1.0 / February 16, 2015
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Punch the ISIS is a shooting game in whichyouhave to shot into the ugly face of the terroist. A game thatnotonly guarantees a lot of fun but also motivates to highperformanceto hit the IS terrorist. It is a game with animatedfaces that areangry about every punch. Play now and set new highscores andsurpass them again.

Functionality of the game: Punch the IS

- Shoot at the terrorists face and annoy him
- Easy One Touch & Tap function
- Creative and crazy animations make the mini-game to agreatentertainment
- The game is as simple so that it can be learned byanyone'splay

How does the game work?

- The terrorist sleeps tap him to launch the game.
- The terrorist will punched with the fist.
- Punch him five times and an Alien-IS comes on the screen.Punchthe non-IS Alien otherwise the game is lost.
- With each round, the IS is faster and you have to react fasterandfaster. After another five hits the next alien appears.
- Punch the islamic state isis

Punch the islamic state like the US in real! The fist isametaphor of the aerial attacks to Kobane in Syria and Iraqtosupport the kurds in the fight to the terrorists. 65f28bc094

App Information Punch the ISIS

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