1.0.3 / November 20, 2014
(4.1/5) (25)


The Purplz is trying to go outer space.Helphim bounce on the walls, reach stars and get as highaspossible.
Avoid the lasers and beat the score of your friends!
Have fun!

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App Information Purplz Space Bounces

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Laboratz 1.3.1 APK
Step into the arena: build and train your ownarmy of rats with this addictive card game!It’s your first day at Labanoir Academy, the university for madscientists!Confrontation is the main thing down there. But forget about theboxing gloves, we’re talking about genetically modified ratfights!Decide your own strategy, capture hundreds of rats and train themto build a genuine war machine!Use items to take advantage on your enemies, capture their cardswhile choosing yours closely, and get increasingly powerful cardsto make your team evolve in the lab!Fight thousands of players from all around the world in themultiplayer mode, and become the master of Labanoir Academy bywinning duels against the enemies of the adventure mode.Ready to discover Laboratz? Get along with the game by leadingyour mutant rats to great victory. Take advantage in fierce duelsand show the entire world that you are the most talented scientistsof your generation.Laboratz is the ideal alternative to games such as ‘UrbanRivals’.FUNCTIONNALITIES:■ Uncover a breathless tale with multiple twists and turns.■ Fight against powerful opponents in the adventure mode.■ Collect more than 150 rats.■ Use ‘dirty tricks’ to improve your strategy.■ Train your team and participate in real-time duels in themultiplayer mode.■ Step into the arena of the first MMORPG trading card game.■ Connect to Facebook to defy your friends and help them in themultiplayer mode.■ Comes with Total synchronization between Facebook, Android andiOS versions!SNEAK PREVIEW FEEDBACK:« Awesome, I improve my rats and my strategy so fast thanks to myFacebook friends! » Fred.« The adventure mode is stunning, at last we have a MMORPGtrading card game with an authentic universe. Can’t wait for thenext chapters! » Justine.« Much better than the other trading card games I’ve tried sofar and also the most based on strategy, I almost feel like playinga MMORPG for real! » Laure.« I love this game ! The multiplayer game is awesome, unlikeother card games like ‘Urban Rivals’! » Arnaud.Like Laboratz on Facebook!http://www.facebook.com/LaboratzAll Laboratz exclusives are also on Twitter!https://twitter.com/laboratzDo you like the Adictiz games touch?Follow us on Twitter @Adictiz or on Facebook.com/Adictiz to be thefirst informed of our latest games optimized for mobiles andtablets.Want to comment or report a bug on your mobile or tablet?http://support.adictiz.comNote : You can quickly become a Laboratz addict. You’ll probablyspend hours improving your strategy and fighting in the multiplayermode. Forget about ‘Urban Rivals’, and get hooked on the first realMMORPG trading card game.Laboratz is a MMORPG, therefore you need an internet connexion toplay it.Laboratz is a registrated trademark of Adictiz.
Animal Story 1.6 APK
After the success of the Facebook version,Animal Story arrives on your Android!After Space Dog and What a Stupid Pigeon, the goofy critters ofAnimal Story will turn you upside down. Fun guaranteed!Little Billy is a scout concerned about the well-being ofanimals on Earth. Help him to collect the lost animals by aligningthe boxes. You will find the rabbits, foxes and eagles indistress.Mother Nature gives you support! Call the different elements andtotems to gather the animals and beat your highscore. Challengeyour friends through the weekly tournament and win badges.Travel around the world with Billy and discover exclusiveanimals. If you're brave enough to face them, maybe you willdiscover the hidden power of the rainbow that will give you all thepowers for a limited time.Align at least 3 animals vertically or horizontally to removethe boxes and score points.GAME FEATURES:- A game totally free- A simple, addictive and crazy game- Many bonus to unlock- 36 achievements to complete- A unique and fun weekly tournament- Log in into Facebook and challenge your friendsExclusive: earn 10 credits if you use your Facebook account!Become a Fan of Animal Story on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/AnimalStoryJeu?sk=wallFollow the lastest news of Animal Story on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/#!/Animal_StoryYou love our games? Follow us on Twitter @Adictiz orFacebook.com/AdictizA remark or a bug? Contact the support and we will do our bestto resolve the problem quickly.Animal Story is a registrated trademark of Adictiz.
Woolers Racing 1.1.0 APK
Rouse your fighting spirit, expand yourWoolerstable, manage your garage, customize and train your sheep towinloads of races across the world!Your goal: join the IWRF – International WoolerRacingFederation.You’ll have to follow Warren’s tips carefully as he guides youinyour adventures.Ready to race? Ready your turbo, join your opponents on thestartline and lead your team to victory in wild races.Features■ Train and customize your team■ Unlock more than 4 Wooler families■ Take part in international competitions with 4 types ofcrazytrophies■ Find the best gear with over 80 items available inthegarage■ Use your Facebook friends to unlock exclusive sponsors■ Full synchronization between Facebook and Android versionsFollow Woolers Racing on Facebook & Twitter!http://www.Facebook.com/WoolersRacinghttps://twitter.com/WoolersCrew
Purplz Dance 1.0.0 APK
Get ready for tonight! The Purplz has thenightfever!Help him achieve the best choreography by making the right movesinrhythm.Drive the others Purplzs with you on the dancefloor but watchoutfor the bombs.Beat the score of your friends and show them who has the bestswayedhips.Let's dance!Follow the Purplz on Facebook & Twitter!https://www.facebook.com/Purplzhttps://twitter.com/PurplzGames
Purplz Balls 1.0.3 APK
100 Purplz babies are about to smash ontheground and need your help!Move the boxes to catch them all on time. Make sur they don'tmissthe boxes!Have fun!Follow the Purplz on Facebook & Twitter!https://www.facebook.com/Purplzhttps://twitter.com/PurplzGames
Purplz Bump Up 1.0.3 APK
The Purplz must go as high as possible!Createyour own bumpers with your finger and help him bump fromplatformto platform while avoiding all spikes and obstacles.Collect special items and beat the score of your friends!Have fun!Follow the Purplz on Facebook & Twitter!https://www.facebook.com/Purplzhttps://twitter.com/PurplzGames
Purplz Wicked Slalom 1.0.3 APK
The Purplz has just entered an epicslalomskateboarding contest! Help him bomb the endless hill andslalombetween the poles. Don't touch them otherwise you'llbedisqualified.Go as far as possible and beat the score of your friends!Have fun and get wicked!Follow the Purplz on Facebook & Twitter!https://www.facebook.com/Purplzhttps://twitter.com/PurplzGames
Purplz Avalanche 1.0.1 APK
The Purplz has just created a huge avalangeandneeds your help to come down the hill!Jump and roll while avoiding all the rocks and eagles onyourdescent.Go as fast as possible and beat the score of your friends!Have fun!Follow the Purplz on Facebook & Twitter!https://www.facebook.com/Purplzhttps://twitter.com/PurplzGames