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The Purdue Turf Doctor app was developed by experts at PurdueUniversity to help homeowners and land managers diagnose andaddress turfgrass problems caused by a variety of factors includingweeds, insects, diseases, nuisance animals and abiotic stress.Turfgrass management professionals and garden center personnel canalso use this app to improve communication with their customers andbuild customer confidence. Information in this app is most usefulin the Midwestern and Eastern United States, but may also be usefulfor diagnosing and managing turfgrass disorders in other regions ofNorth America. Features:- Quick access to the latest science-basedrecommendations from Purdue University experts on how to manageover 135 turfgrass disorders.- Identify turfgrass disorders bymatching patterns, symptoms and signs to hundreds ofhigh-resolution photos.- Check diagnoses with detailed descriptionsof damage and stages of problem development linked to each photo.-Search for information on specific disorders by common orscientific name.- Use integrated filters to refine diagnoses byproblem type, time of year, turfgrass species, field pattern,symptoms, signs, weed type, flower color, weed growth habit andweed life cycle.- Easily create and add problems to your favoriteslist for quick reference later.- Automatically view a list of yourmost recent searches.

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    Purdue Turf Doctor
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    May 17, 2017
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Purdue University
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    401 S. Grant Street West Lafayette, IN 47907
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