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The Puzzle Game Dogs, is free. Composed of several pictures of dogsand puppies very cute and cuddly.Suitable for all ages. It's agreat fun for you to interact and play with the whole family.Thisgame helps to stimulate learning, develop the intelligence, logicalreasoning, the ability of motor coordination/vision-motor,attention, visual discrimination. It can also develop differentskills as thinking: observe, compare, analyze andsynthesize.Description: at the beginning of each puzzle, the figurechosen is shown completely, to observe the figure to be mounted,following parts will be mixed, you must go by clicking on eachsquare so that the piece is turned in the correct position of theimage. The goal of this game is to complete all the pieces, formingthe figure chosen.-The game is made up of 60 pictures of cute dogsand puppies.-Three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard.-Youhave the option to play without Internet also.Try to assemble theimages in the shortest time possible!Good fun!

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The Game Children's Bible puzzle, is designed to introduce aplayful way, some of the biblical passages. The game aims:Awakening in the child's interest in the Bible. Play is fundamentalin the development of each child. With this in mind we created thisgame, which will help to stimulate learning, develop intelligence,logical reasoning, the ability to coordination / visual-motor,attention, visual discrimination and retell stories. They can alsodevelop different abilities of thought as: observe, compare,analyze and summarize. At the beginning of each puzzle, the chosenfigure is shown by full, so that the child observe the figure to beassembled, following the parts will be mixed for the child toassemble the figures of the puzzle by clicking each square so thatthe part is facing in the correct position of the image. Theobjective of this game is to complete all the pieces to form thechosen figure. Try to assemble the biblical images in the shortesttime possible! Good fun! Be kind and compassionate to one another,forgiving each other, just as God forgave them in Christ. Ephesians4:32 "Honor your father and your mother" - this is the firstcommandment with a promise - "so that everything goes well you andyou may live long on the earth." Ephesians 6: 2-3
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The game of biblical memory, aims to: encourage and increase visualstorage capacity in a playful manner, working logical reasoning,visual and motor. It helps to memorize and review facts, places andcharacters from the Bible. Arouse interest in the Bible.Encouraging your child to learn a little and take a taste for it.Emphasize Christian attitudes through biblical facts. GameFeatures: The game of Bible Memory presents the following topics:Cheap Bible (Old and New Testament), Biblical places and Fruit ofthe Holy Spirit. The iImagens are very colorful, facilitatingmemorization. To play just click on the Smilinguido the image youchoose, pay attention to which figure appears and find out wherethe other repeated image. Forming all pairs of the illustratedfigures, with the lowest number of possible moves. Have fun withyour kids and little friends! Thank you and God bless! "Train up achild in the way he should go: and when he is old he will notdepart from it."
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Game biblical puzzle is free. A great fun for you to interact andplay with the whole family, addressing the importance of God in ourlives.This game helps stimulate learning, develop intelligence,logical reasoning, the ability to coordination / visual-motor,attention, visual discrimination. They can also develop differentabilities of thought as: observe, compare, analyze and summarize.-At the beginning of each puzzle, the chosen figure is shown byfull, to observe the figure to be assembled, following the partsare mixed, you should go clicking on each square so that the pieceis turned in the correct position of the image. The objective ofthis game is to complete all the pieces to form the chosen figure.-The game consists of 43 biblical images.- Two levels ofdifficulty.- You can play without Internet too.Try to assemble thebiblical images in the shortest time possible!Have a good time!"Letus not love only in words, but through actions and in truth."1John: 3:18"If my people, which are called by my name, will humblethemselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wickedways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, andwill heal their land."II Chronicles 7:14
Caça Palavras Bíblico 3.0 APK
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Bem-vindo ao jogo de caça palavras bíblico. O jogo é um passatempodivertido e apropriado para todas as idades. Pensando nisso quedesenvolvemos este aplicativo, que irá ajudar a enriqueçer o seuvocabulário bíblico e ao mesmo tempo desafiar a sua inteligência etreinar a sua habilidade de percepção. Este jogo além de serdivertido, é educativo. Assim que o jogo iniciar, observe com muitaatenção para a grade com as letras misturadas, você tem queprocurar por uma palavra, e quando você encontrar, marque-a com odedo à partir da primeira letra para o última e se a palavraestiver correta, ela será marcada com uma cor distinta e a mesmaserá riscada do quadro do jogo e você poderá procurar a próxima,tente encontrar todas as palavras, que poderão estar em váriasposições diferentes como, por exemplo: na vertical, horizontal,diagonal e até mesmo palavras lidas da direita para a esquerda e daesquerda para a direita e palavras que atravessam e se cruzam. Tudoque você tem a fazer é procurar por uma palavra, e quando vocêencontrar um, marque-o com o dedo a partir da primeira letra para oúltimo. Ao fazê-lo, se a palavra estiver correta, ela será marcadacom uma cor distinta e você pode pesquisar a próximaÉ possívelescolher o nível de dificuldade em cada jogo. Essa dificuldadevaria de acordo com o número de linhas e colunasabaixo:5x56x67x78x89x910x1011x1112x1213x1314x1415x15Welcome tohunting biblical word game. The game is a fun hobby and appropriatefor all ages. With this in mind we have developed this application,which will help enrich your biblical vocabulary and the same timechallenge your intelligence and ability to train your perception.This game in addition to being fun, it's educational.Once the gamestarts, watch carefully for the grill with mixed letters, you haveto search for a word, and when you find, select it with your fingerto its first letter to the last, if the word is correct, it will bemarked with a different color and it will be wiped off the gameboard and you can find the next, try to find all the words, whichcan be in several different positions such as: vertical,horizontal, diagonal and even words read from right to left andleft to right and words which cross and intersect.All you have todo is search for a word, and when you find one, check it with yourfinger from the first letter to the last. In doing so, if the wordis correct, it will be marked with a different color and you cansearch the nextIt can choose the difficulty level in each game.This difficulty varies according to the number of rows and columnsbelow:5x56x67x78x89x910x1011x1112x1213x1314x1415x15
Psalms 2.0 APK
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Follow Daily Book of Psalms it provides guidance for life. Avoidthe influence of evil and the good that ridicule, and embrace thestudy and knowledge of the Scriptures as the main goal. God willreward our lives with joy. Feedback and suggestions are welcome inrbtbts@gmail.com and please put a comment after downloading, itwill help other people to choose this product; compliments arewelcome.
Alimento Bíblico Diário 23 APK
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O Alimento Bíblico Diário tem por objetivo fazer com que as pessoasvenham buscar mais e ter um bom relacionamento com Deus, por meioda palavra.E é através das meditações diárias que podemos seredificados, fortalecidos e capacitados, promovendo um crescimentoespiritual. Pois até podemos pensar que temos muito conhecimento,mas a verdadeira sabedoria vem somente de Deus. Descrição: Esteaplicativo tem a opção de atualizar as mensagens e compartilharsuas leituras para outras pessoas, via redes sociais, emails, SMSentre outros. Que Deus venha abençoar a vida de cada um devocês!“Não amemos somente de palavras, mas através de atitudes e emverdade”. 1 João: 3.18“Felizes são os que ouvem a palavra de Deus ea guardam”. Lucas: 11.28"Entrega o teu caminho ao Senhor; confianele, e ele tudo fará." Salmos 37:5The Bible Daily Food aims to getpeople to come look more and have a good relationship with Godthrough the word.And it is through daily meditations that can bebuilt up, strengthened and empowered, promoting spiritual growth.For even we think we have a lot of knowledge, but true wisdom comesonly from God.Description: This application has the option toupdate the messages and share your readings to others via socialnetworks, email, SMS and others.That God will bless the lives ofeach of you!"Let us not love only in words, but through actions andin truth." 1 John: 3:18"Blessed are those who hear the word of Godand keep it." Luke: 11:28"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust inhim, and he will do." Psalms 37: 5
Catechism the Catholic Church 1 APK
RDB Mobile
Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church normal andCompendiumQuestions, comments and suggestions are welcome inrbtbts@gmail.com and please put a comment after download, they willhelp other people to choose this product compliments are welcome.
Sudoku 4.0 APK
RDB Mobile
Sudoku, quebra-cabeça baseado na colocação lógica de números. Oobjetivo do jogo é a colocação de números de 1 a 9 em cada uma dascélulas vazias numa grade de 9x9, constituída por 3x3 subgradeschamadas regiões. O quebra-cabeça contém algumas pistas iniciais,que são números inseridos em algumas células, de maneira a permitiruma indução ou dedução dos números em células que estejam vazias.Cada coluna, linha e região só pode ter um número de cada um dos 1a 9. Resolver o problema requer apenas raciocínio lógico e algumtempo. Os problemas são normalmente classificados em relação à suarealização. O aspecto do sudoku lembra outros quebra-cabeças dejornal. Foi criado por Howard Garns, um projetista e arquiteto de74 anos aposentado.Sudoku puzzle based on logic placementnumbers.The objective of the game is to put numbers 1-9 in each ofthe empty cells in a 9x9 grid made up of 3x3 regions subgradescalls. The puzzle contains some initial runs, numbers that areinserted in some cells so as to allow deduction and induction ofnumbers in cells that are empty. Each column, row, and region canonly have one number for each of the 1 to 9. Solve the problem onlyrequires logical reasoning and some time. Problems are usuallyclassified according to their realization. The sudoku appearanceresembles other newspaper puzzles. It was created by Howard Garns,a designer and 74 retired architect.