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Overcome anxiety and nervousness relatedtosocial situations with short 5-10 minute sessions basedonscience.

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Note: wayForward is currently delivered through benefits packagesoffered by employers and organizations. Stress and anxiety areunavoidable. We all face problems at work and home that can feeloverwhelming at times, but that doesn’t always mean professionalhelp in a clinical setting is always required. Often, just a newway of looking at our situations or some readily available, andscientific techniques are enough to make us feel better. Designedby psychologists and researchers at Columbia University, UC SanDiego, University of Michigan and many other elite institutions,wayForward is a personalized emotional wellness solution that givesyou peace when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or sad.RESEARCH-BASED RESULTS 82% of study participants with anxietyshowed improvement after using wayForward for 8-12 weeks. Quicklylearn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness techniquesanytime, anywhere for help moving forward in life, beating stress,reducing anxiety, managing depression and alleviating otheremotional health conditions that hold you back. WHY YOU’LL LOVEWAYFORWARD - Personalized, specific guidance. You’ll find sessionson a variety of topics based on your assessed needs, all withdetailed tips and techniques designed for you to use at the moment.- Private assistance. Your data is secure and confidential, so it’ssafe to explore whatever topics interest you. - Proven results.Independent studies have shown wayForward to be an effective toolfor reducing stress, anxiety and other emotional problems. -Lifestyle compatible. You only need to use the app a few minuteseach day, so it’s easy to work into your schedule. TOP FEATURES -Structured programs. 30+ modules created by our team ofpsychologists and researchers. - Engaging content. 500+ video andaudio lessons covering CBT, mindfulness and positive psychology. -Conveniently organized. Most lessons are only 5-10 minutes andself-guided. You can move through them at your own pace, reviewingand practicing as often as you like. - Coaching and therapistadvice. Based on services offered by your employer, text and audiochats are available with trained experts who can monitor yourprogress and provide support. - Self-assessment. Digitallydelivered assessments and reports to help you identify problems andget the appropriate level of care. - Privacy & Security.HIPAA-compliant and safe. Your personal data is never sharedwithout your permission. - Emotion Tracker. Record your stress,anxiety and depression levels. Monitor your progress over time.SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS wayForward is typically deliveredthrough benefits packages offered by employers and organizations.DISCLAIMER 
The wayForward app does not provide emergency medicaladvice or services. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:https://www.wayforward.io/terms

https://www.wayforward.io/privacy-policy WE LOVE REVIEWS Pleaselet us know how wayForward has improved your life! Feel free toemail at feedback@wayforward.io
PSY IAP Prototype2 (Unreleased) APK
Overcome anxiety and nervousness relatedtosocial situations with short 5-10 minute sessions basedonscience.