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Six young female high school students are going to graduatesoon.Before they set off to college or university, a big event inon theagenda: the prom night party! What to wear... Since you areafashion expert with an impeccable sense of style, honed by yearsofplaying dressup and makeovers, you are now their fashiondesignerand thus in charge of each girl's fate. Who will be electedas theprom queen? You as the owner of the fancy clothing salondecide.Pick a trendy outfit for each doll, select accessories and aglamhairstyle from a huge wardrobe. There are over 150 items inthegame, without any locks or in-app purchases. We have a lotmoremakeover games for fashionista women and girls! Download andplaythem for free on your Android phone or table by following the"Moreby Best Dress Up Games for Girls" link! Our beauty/stylingappshave no in-app purchases and have hundreds of items to choosefrom,and new ones come out regularly. A virtual cosplay paradiseforyoung fashionistas :)

App Information Prom Queen Dress Up - High School Rising Star

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    Prom Queen Dress Up - High School Rising Star
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    September 4, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Fashion Games for Girls
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Wedding is the most important day in every girl's life. In thisgirls game "Model Wedding" you will experience a real holiday andgreat positive emotions that the marriage day gives to any girl,even if she is a famous supermodel and a celebrity. The most fun ofthe wedding is the preparations, the dressup, the design of thebest bridal outfit, of which the most important is the bridaldress. 4 gorgeous, classy brides are there for your fashionistatalent. With a perfect shape, an ideal superstar's face and a fancyhairstyle, they all want to be the princesses of their marriageday. Pick trendy, glam or traditional bridal outfits for yoursuperstar bride and she will look like a princess among her girlfriends. All our dressup games for girls are completely free andoffer no in-app purchases. 200 items will make for an enormousnumber of unique combinations in this super model wedding salon!Dozens of classy dresses, skirts (long and short), shoes, weddingveils, handbags, bouquets and jewelry will let young fashionistasexperiment with different bridal outfits for the top models anddevelop their artistic taste and fashion designer skills. If youlove to dress up dolls, we've got more makeover games withprincesses, brides, fairies and other beautiful girls availablecompletely free. Download them all!
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For all fashionistas with a great sense of style here is acooldress up game on the topic of glamour, celebrities,famousactresses, popular singers and supermodels. The game features6dolls of different races, each of them with a gorgeous face andanideal figure. 8 backgrounds and over 160 items to choosefrom:hairstyles, dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry, tights,trousers,accessories and more. Create a unique stylish outfit foreach doll!The backgrounds set the context: - glossy cover of aglamormagazine - billboard poster in Hollywood - fashion show -redcarpet - scene where stars get awards - photo shoot for a beautyad- shopping run around the best boutiques in the city Pick afancyhairstyle for each supermodel, then combine expensivedesignclothes and items to come up with a trendy superstar outfit.Honeyour designer skills on makeovers for these top models anddream ofbecoming a super-rich celebrity one day! Do it completelyfree inthis virtual fashion salon on your mobile device. Pressthe"Camera" button in the top-right corner inside the game to makeascreenshot and show off your aesthetic taste and dressing-uptalentto your friends and family! We have tons of amazing dressupappsand makeover games for fashionista women and female players ofallages. All of them are completely free, without anything locked!Nopesky in-app purchases which plague other dress-up applicationsoutthere. To download and play other apps of ours on yourAndroidphone or tablet, press the "More by Games For Girls" link.Wecreate new styling and cosplay apps frequently, so after youthinkyou've tried everything just press the "More Games" buttoninsidethe app to check for new hot trending releases.
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Superstar Career - Dress Up Rising Stars 1.6 APK
Style fashionista girls in 3 stages of their lives: ascollegestudents, then as supermodels walking the red carpet, andfinally,as brides of millionaires where you pick wedding dressesand otherbridal accessories! It's a huge game with over 700 itemsofclothing and 20 dolls - all of it completely free, without locksorin-app purchases. If you love beauty salon and makeoversimulators,press "More games" button inside the app to download andplay moreof our new doll styling apps for Android. Ourdigitalmakeovers andcosplay/shopping simulators are really the bestout there for yourphone or tablet: nowhere else can you find somuch glam and trendyapparel for your experimentation with modeloutfits available allat once, and for free. Our dressupapplications are ideal foraspiring fashion designers, shopaholicsand fashionistas.
Rich Girl Crazy Shopping - Fashion Game 1.0.8 APK
Join the shopping craze with 6 beautiful girls of different races!This dress-up app offers about 200 virtual apparel items,hairstyles and accessories to try out. Put together new looks forthe dolls: glam, trendy, classy, traditional, fancy, casual orother. These gorgeous women are fabulously rich and don't have toworry about maxing out their credit cards! With their great senseof fashion and style, these fashionistas pick the best places toshop and the most expensive beauty salon to do their hairstyle at.Unlike most other fashionista games out there, there are no in-apppurchases, and you can't spend any real money here. It's a trulyfree dressup game. That's also true for all our other makeover /cosplay apps. Just follow the "More by Games For Girls" link to ournew styling games. Train your skills and tastes as an outfitdesigner. Learn to express yourself and show other people yourinner personality and uniqueness with the way you look. If you'remore into youth's urban clothing, be sure to check "CollegeStudent", "High School". For more glamor stuff, models andcelebrities, download "Beauty Queen", "Prom Night" and "ModelWedding". Unleash your inner shopaholic and imagine you are a topsuper model or a celebrity (famous actress, movie superstar, popicon, or a reality show star)! Try various outfits and makeoverswith each glamour doll.
Beauty Queen Dress Up - Star Girl Fashion 1.2 APK
Be the fashion designer for contestants of a world beauty contest!Choose from 12 models of different races, then rummage through ahuge wardrobe of trendy, glamorous clothes, accessories andhairstyles to pick those that fit the most - to put together afancy outfit for each supermodel. Everything is free! No in-apppurchases or locks. For Muslim players, the game lets you putdresses in the traditions of Islam on your character. Just checkthe "hijab" icon in the list of item groups. It's a world contest,so the girls wear a sash which should have the name and the flag ofthe country the girl represents. All countries are there - chooseyours or any one you like (or which nationality most typically hasthe girl's facial type). The countries are grouped by continents.The lists are still pretty long (300+ countries out there!), so weput the most populous ones at the top, and the rest are sortedalphabetically. Btw it's a nice excercise at learning flags ofdifferent countries and just broaden your horizons to see just howmany countries actually exist even in your region. All of them havegorgeous young fashionistas who dream of getting to the stage of aworldwide contest! We bet you're into fashion and styling games,maybe even addicted to virtual doll makeovers. All our apps arecompletely and truly free - nothing is locked, there are tons ofclothes to choose from, and you can't spend any real money.Download more of our dressup/makeover apps and play them on yourAndroid phone or tablet. You can find our new application bybrowsing the "More by Games For Girls" list. Our other hit gamesare "Model Wedding", "Prom Night", "Fashion Show", "Actress" -check them out! Do you dream of becoming a super famous celebrityor superstar and walk together with other stars and celebrities ofmovies, clothing and glamour lifestyle on the red carpet? Exploreyour dreams and train the inner fashionista in you with thisvirtual cosplay salon. Assemble glam, stylish, trending, classy,romantic, or traditional outfits for the dolls. Show off yourtalent to your friends by making a screenshot of your creation -just press "Camera" button in the top-right corner and then shareyour screenshots through social networks or other channels.
Prom Night Dress Up 1.2.3 APK
High school is over, and prom night is ahead! 6 girl friends aregoing to the prom. Which of them will become the new prom queen?Each girl is gorgeous and has an incredible fashion taste. Pick thebest trendy dresses and other fancy items for the girls! In thismakeover / dress up game for girls and fashionistas there are over200 clothing items, all available completely free without anyannoying locks or in-app purchases. Actually, none of our dressgames for girls ever demand real money! That's why we proudlybelieve that our girl games are simply the best on Android andGoogle Play! We checked, nowhere else will you find such anabundance of clothes at exactly zero cost and zero nagging. If youlike this friendly approach, be sure to check out our otherfashionista games for girls on other topics. In this new makeovergame for girls you can browse between the following categories ofitems: dresses, skirts, tops, hats, shoes, capes, gloves,necklaces, flowers, handbags, and of course hairstyles. These youngbeauties have dreamed of the prom and now it's their time to looklike gorgeous princesses. Play "Prom Night Dress Up" free, dress upeach highschool student in unique outfits, make a photo of the promprincess and share it with your friends!