2.2 / June 26, 2015
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Remote control for rTorrent andTransmissiontorrent clients for Linux
Key features:
- List of torrents with brief information (status, size,downloadingprogress, speed, etc.);
- Complete information about the torrent;
- Trackers list;
- A list of files with the information (size, downloadingprogress,priority, and so on.);
- List of peers;
- Add a torrent from file or URL;
- Reaction to the torrent-file selection or magnet-links;
- Notification of the completion of the downloading.

Server requirements:
- Requires a SCGI- module for Apache (for rTorrent).

App Information psiTorrent

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    June 26, 2015
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Sergey Taldykin
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    100 - 500
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    Email sergey@taldykin.com
    Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Наставников 41/1-14
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Расширение CityGuide/Геонет 6.1.0 APK
Лончер для популярных навигационных приложений CityGuide и GeoNET.Реализует дополнительный функционал.1. Основные функции:2.Отображение избранного CG в виде кнопок с возможностью добавления иудаления.3. Отображение маршрутов CG4. Поиск по контактам5. Запускпо маршруту к точке из SMS6. Своя история местоположений7. Поиск(геокодинг) в заданном радиусе, сохранение результатов поиска визбранном, сохранение текущего 8. положения в избранном, голосовойпоиск9. Отправка текущего положения как из самой программы, так ивнешним ярлыком.10. Управление GPS при запуске CG (включение призапуске - выключение при выходе, требуется ROOT)11. УправлениеWi-Fi при запуске CG (выключение при запуске - включение привыходе)12. Управление Bluetooth при запуске CG (включение призапуске - выключение при выходе)13. Управление мобильными даннымипри запуске CG (включение при запуске - выключение при выходе)14.Возврат CG во время звонка15. Панель ярлыков во время работы CG(открывается свайпом, закрывается свайпом или потаймауту)Изменения.Версия 2.0: (+) поддержка тем оформления; (+)возможность добавлять точку к маршруту (заехать по пути); (+)доступность для планшетов в маркете; (+) добавил кнопку открытияпанели (нужно включить в настройках); кнопку можно перемещать(долгий тап), позиция запоминается отдельно для портретной иландшафтной ориентации; (+) возможность добавлять на панель командыCGLauncher-а (поиск, голосовой поиск и пр.); (+) возможностьредактировать Избранное: переименование, скрытие, порядок; (+) принажатии на результатах поиска сразу открывается меню с вариантамидействий.Версия 2.3: (+) планировщик запуска маршрута при установкев крэдл; (+) использование датчика приближения для открытия панелиярлыков.Launcher for popular navigation applications and CityGuideGeoNET. It implements additional functionality.1. Main functions:2.Displays chosen CG as buttons with the ability to add and remove.3.Display routes CG4. Search for contacts5. Starting from the pointfrom the SMS6. Its history locations7. Search (geokoding) in agiven radius, save search results in favorites, 8. Save yourcurrent position in the favorites, voice search9. Sending thecurrent position as the program itself, and the outer label.10. TheGPS control startup CG (including startup - off at the exitrequires ROOT)11. Manage Wi-Fi startup CG (when starting off -switch at the exit)12. Bluetooth Operation startup CG (includingstartup - off at the exit)13. Management of mobile data at startupCG (including startup - off at the exit)14. Return of CG during acall15. Panel shortcuts during CG (swipe opens, closes or swipetimeout)Changes.Version 2.0: () Support themes; () Theability to add a point to the route (to call in on theway); () Availability for tablets in the Market; () Toadd the button opening panel (to be included in the settings); Youcan move the button (long tap), the position is saved separatelyfor portrait and landscape orientation; () The ability to addto the panel command CGLauncher-a (search, voice search and soon.); () The ability to edit Favorites: rename, hide, theorder; (+) When you click on the search results immediatelyopens a menu with options.Version 2.3: () Route planner runwhen installed in the cradle; () The use of a proximity sensorto open the shortcuts panel.
mcTweaker ® root APK
ATTENTION!!!1. Before using the program Nandroid backup is strongly recomended!Please do not write negative reviews, if Your machine cannot bootas a result of using of the program. The program works with hiddenparameters of the kernel, which setting can lead to unstableoperation of the device. Recovery is possible only in the presenceof the backup.2. Before you upgrade to version 3.х.х from versions 2.х.х it isrecommended to completely remove the old version of the program andthe license.3. USB debugging option must be enabled!4. The presence of root-rights necessarily.5. BusyBox must to be installed.6. On some devices you need a S-OFF.7. It's strongly recomended to update BusyBox version to 1.20.x orlatter.If You like, to Your smartphone running at peak performance. IfYour experience does not give You peace of mind and You changefirmwares one by one, in search of the optimum decision for Yourdevice. Try to adjust Your smartphone by youself and help otherusers with similar devices. mcTweaker is a system application, thatallows you to set up hidden parameters of Android, to achievingmaximum performance and minimum power consumption.Main features:- separate management of the CPU frequency for different states ofthe screen (ON/OFF);- CPU voltage control for different frequencies;- management of the OOM killer parameters;- setting of Dalvik VM heap parameters;- setting of file system parameters (IO Scheduler, cacheSD-card);- management of the DNS-servers for different networkconnections;- optimization of the network performace;- manual and automatic synchronisation of time via the Internet, alarge selection of NTP-servers;- blocking of advertising;- setting of the screen parameters (animation speed, autobrightness);- optimization of graphics (hardware acceleration, anti-aliasing,the density of the screen, etc.);- JIT-compilation on/off;- optimization of energy consumption;- editing the parameters of the A-GPS (select SUPL-server, selectthe NTP server, forced request (A-GPS data, cold start);- editing of parameters in the file build.prop;- script-manager with a built-in editor;- autorun any scripts at boot time (emulation of init.d);- home screen widgets to switch the set of parameters (CPUfrequency, the parameters of OOM killer, switching the DNS-servers,time synchronization, the request of A-GPS data;- launch any application by widget with the simultaneous adjustmentof parameters;- running the script by the widget;- freezing, uninstallation of system apps and moving apps to thesystem memory;- applications autorun management;Pro-licence can be bought here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mclaught.mctweaker.donate
psiTorrent 2.2 APK
Remote control for rTorrent andTransmissiontorrent clients for LinuxKey features:- List of torrents with brief information (status, size,downloadingprogress, speed, etc.);- Complete information about the torrent;- Trackers list;- A list of files with the information (size, downloadingprogress,priority, and so on.);- List of peers;- Add a torrent from file or URL;- Reaction to the torrent-file selection or magnet-links;- Notification of the completion of the downloading.Server requirements:- Requires a SCGI- module for Apache (for rTorrent).
Bind action to location 1.0 APK
The program allows you to bind thevariousactions to the geographical position.Main features:- select a location on the map with flexible searchbyaddress;- save the current geographical position;- using GPS satelites, mobile network base stations or Wi-Fiaccesspoints;- flexible technology of management of the GPS receiversamplingrate, reduces battery consumption:adaptive and configurable change the sampling frequency dependingonthe distance to the nearest location;disable the GPS in the rest state (when the phone is on thetable)with using the accelerometer data; in this case, himselfanaccelerometer sensor is polled extremely rare (1 sec), thatispractically no effect on the discharge;- text messages and ringtone when entering or exiting the zoneoflocation;- support for plug-ins; the following are theavailableplug-ins:changing the WiFi status (on/off);changing the status of the mobile network datatransfer(on/off);volume control and audio profiles;send SMS to any contact.
Запуск CityGuide (AndroidWear) 1.0 APK
Sergey Taldykin
Плагин к приложению "Расширение CityGuide"(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mclaught.cglauncher)для Android Wear. Для того, чтобы воспользоваться возможностямиголосового управления с помощью умных часов, выполните следующиедействия: 1. Разблокируйте циферблат коснувшись его или нажавкнопку. 2. Произнесите «OK, Google» или коснитесь циферблата. 3.Произнесите «Запустить Ситигид» или выберите «Пуск->Ситигид». 4.Когда появится приглашение «Куда едем?», произнесите названиесохраненной точки, имя контакта или адрес назначения. 5. Послераспознавания фразы, программа сообщит ее на экране часов и даствозможность отменить запуск в течение 3-х секунд. 6. Если Вы неотмените запуск, то через 3 секунды будет запущено приложение CGLauncher на телефоне.Plug-in to the application "ExpandingCityGuide"(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mclaught.cglauncher)for Android Wear.    In order to take advantageof voice control via smart watch, follow thesesteps:            1.Unlock the face by touching it or by pressing thebutton.            2.Say the «OK, Google» or touch thedial.            3.Say "Start SitiGid" or select "Start->SitiGid."            4.When prompted "Where are going?", Say the name of the stored point,the contact name or address of thedestination.            5.After recognizing the phrase, the program will report it to thescreen hours and will provide an opportunity to cancel the run for3seconds.            6.If you do not cancel the start, then after 3 seconds launches theCG Launcher on your phone.