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Psychiatry Hub is a cloud based app for getting good qualitystudymaterials such as power points, study notes, question papersandarticles related to Psychiatry and is available free of cost.Allthe contents are categorized paper wise (1-4) and furtherdividedinto 21 sections. The whole collection consists of over800materials and new contents are added regularly by doctors andpostgraduates. This database will be useful for Post GraduatesinPsychiatry, Medical Students, PG and USMLE aspirants,Researchersand Consultants. A powerful search option is integratedinto theapp which will help you to grab any content in a flash.Users canalso submit their notes and power point related toPsychiatry usingthe 'Submit Button' inside the app.

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    Psychiatry Hub for PGs & USMLE
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    June 23, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Let ME Hear Again Apps c/o Sharon Baisil Pallath, East Kadungalloor, Aluva,Kerala, India 683102
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Community Medicine Hub 6.3 APK
Community Medicine Hub is an online portal for Post Graduates inPSM or Public Health to upload and share their articles (powerpoint presentations, seminars or class notes) to their peers allover the world. All submissions are scrutinized for quality and areuploaded in the form of direct download links. It is cloudbased(online) and new contents are added daily which areautomatically updated within the app (internet is needed) || UniqueFeatures || » First of its kind online database for CommunityMedicine postgraduate students. » Topics are arranged in the formof 4 papers for easy readability. » Search option for finding allthe related submissions for each keywords. » Capable of uploadingyour power point/pdf directly from phone. » Auto updated databasewith new contents added daily. All the contents in the app areunder CC0 license (public domain) and if any copyrighted materialwas accidentally included, just contact us at the developer emailand we will remove it as soon as possible.
Daily Bible Verses by Topic 3.6 APK
We bring you, the Daily Bible Verses by Topic, to your mobile ortablet. Get inspired and feel that God is always beside you andguiding you to take the right decisions. Many topics are listed ,that you may encounter in your daily life where you can look uponand read the Daily Bible Verses and inspire you to do amazingthings in life. The categories listed in this Daily Bible Verses byTopic app are Prayer, Hope, Faith, Love, Relationship, Family,Friendship, Encouragement, Reliability, Healing, Children, Anxiety,Eternal Life, Marriage, Forgiveness, Loneliness and Worry. Eachtopic gives you around 30 handpicked verses We also provide you anoption to share these Daily Bible Verses that you receive, withyour family and friends through various social medias. Readingthese Daily Bible Verses will be an Enlightening Experience. GODBLESS YOU.
Beat Cancer 6.5.7 APK
Beat Cancer is a health tips app to prevent breast cancer, lungcancer, and stomach cancer. We provide daily health tips andarticles on healthy foods & healthy living aimed at everyone,from young children, men, and women. This app is created byoncology doctors and specialists who have the experience andknowledge about various types of malignancies and their causes.There are many cancer screening tests such as breastself-examination to detect breast cancer. If tumor cells aredetected, doctors will recommend various treatments such assurgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for breast cancer and stomachcancer. These treatments, especially chemotherapy can be verytaxing on the body. Before we get sick, we better prevent it bycommitting to healthy living and eating healthy food. In this app,you can learn various health tips on how to choose healthy food andavoid dangerous food that will increase your risk of gettingtumors. ========================= BEST FEATURES OF ONCOTIP:========================= ♥ Get more than 300 proven health tips bydoctors and oncology experts on how to prevent Stomach cancer, Lungcancer and Breast cancer ♥ Home Screening tests – various teststhat can be done at home to detect tumors at an early stage andhelp to start early treatment especially for stomach cancer ♥ Top20 healthy food – the top healthy food which when consumed reducesthe chances of developing malignancy and prevents recurrences. ♥ 16Dangerous Foods that can cause tumors or increase the risk ofsickness ♥ Preventive steps for survivors – Things that survivorscan do to prevent a recurrence. ♥ Tips on healthy living – Minoradjustments in your home to fight and prevent tumors. We createdOncotip to help you stay healthy and live longer lives. Pleaseshare our app with your friends and family so they can takeadvantage of the health tips and have healthier lives by preventingbreast cancer and stomach cancer. Legal Disclaimer: The content onthis app is presented for educational and informational purposesonly. Never disregard professional medical advice from yourphysician or health care provider or delay in seeking it because ofsomething you have read on this application. For example, if yourdoctor recommends chemotherapy for lung cancer then you shouldfollow his or her advice. You should also follow up on the homecancer screening test, including breast tests with a consultationwith an oncology doctor (oncologist). This app uses GoogleAnalytics to anonymously track usage data.
Fight Depression Naturally PRO 4.5 APK
Install this PRO version of the app and you will find everythingyou need to Beat Depression forever. ♥ 20 Super foods that FightDepression A beautiful description of the 20 super foods that canenhance your mood and release feel-good chemicals to beatdepression. The scientific explanations of how each foods elevatemood are also explained in a simple way. ♥ 8 Techniques to DefeatDepression Naturally Learn the simple tricks of getting adequatesleep to writing a wellness checklist and journal, which willbrighten up your day and prevent the occurrence of depressiveepisodes. Each techniques are explained in detail with a step bystep action plan. ♥ Essential book of Inspirational Song TitlesMusic is an amazing thing. The right inspiring lyrics, ormotivational songs can give you a kick in the backside; provides aquick 'pick me up' to motivate you to accomplish your goals; orjust a reminder about appreciating the beauty of the world that welive in and provides that little lift that we occasionally need. "Essential book of Inspirational Song Titles" houses a collection ofthe world’s most inspiring songs ever! ♥ A Beginners Guide to Yoga- for overcoming Depression Yoga helps you to achieve the perfectbalance between body, mind and soul. It acts as a stress buster andis ideal for relieving depression by revitalizing mind and body.Learn about the different systems of yoga and various yogatechniques to beat depression, Eight times faster than any othermethod in the world. ♥ How to Use Breath Watching Meditation to Howto Beat Depression What is Breath Watching Meditation Step by StepBreath Watching Meditation Practice Experiencing Breath WatchingMeditation ♥ The Big Book Of Inspiring Stories This Book features aselection of the world’s most inspiring stories to move the bodyand soul. It will inspire you with tales of people overcomingextraordinary hardship and achieving breakthroughs in their lives.Their strength and courage will serve as a source of inspiration tosail through the darkest of days of depression. ♥ MotivationalMovie Archive Depression can leave you with little interest inanything. But sometimes when you're feeling down, there's no easierpick-me-up than a favorite movie. It might make you laugh, it mightmake you cry, but a classic feel-good flick will always leave you alittle happier and may even put a smile on your face. So whetheryou're looking for a romantic comedy, nostalgia, or pure escape,read the " Motivational Movie Archive" to find that movie title,which will move your Heart and shake the Soul. Grab the popcorn anddim the lights! ♥ The Vault Of Motivational Quotes This section ofInspirational Words deals with motivational quotes from around theworld - From anonymous people to the great leaders and thinkers ofour society. Motivational quotes are a great source of inspirationfor people searching for personal development and self improvement.♥ Poems That Inspire The right inspiring lyrics can give us a kickin the backside; provide a quick pick me up to motivate us toaccomplish our goals; or just remind us about appreciating thebeauty of the world that we live in and provides that little liftthat we occasionally need. " Poems that Inspire " houses acollection of the world’s most inspiring poems ever!
Beat AIDS - 50+ Tips for HIV prevention 5.3.1 APK
Why you need this Beat AIDS app? The best precaution to AIDS istoknow about it. Anyone can catch this disease and may not know foralong time until it starts to show major symptoms. The appwillprovide you all kind of information on AIDS as well asotherreliable sources where you can read all about the disease. Itsaone of its kind app, designed to spread awareness about thediseaseso that the user can take proper measures to avoid it.Whetheryou’re someone who needs to be cautious about their healthor knowsomeone who has been suffering from HIV infection, this appwillassist you in one way or another by providing thenecessaryinformation. What Beat AIDS app has to offer? •Completeinformation about HIV/AIDS (causes, symptoms, preventionetc) •Articles and external links on the topic • Vaccines andTreatmentsfor HIV/AIDS • Glossary of HIV/AIDS-related terms • 30+Tips forpreventing HIV/AIDS • 13 common Misconceptions about HIV •Learnthe 9 early Symptoms of HIV/AIDS • Types of HIV tests •Dailyhealth tips and more How this app will make a difference?Creatingawareness about HIV/AIDS is not one man’s job but requiresacombined effort. Only when we know about it and start talkingtoothers abut it without any hesitation, we can make a differenceandprevent any more cases of HIV/AIDS. This app is a smallbuteffective step to provide hands on information to everyoneaboutthe disease so that you can stay informed and pass thesameinformation to others in need. About this initiative Beat AIDSappis created as an initiative to spread awareness aboutHIV/AIDSamong people, as a part of the World AIDS Day 2017. Theinitiativeis launched by a team of doctors from Department ofCommunityMedicines, KSHEMA, NITTE University.
Beat Diabetes 10.2.6 APK
This app is compiled by a team of Medical Doctors specificallyforDiabetic individuals. It includes: Top list of Best and Worstfoodsfor Diabetes, List of 10 Fruits and Vegetables to be avoidedExpertTips on Controlling Blood Sugar levels in Diabetes 9Strategies toimprove physical activity by simple House hold worksDiabetic Dietas suggested by American Heart association (AHA)Detaileddescription of complications of Diabetes and timeline oftheirappearance Latest Treatment Strategies for Diabetic PatientsAnd alist of 10 Ayurveda treatments . All these packed into asingle appwhich is free to download. This application uses GoogleAnalyticsto anonymously track usage data within the application.
Fight Depression Naturally 12.4.2 APK
This app is designed by medical doctors to help withDepressiontreatment and controlling stress by advising moodenhancing foods,teaching the importance of writing wellnessjournals and how to getadequate sleep during depressive episodes.Chosen as one among theTop 10 apps for Depression by Healthline Thescientific informationprovided in this app are updated with thecurrent research articlespublished in standard Journals ofPsychiatry, to the best of ourknowledge. ♥ 20 Super foods thatremoves depressing thoughts andanxiety A beautiful description ofthe foods items that can enhanceyour mood and release feel-goodchemicals which will make you happyin no time. The scientificexplanations of how each food willelevate your mood are alsoincluded in a simple way. ♥ 8 Techniquesto help with yourDepression treatment Learn the simple tricks ofgetting adequatesleep to writing a wellness checklist and journal,which willbrighten up your day and prevent the occurrence ofdepressiveepisodes. Each techniques are explained in detail with astep bystep action plan. ♥ Essential book of Inspirational SongsThe rightinspiring lyrics can give you a kick in the backside andprovides aquick 'pick me up' to motivate you to accomplish yourgoals. ♥Over100 hours of Relaxing Nature Sounds and MeditationSongs with Videosto fight depression ♥10 hours of Binaural beatsto help youconcentrate easily ♥ Yoga techniques that can help inyourdepression treatment ♥ How to Use Breath Watching Meditationforanxiety relief ♥ The Big Book of Inspiring Stories ♥MotivationalMovie Archive for controlling Stress ♥ The Vault ofInspirationalQuotes ♥ Poems That Inspire All the contents used inthis app arenon copyrighted or under CCO license. Please read themedicaldisclaimer in the Info section of the app before you startusing it.This application uses Google Analytics to anonymouslytrack usagedata within the application.
Let Me Hear Again FREE - Deaf 5.1.3 APK
Award winning app for deaf, hearing impaired, hard of hearingorlate deafened individuals. It will act as a deaf assistant andavirtual ear for those with hearing loss or audiologydysfunctions.★★★ It has received the prestigious App Inventor-Appof the Monthaward from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) inUnited States ★★★ Let ME Hear Again PRO consists of 4Powerfultools for the Deaf, integrated into one. ★ FACE TO FACECHAT It isbasically the Speech Recognition on Steroids ! Itrecognizesconversations in 71 languages and displays the words onscreen inthe native language itself. Live Translation to 41languages It hasa Talk-Back feature,where the person can type inhis reply and thephone will speak it out aloud Features a Fullscreen Speech to TextChat with Re-sizable Fonts Auto SpeechRecognition mode with customtimer ★ VIRTUAL NOTES This tool has theability to capture speechesand long conversations and save it aswords in Phone memory, afterspeech recognition It is designed tohelp Deaf Students andProfessionals, and can be used to save ClassLectures, to do lists,Key points from Group discussions &Meetings and so on Thesesaved notes can be edited later if needed,and can even betranslated to any language of choice Notes can beshared directlyto their friends through the social media ★QUAKEAWAKE ALARM FORDEAF (only in PRO version) This alarm whenfired,will produce asound above 100dB (most deaf persons havehearing loss to soundsbelow 90dB) and vibrates the phone for 2minutes The combination ofLoud sound and Vibration will help thedeaf to wake up ★GUARDIANANGEL (only in PRO version) The last toolis intended to save adeaf person from dangerous situations, byalerting him at the rightmoment. It is a personal watchdog for thedeaf person and in thiscase it’s a cat called Angel It is createdfollowing a realincident in US where a pit bull dog saved a deafboy from housefire This cat can be turned on by setting the timerand the personcan continue doing his normal works It willautomatically searchfor loud sounds in the surroundings at the setintervals Once itcatches something,it will start crying (meow) atvery highintensity and vibrates the phone until the person picks itup__________________________________________________________________________________WHATMAKES THIS APP UNIQUE ❤Dedicated customer support.Contact usatletmehearagain@gmail.com for any technical issues ❤ BeautifulandEasy to Use Interface ❤ Universal Device Support-Icons andImagesauto re-size to fit the Screen resolution ❤ Completely AdFree ❤ DoNOT access any Personal Information ❤ Detailed TutorialVideos andGraphical Help sections FACEBOOKPAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/let.me.hear.again