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Perfect AppsLock is a best free andadvancedprotection application for securing your personal apps,Hide apps,files, images, photo and all media files from other eyes.Althoughthere are many AppsLock available on the market, But youneed anadvanced protection tool for securing your mobile phoneapps.

Applock for android gives you perfect solution of yourpersonalapps security. It allows users to lock all instantmessagingapplications like WhatsApp, FaceBook, WeChat & OtherChatMessengers. With Applock, you can ultimately hide yourchathistory.

Also hide personal photos,videos, SMS & Call-logs tokeepyour personal files safe and protected.

App Information Protect Apps (Perfect AppLock)

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    Protect Apps (Perfect AppLock)
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    June 18, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Email hizawerozazune@gmail.com
    Block # 3/13A Dijkot,
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Body Scanner Metal Detector is a measuring tool to find out ironand metal based items in human body. A must handy tool for securityreasons. Detects knife, pistols and other dangerous weapons in sidethe human body.Take a full body scan through body metal detectorand find the items based on metal and irons that are prohibits bygovernments Full Body metal detector can detect the content of ironand heavy metal (silver, Gold, Aluminum ) at the same time anddisplay the concentration .It will alarm immediately once theconcentration of any iron based item reaches or exceeds the presetalarm point. Common Usage of Body Scanner Metal Detector★Diagnostic uses of body metal detectors during operation anddiscovering bullets inside body ★whether it is for security, lossprevention or just for peace of mind use of body metal detector canhelp discovering illegal and dangerous items. Discovering of Metals: A quick Guide Metal Detector discover metals using builtinmagnetic sensor in your phone find the metal surrounding you.Launch the application from your phone and take it near the humanbody for which you need to scan the full body. It will scan andbeep alarm if detects any kind of iron base item.Turns your cellphone into a real metal detector making your friends and familyjealous about your phone. Detect precious metals using your ownphone anywhere anytime. Earth's Magnetic Field ranges from 30 to 60µT. Any Other measurement is an indication of unusual metalactivity. Precautions Radio waves like TV and Radio signals caneffect magnetic sensor. Hence it will effect the body metaldetector less powerful. So avoid such places where these items arenear by you during body scanner.
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MAK Multimedia Player - Now play allvideofiles and listen all type of Music with this very simple butpowerVideo player for android. It is a high quality media playerwithelegant design . Video player supports all types of video andaudiofiles including MKV , MP4 , MP3 , AVI , MOV , Ogg , WAV , FLAC, TS, M2TS , Wv and AAC .Movies, TV Shows, Animations, Homemade & Mobile PhoneVideos,and video file, watch them in the highest quality withmaximumcontrolMAK Player is optimized for subtitles control, videoplaybackspeed, favorite playlist, and much more.MAK Player is built for today’s smart phone users! Allforfree!Features in MAK Player:★Auto detects Media files in SD card★Customize Playlist to access audio or video files★Playlist creation and editing★Intelligent play button★Audio meta data (artist, album, year) information★Update Playlist using Insert Mode★Advanced play controls like 'swipe to seek'★Auto Playback, Repeat, Shuffle, Loop, Mute Volume features★Play media files in background , it saves yoursystemresources★Exit option from audio, video or internet radio interfaces★Full screen video supportNote:-DO NOT USE application when phone is connected as USB STORAGEtocomputer.There will be NO PROBLEM when phone is connected for debuggingorcharging.
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WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best solution to communicate free onsame WIFI network. A free PTT ( Push to talk) application for freecommunication. You must be on the same WIFI zone to communicateusing WIFI Walkie Talkie app. Multiple can download and use on thesame time to communicate. Transmit your voice to all devices whichare connected to the same wifi network. No need to internetconnection. For WiFi Walkie Talkie it works without internetconnection but you should be connected in same Wi-Fi network. WiFiWalkie Talkie is a broadcast utility. it is not a secure VOIPapplication. it works just like a link you need to connect bothphones on a same wifi modem. Are you looking for a free phone callapplication with out any call charges?. well try out this Free Wifiwalkie talkie app and use to communicate with friends, familymembers on the different floors of same buildings. Walkie TalkieFunctions => Broadcast audio on all devices connected on thesame wifi modem => Touch to Talk or Just Tap on Walkie Talkie.
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Do you need full proof security for yourmobilephone. Download Remote Gate Lock application for lockingununlocking your phone's home screen. Opening a door or Gate witharemote control is an awesome idea that everyone would be inlovewith this best free lock screen app. The most fabulous thing isitsanimation when it unlocks.You know you’re smart phone cost becomes double with aremotecontrol gate locker Apps. Gate open animation effects asopening ofthe bank door lock with a remote control. The mostessentialfeature of every screen lock is to provide best securityand safeyour privacy (images, videos, music, personal data).This lock does not require any hidden password, pin, orpatternto lock or unlock phone home screen, all you need to pressthe lockon remote control and your gate will automatically openedwithamazing opening animation and some gate opening soundinbackground.After download this app enable the lock screen frommenusettings. Hence you are safe now, no one can allow in yourandroidwithout your permission. Are you really interested toentertainwith smart and HD gate locker screen with a perfectsecurity ofyour SMS, android gallery, setting and everything thatis in yourandroid? If YES then install this new Remote Gate lockscreen andbe rock.Beautiful Gate opening animationReal Gate opening sound makes a real gate opening effect.♦♦♦♦ Why this Mobile Lock Screen is more interesting♦♦♦♦► Four its quick lock and unlock system► Support every Android mobile device and Tabs (7",10")► Requires no any password, PIN, Pattern for lock and unlockyourphone► This screen lock is the best available for you onplaystore.► Help to safe your android privacy► Save your SMS, Gallery, Contacts, Setting andeverythingpersonal► With HD and 3D graphics► With a unique idea► Easy to use and handle► Lovely, smart and charming screen lock► Make graceful to your android
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The BP Checkup machine is packed withbuiltinhypertension indicator - a heartbeat symbol will blink onthe LCDscreen if the diastolic or systolic pressure is outside thenormalrange. Pressure can be measured up to 299 mmHg and pulse canbemeasured between 40 to 180 beats/minute. The device usestheoscillometric method to measure blood pressure.One of the best ways to manage high blood pressureorhypertension is to monitor or check the pressure at home usingthebest bp machine. Digital blood pressure machines can beboughtwithout any prescription and it can help to improve yourhealthcondition. There are a vast variety of blood pressuremachinesavailable today and some of these machines includesemi-automatic,self-inflate and automatic.High blood pressure is one of the most pervasive healthproblemstoday. Partly because of this, many drugstores, healthcarecenters, clinics, and even grocery stores have placed publicbloodpressure measuring machines, as well as other biometricmeasuringdevices, on their premises.The blood pressure machines that you typically find inpublicestablishments have cost the manufacturers thousands tobuild. Inmany cases the machines are fully automated and designedto be easyto use.Because these digital blood pressure machines do tend to bewellbuilt, it is a good assumption that when, first installed,theywere calibrated perfectly. However, with a machine thatmeasuresbiometrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, and the like-accuracy is key.The bottom line is that these machines can be very usefulinhelping to alert you to a possible problem. But when it comestolong term blood pressure monitoring, it's best to rely onregularvisits to your doctor.- With BP (Blood pressure checkup machine ) you can take BPtestto monitor the BP level in your body on daily bases.- Check your blood pressure is it normal or ab-normal. Speciallyfordiabetes patients.- Play Prank with friends and family to show them they havehighblood pressure. There heart beat is very high. They need toconsultwith heart specialistApp Features:★ A High quality realistic blood Pressure level checkdigitaldevice.★ Works on the base of your finger prints scanner★ Realistic scanning animations★ Simulate blood pressure monitor sounds.★ Digital Display format of Blood pressure readings.★ Led panel on left side which shows the run time BP levelduringscanning.★ Divides the result in three differentlevels(Low,Average,High)How to Use:★ Select your gender and age as it effects on BP readings★ Place and hold your right thumb on the scanning pad.★ Hold until the scanner computes the accurate Bloodcalculate★ After when the Scanning gets completed check readings onresultscreenDisclaimer:BP Checkup Machine Prank is only for entertainment purposes.Italways detects or calculate blood pressure with Pranks results.please consult to a doctor for real and long term bloodpressuretreatment
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The offline medical dictionary of definitions on healthcare is auseful health dictionary for doctors and medical students toquickly find information on medical terms and diseases. Thisencyclopedia of medical terms covers 16,000 healthcare wordsincluding diseases, medical jargon, and abbreviations. Thecollection of these medical words is written by professionaldoctors. To find a term in the dictionary, begin by clicking on aletter in the A-Z list or type your medical word in the search boxand click the search button. Medical Dictionary for Health CareConsumers, which provide authoritative descriptions of medicalconditions, medications, anatomical terms, noted medicalpersonalities and much more Features and Functions  An offlinedictionary for healthcare, doctors. Find medical words quickly(Bookmarking any word is not supported yet) Meaning detailexplanation Explore every terms offline without internet