There are alot of colors in your nail salon, so you may choose whatever youlike , even a different color for each nail. Looks awesome, isn'tit ? The fancy patterns will complete your work in the nail salongames and your client will be very happy. Beauty Makeup and NailSalon Games features :- your own beauty makeup salon with a lot ofcosmetics - a gorgeous nail salon with everything you need for aperfect manicure- easy to play, like all our makeup gamesWe hopethat our beauty makeup salon games is what you want and you willwrite in your comments your opinion about it . Have fun playing !
Jelly Blast Saga Kizi Games 1 APK
Jelly Blast Saga is one of our jellygameswhere every player can test his skills and ability in match3games. Kizi games are for all ages, for kids or teenagersorparents, so Jelly Blast Saga can be played for free on tabletsbyall people which like to play puzzle match 3 games . The conceptofall match 3 jelly games are well known and very simple : youmustfind and match three or more jellies with same color . Afteryoumatching in the row or in the column, all these sweet jellieswilldisappear .One of the challenge of Jelly Blast Saga game is to winthreestar in each level and this is not so easy as you think. Therearemore levels for kizi games, each of these levels withdifferenttarget . When you reach the target by matching candy jellyincertain numbers of moves - than you can pass to the nextlevel.What is new in this Jelly Blast Game ? First of all is afreematch 3 game. You can play it as long as you want, because youhavean unlimited number of live. Challenge your self to get ahigherscore - combine and match more than 3 jelly and get a jellybomb .Or combine the jelly bombs and get a blast for alldeliciousjellies !The sound and graphics of our kizi games are funny to spendanice time every day when you play this Jelly Blast Saga game .Alljelly games are more levels to solve and we will update ourgamesoften to give you more and more levels, more sweet jelly andmorecombo !We hope that you like our Jelly Blast Saga games and pleaserateit or write your opinion in comments about what do you wantfromour future match 3 games . Enjoy playing !
Ballerina Dress up Doll Dancer 1.4 APK
The newest doll games from our collection of ballerina games iscalled Ballerina Dress up Doll Dancer where all modern girls canthink that they are on the real stage and look like a true princessballerina . Of course, the princess doll must be very elegant withthis kind of ballerina dresses, so you must choose beautiful tightsand tutu and be sure that the princess fashion style will beamazing for the show.First part in our ballerina dress up games isto find the perfect hairstyle for your princess doll. Does notmatter what kind of hair you like, everything is there, like in allprincess dress up games . You can choose a long or a short hair, ablonde or a red one or maybe you want to match the hair with theprincess doll dresses and this can be the best option .After thatyou should find which tights will look better in our ballerinadress up games . There are so many combinations you may choose asingle color tights or a combination of two colors, the importantpart is that your princess doll should look very pretty ! Completethe ballerina dress up games with fancy accessories that match withprincess dresses and the doll dancer is ready to be on the stage!Ballerina Dress up Doll Dancer features :- various hairstyles -colorful tights for princess dress up games- elegant ballet shoesfor doll dancer- fancy accessories If you like our princess dressup games, please write your opinion and help us to improve all ourballerina dress up games as you want, to be easy to play for allgirls and kids !
Princess Doll Dress up Party 3.6 APK
Of course that each girl like doll games and doll dress up is firstof these. LD Games brings you one of the best doll dress up gamescalled Princess Doll Dress up Party and we hope that you will bevery happy to find a room like a fashion studio, with a lot ofprincess dresses. Imagine that tonight will be a big party in thecastle and you want to change your doll in a royal princess. Sostart this kind of doll dress up games with choosing the hairstylein various colors like blonde or brown or whatever you want. Aroyal princess must have beautiful clothes for this party and youhave so many colorful and shining dresses in our princess dress upgames, so will be hard to find the best one. A masquerade partycannot be complete without mask and you need to match the mask withyour doll clothes . Do not forget the shoes or purse or shiningjewellery ! Everything you need is in our doll games and even more! Because all our princess dress up game have lots of clothes andaccessories for you and for your doll ! Princess Doll Dress upParty features : - a big room like a fashion studio for princessdress up - colorful clothes - fashion shoes for your princess -beautiful masks for masquerade party - shining jewellery If youlike our princess dress up games we invite you to write youropinion to know what can we improve in our doll games to make youhappy. Enjoy playing !
Mall Shopping Summer Fashion 1.5 APK
Our shopping games collection is bigger today with one of thenewest fashion games called Mall Shopping Summer Fashion and thereyou can go to the mall for a shopping session with your favoriteprincess . Because she is a true fashionista, she wants a new kindof clothes this summer, so she decides to go to shopping in themall and check the last models of dresses, shoes and accessories .Will be hard to decide what you should shop in so many stores,because in our virtual mall you will visit the outfit store, theshoe store and of course the accessories store, with variouspurses, sunglasses, jewellery or hats. There are so many dresses tochoose from and all look pretty and nice, but you have a dreammodel of how your princess wants to be, so you must respect thesewishes and buy all those clothes, shoes, purse and accessories. Atthe end of the shopping games your favorite princess will lookgorgeous, her shopping cart will be full for sure and she will bevery happy with her new look for this summer ! Mall Shopping SummerFashion Games features : - a virtual mall for shopping games -various stores where you can shop the dresses or shoes - jewellerystore for a real fashionista - a store with different accessorieslike colorful hats or nice sunglasses for fashion games If you wantsome improvement in our shopping games feel free to write youropinions in the comments and we will try to make all our mallshopping games better for all girls that like summer fashion andalso mall shopping . Enjoy playing !
Princess Dress up Doll Fashion 2.4 APK
LD Games Studio gives you another kind of dress up games where youhave the chance to try a new fashion style for your princess doll .Princess Dress up Doll Fashion invites you to make your favoriteprincess doll like a true fashionista in a new type of princessgames, without usual royal dresses for prince and princess .What doyou think about changing your princess doll and make her look likeall modern girls, with colorful clothes, fancy shoes and cuteaccessories ? In all fashion games you can find very elegantclothes, but this time your princess will have unusual outfits andwe invite you to try the street style to see that this one can beelegant as well.Because in all dress up games you are the fashionexpert, you maybe already know that each princess doll must have anice hairstyle . All you need to do is to choose a nice hair forher, short or long, brown or blonde hair - whatever you like . Tryevery princess hairstyle to see which one is the best . You knowfrom other dress up games that after the hairstyle you should trydifferent kind of clothes for princess dress up. This time you havea virtual fashion games studio with different dresses for your dolldress up . All are colorful and very cute, so will be hard tochoose just one of this . Maybe you will like the red blouses orthe yellow skirts, or maybe the blue jacket , it is up to youbecause fashion games give you the freedom to experiment and becreative . Just take care to combine the colors and make theprincess doll very pretty to impress her charming prince .Of coursethat all princess dress up games have a special part for shoes andpurses because they are an essential part of a princess doll closet. The important part is to match the shoes with the princessdresses and make her trendy . The accessories can not miss from allfashion games and this time you have a lot of jewerelly, likenecklaces or earrings and these will make your doll like a royalprincess .Princess Dress Up Doll Fashion is one of the best dressup games from 2016 and it is free for you to play . We are veryhappy to be able to bring quality fashion games for our girlaudience. Thank you for your support and hope you will enjoyplaying princess doll.