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This Application is very useful for Electrical andMechanicalEngineers to select the size of pulleys according todrive anddriven speeds.Also it is very useful to find the length ofbeltaccording to installed pulleys. It is very useful for engineerswhocan't find the specification in belts. Any one can find thelengthof belt for machines.

App Information Pulley and Belt Sizing App

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    Pulley and Belt Sizing App
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    July 28, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Belly Rings Belly popular stars of the last 15 years, therapidspread of belly ring (piercing) owe this tiny accessory toshowpride at every opportunity. The origin of most of the 20thcenturyis not kind of piercing is based on older. Belly rings(piercings)in different situations. The core, has long beenaccepted as anerogenous zone and embroidered. But the heart of theancientcultures are not any clue when pierced decorated. Thevictory ofthe navel piercing was declared in the 1990s.Everyone canmake abelly piercing.Here are some cute designs for you tochoosefrom.Floral Clip-On Belly Button RingsWith the crop-topfashioncame back the belly button rings style in great swing.Giving roomto flaunt the flat belly and add more bling, this styleis quiteraging. Skim through the floral styles for an idea and weare sureyou will eventually end up with a great bellybuttonpiercing.Animal Pattern Navel RingsIf you are an animallover, showyour support with these cute animal designs.MaternityBelly ButtonRingsIf you already have your belly button pierced andthe goodnews is on its way, flaunt your baby bump with thesestyles-TheDream Catcher RingHow about this cute dream catcherclip-on ring?It is quite a unique belly button ring and will looksuper coolwhen worn with crop tops that bare your abs.Custom-MadeRingYou canalso have a custom-made belly button ring to reflect adesign thatis uniquely yours. For instance, you can have a bellybutton ringmade with your wedding date. How cute would thatbe?Ethnic MotifRingIf you are more into traditions and would liketo dress up inethnic apparel, go with this belly button that willflow along withthe outfits.Pineapple RingMake your look morecolorful and fruitfulwith this pineapple belly button clip-onjewelry. Spring in thisfashionable style and display all positivesigns of friendship,loyalty, warmth and welcome.Crescent RingIt’samazing to know thewide range of belly button jewelry options,isn’t it? One suchnavel ring that we found adorable is the crescentmoon style.Promoting growth and creativity, this symbol greatlysignifies thebelief in astronomy.Make sure your tummy is taut andfirm if you’replanning to wear a belly button ring. Flaunting yourpregnancy babybump is cute, but flaunting your food and flab bumpis so not okay.So do some crunches and keep your tummy tucked inwhen wearing abelly button ring. Avoid pulling your belly buttonrings; eventhough they are clip-on rings, they might still tear theskin ifhandled too harshly. Also, always remove your ring beforeyou stepinto the shower; you don’t want your belly button areatoaccumulate dirt because you failed to remove it while havingyourbath.Rate and Write a ReviewShare with Friends.
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