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Pull out the vegetables from the field one by one! Tap the screentopull them out with a pop! Can you harvest more vegetables?

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    Pull Out
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    November 2, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    250 Asahi, Kochino-cho, Konan, Aichi
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Mahjong Shanghai Free  1.3.5 APK
Shanghai is the original Mahjongg Solitaire provided by SUNSOFTwith various stages, high quality graphics, easy operation, andmany modes let you enjoy any number of times. You will surely beabsorbed to Majong which satisfies both beginners and advancedplayers!! When you complete later stages, you can read the storiesbased on Zeus, Hera, Titan and Herakles written in Greek mythology.mahjongg is perfect for your vacant time! The rule is very simple!!Remove pairs of "Mah jong" Tiles with matching patterns from pilesstacked in various configurations. We have also innovatedsharply-etched tile with suited 3D background image, easyoperability by touch interface, and over 1200 stages are available.Also, newly added a mode that you can compete with other players inwhole country at no charge!! You should try right now!!
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A fun and addictive game that will help you escape the madness ofthe world and keep your brain at the same time. Discover the fun ofmahjong matching puzzles with Mahjong POP! Go on adventurous queststhrough hundreds of beautifully crafted stages and become a mahjongpuzzle expert!! You will enjoy searching for matching pairs oftraditional mahjong tiles in our unique and challenging layoutswithout any need for prior experience or knowledge of Mahjong. Onceyou start playing, you get carried away!! Try a new, free excitinggame that takes the Mahjong solitaire genre to the next level! GameFeatures: ● Free updates on a regular basis with many more newmahjong layouts to be released! ● Regular events to connect youwith mahjong puzzle game players from all over the world!! Can youget the highest ranking?! ● There are daily extra-challenginglayouts for advanced users. ● High quality graphic and amazingsound ● Eye-friendly mahjong tiles! ● Can be played offline.Keeping you occupied without using your data ●Support Google PlayGames! Protected game data ●Mahjong Solitaire has been one of thebest-selling classic games for years and Mahjong POP is the mostexciting version to date.
Mahjong Solitaire ~Shanghai Classic~ 5.4.2 APK
Shanghai is the original Mahjong Solitaire provided by SUNSOFTwithvarious stages, high quality graphics, easy operation, andmanymodes let you enjoy any number of times. You will surelybeabsorbed to Majong which satisfies both beginners andadvancedplayers!! When you complete later stages, you can read thestoriesbased on Zeus, Hera, Titan and Herakles written in Greekmythology.It is perfect for your vacant time! The rule is verysimple!!Remove pairs of "Mahjong" Tiles with matching patterns frompilesstacked in various configurations. We have alsoinnovatedsharply-etched tile with suited 3D background image,easyoperability by touch interface, and over 1200 stages areavailable.Also, newly added a mode that you can compete with otherplayers inwhole country at no charge!! You should try right now!!
Shelter a KITTY 1.1.0 APK
You rescued a kitty on the way to school. Hey, teacher iscoming!Hide the kitty. There are five places on the stage where youcanhide the kitty! Hide the kitty well and try not to be found!Thevoices of the real kitty have been recorded! Enjoy the cutevoicesof five kittens! On a cold and drizzly morning, I met akittenshivering in a cardboard box on my way to school. The kittenwasshivering very coldly and meowed at me. I quickly rescuedthekitten from the box and warmed up in my jacket. I had to hurrytoschool or I would be late for class. The kitten in my jacketlookedat me with a bit of relief in its eyes. I headed to schoolwith thekitten. This story has just begun. We're making morelevels. Pleaselook forward to it!
懸賞上海~パズルを解いて簡単応募 1.0.2 APK
【詳しい説明】 ◆ 懸賞が当たる!無料で遊べる上海パズル ◆ 完全無料で登録不要!すぐに遊べて簡単応募!通勤通学のスキマ時間にぴったりな懸賞アプリ☆ 懸賞賞品にはデジタル家電からキッチン用品、Amazonギフト券など幅広いラインナップ!上海パズルを楽しみながら、豪華景品の当たる抽選に応募しよう! ※抽選は賞品毎に厳正な抽選を行っております。弊社では「月額上海」サイトにて10年以上の懸賞実績がありますので、どうか安心してご利用ください。 【懸賞上海とは?】懸賞と上海パズルが合体した、スマートフォンで楽しめる懸賞アプリです!上海パズルをクリアしてもらえる応募ポイントで、豪華賞品が当たる懸賞に応募できます。 ・無料で誰でもダウンロード可能! ・会員登録なし!・簡単に懸賞へ応募!タップするだけ! ・毎日当選のチャンス! 【上海パズルって?】 とっても簡単! 同じ柄の牌を合わせて消すだけ!シンプルなのに意外と奥が深い…っ 初心者さんから上級者さんまで、幅広く楽しめるパズルゲームです! ルールはふたつだけ!①同じ牌を2つ選択して消す ②すべて消すとクリア!! <牌を選択することができる条件>  ・上に乗っている牌がない ・左右の面どちらかが開いている これでOK! 脳トレにもなり、暇つぶしもでき、ちょっとしたリフレッシュに最適です!【問題は難しいの?】 問題は難易度が選べるようになっています。どの問題にも「初級」が用意されていますので、初心者の方も安心して遊べます。問題によっては、「中級・上級・神級」など、慣れてきた方や上級者の方まで楽しんでいただける難易度もご用意。自分の実力やその日の気分で選べるので、ご安心ください! 難しい問題は、応募ポイントもたくさんもらえます!SUNSOFTでは元祖上海(麻雀ソリティア、mahjong)パズルをはじめ数多くの配信実績もあり、豊富な問題数をご用意しております。そのため、長く上海パズルを楽しんでいただくことができます! ●豊富なステージ数●麻雀の牌(絵あわせ)を使ったシンプルなパズルゲーム!何回でも飽きずに遊べるゲーム性 ●快適な操作性、ハイクオリティなグラフィック●麻雀初心者から上級者まで遊べる!●マッチ3パズル、脳トレ、四川省、ソリティア、花札、ボード(将棋、オセロ、リバーシ)などの「知的」ゲームがお好きなあなたにおススメ!【応募から当選(賞品受け取り)までの流れ】 懸賞に応募するために必要なポイントは1口100ポイントです。懸賞賞品には締切日時、応募口数、当選人数、が決められています。 どの賞品にもご応募いただけます。賞品件数に制限はございません。応募口数に基づいた抽選を行っておりますので、複数応募が可能な賞品はたくさん応募した分だけ当選確率は上がります。応募一回につき最大100口まで応募可能です。再度同じ賞品を選ぶことで繰り返し応募可能です。また、賞品の中には「1口限定」応募のものがございます。この表示がある賞品への応募は1回のみとなります。応募期間終了後、当日の14時頃にアプリ内で抽選発表を行います。 抽選結果は必ずご確認ください。抽選結果は1週間掲載されます。当選した場合は抽選発表から1週間以内に送付先情報を登録してください。期間を過ぎると当選資格を失います。1週間以内に送付先情報が登録されない場合は抽選画面から該当賞品が表示されなくなります。登録完了以降の発送状況はアプリ内で表示いたします。 送付先情報を確認後、発送からお届けまで約1ヵ月を予定しております。送付先情報の変更は発送準備中になるまでの間はアプリ内から変更可能です。ご心配な場合はサポートまでご連絡をいただくことで速やかに対応させていただきます。 賞品のお受け取りまで一切の費用はかかりません。賞品の発送は日本国内限定となりますのでご注意をお願いいたします。 【最後に】 このゲームは広告収益のみで運営しております。アプリに関するご質問やご不明な点は、お気軽にアプリ内のサポートよりご連絡をお願いいたします。アプリの機能は改善を続けていきますので、ぜひご意見・ご要望等いただけますと幸いです。 【動作確認環境】現在のバージョンは、AndroiOS 5.1以降でのみ動作確認済みです。本アプリにおける懸賞はSUNSOFT(サン電子株式会社)が独自に実施しており、GoogleInc.およびその関連会社とは一切関係がありません。
Jennifer, a young girl trapped in a Western-style house inhabitedbya killer, tries to escape in the horror adventure "CLOCKTOWER".Look forward to the next one.
Mahjong Girls :Pretty&Sexy PZL 1.0 APK
Vastly upgraded on May ○○, 2013!! Also improved the qualityofgraphics and sounds. Reduced the price of additionalstages.CAUTION This application is upgraded and bundled versionof"Mahjong solitaire" puzzles which have been released before.Pleasebe careful before purchasing if you have played the"MahjongSolitaire" in the past, that content of the puzzles hasnotchanged. Change from the old version -Bundled the series thathavebeen released individually. -Modified the graphic qualityaccordingto common smartphone. -upgraded the quality of sound.Caution forthis application You can play old version series asbefore but thebuying information, stored data, and data of solvedpuzzle are notcompatible with this application Please note that toplay thisapplication, you need to purchase even you have purchasedthe oldversion before. Also, we have stopped delivering old seriesasreleasing this application. Thank you forplaying.-------------------- A group of lovely lasses storms ontotheAndroid for classic puzzling in the MahjongGirls series!SolveMahjong solitaire puzzles with the beautiful Konmei sisterstocomplete reward graphics! -Improved interface for easierplay!Puzzles tweaked to no longer require scrolling or zooming.Tilesize and layout makes for smooth, classic-style Mahjongsolitaire.Vertical smartphone interface makes controls a snap!-Featureshigh-resolution graphics and full voice acting! Thecrystal clearsmartphone LCD makes sure you can see every detail ofthe starringbeauties. Hear everything the girls have to say in richsound.-Mahjong solitaire from Sunsoft, so you know it can't bebeat!Sunsoft has been making Mahjong solitaire titles for overtwentyyears, so you can count on great tile layouts and loads offun!This version of Mahjong solitaire is also a gal game, meaningthata broad spectrum of players, from longtime fans ofMahjongsolitaire to gal game fans can enjoy this title. #The gamewillalways be resolved. Play with thinking deeply.Requirements:Android2.3.3 or more. Screen WVGA or more. Licensedunder theApache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");you may notuse thisfile except in compliance with the License.You may obtain acopy ofthe License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
Pull Out 1.0.1 APK
Pull out the vegetables from the field one by one! Tap the screentopull them out with a pop! Can you harvest more vegetables?