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This is a new educational game for kids puzzles, which will notleave your child indifferent. It is completely free, even though itcontains many colorful and unique cartoon drawings of fruit andflowers . This educational game is designed for children of allages, for both boys and girls. Let me try to outline to you thebenefits and advantages for your child that you will get bydownloading the game. If your answer to all of the points below is“yes”, then this game is for you! * You do not want your child toplay meaningless games that will not be of any benefit to him orher, but you want the kids develop and improve their memory whileplaying;* Your child is 3, 4 , 5, 6 years old and over;* Your childloves colorful pictures;* Your kid likes collecting puzzles bothsimple and more complex;* You want your child’s concentration andattention levels to become higher;* You want to have your childentertained and involved while you are busy;* You want your kids tolearn how to recognize different objects, fruit, flowers, etc.while they are playing; Doubtlessly, you love your baby and youranswers will be positive. Let me tell you what else you will findin this game:* 40 levels of different complexity with colorfulpictures;* Different type of puzzles ranging from 2x2 to moresophisticated 5x5;* 10 kinds of flowers (roses, cornflowers,chamomiles, dandelions, tulips, lilies, carnations, sunflowers andsnowdrops);* 10 kinds of fruit ( bananas, strawberries, oranges,grapes, watermelons, kiwis, pears, apples, lemons and plums);*Quiet background music that will certainly have a positive effecton the kid in the process of the game;* Audio cues when yourchildren pass the level or when they do not manage to assemble thepuzzles at a specified time;* A small gift for your child, when heor she passes through all levels; The game Puzzles is somethingthat will definitely appeal to your child, because in addition tothe benefits and advantages that I described above, we can assureyou that this game is made with love for children.

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Cars: Quiz 1.2 APK
• If you like cars and if you easily determine their brands byeye.• If your child, just learned to speak, asks which exact brandhas just passed by.• If you and your children enjoy ingenuitytasks.Our quiz - is what you will appreciate.There is about abillion of cars in the world. Several thousand models. You cannotdefine, how many brands there are, because there is no singlestructured classification for them. There is no science thatstudies the diversity of cars.But there are enthusiasts - that tryto calculate car varieties by themselves. "Automobile Revue", theSwiss catalog, being annually issued before the Geneva Motor Show,contains approximately 110 brands with emblems. Those are the mostcommon models in Europe. But there are also unique concept, andbesides that - a large quantity of brands, that are available onlyin some countries, but not in foreign markets. There are 500 to2000 of such brands in the world. You cannot say - how muchexactly, all the researches are independent and each one insists onhis own accuracy.How many of them will you and your little kidrecognize at first sight? Check yourself, give your baby a newinformation that he needs.Quiz is very simple. You need todetermine, which car brand is represented on photo, and compose thecorrect answer using the letters provided. You will get 14 letters- its more, than you will use. "Unnecessary" letters are taken awayusing two kinds of hints. You can also ask your friends from socialnetworks to help you.Play and have fun!
Dogs Breeds: Quiz 1.2 APK
• If you love to discover something new• If you are the part of bigbrotherhood of dog addicted• If you are interested in anything,which is connected to your four-footed friendsThen our quiz isgoing to be interesting and helpful for you.It has been saidthousands of times that connection between humans and dogs isextremely deep and goes far away in the history. We have beentogether for 10000 years already.They are so different, ourfriends. Tiny and huge. Fluffy and hairless. Small and lanky. Withpointed muzzles and lop-eared. Serious looking and playful. Do youknow how many different breeds are there in the world?Peoplestarted being interested in this topic not a long time ago,especially if to consider a length of our common history with them.The first in the world dogs’ exhibition was held in English NewCastle in 1859, less than 200 years ago. It gave a start forkinology to develop. This science is responsible for determiningand classification of breeds. Nowadays there are about 400officially recognized breeds.Do you know all the 400 of them? Howmany breeds are you familiar with? How many breeds can yourecognize from the very first sight? Or if you think a littlebit?Check yourself and you find out what you have never knownbefore!It is easy to work with our quiz. You just look at thepicture or a part of it (on the hardest levels) and combine theright answer out of 14 letters you are given.You will also have twohints, which will help you to reduce the quantity of extra letters,and you can always ask your friends for help by means of socialnetworks.Currently there are 50 levels in the game. We hope thatyou and your friends, who love dogs as much as you do, will findthe game interesting!
Угадай слово 1.2 APK
Если Вам нравятся игры, где надо угадывать слова, если вы постоянноразгадываете сканворды и кроссворды, а так же любите тренироватьсвой мозг, то мы Вас поздравляем с новой находкой - нашей игрой.Этоигра, где Вам необходимо угадать слово при помощи подсказок.Загаданное слово может быть как синонимом так и ассоциациейкаких-то слов. На данный момент игра содержит 300 головоломок и этотолько начало. Так что будьте уверены, за один раз эту игру непройти.Помимо стандартных подсказок, где есть возможность открыть 5слов за игровые монетки, у Вас будет ещё две супер подсказки:1-ая -подсмотреть букву, где Вы сможете попытать свою удачу и реакцию, иможет быть, если фортуна улыбнётся, открыть первую буквузагаданного слова. Но предупреждаем сразу, это не так легко!2-ая -бомба - это очень мощная подсказка. При помощи нее у Вас будетвозможность убрать все лишние буквы и оставить только те, которыеиспользуется в загаданном словеКоличество супер подсказокограничено, но опять же, не переживайте - они обновляются каждыйдень. "Подсмотреть букву" восстанавливается каждые 12-ть часов, а"Бомба" каждые 24 часа. Для удобства и понимания, когда жепоявиться подсказка, мы вывели таймеры.Мы уверены в том, что Высможете найти и угадать все слова. Не сдавайтесь, если что-то неполучиться с первого раза. Не забывайте, что всегда естьвозможность спросить ответ у своих друзей в социальных сетяк:Вконтакте, Твиттере (twitter) или Фейсбуке (facebook).Удачи!If youlike games where you have to guess words, if you're ever to solvecrossword puzzles and crosswords, and also love to train yourbrain, we congratulate you on the new discovery - our game.This isa game where you have to guess the word using the clues. The hiddenword may be a synonym or an association of some words. At themoment, the game contains 300 puzzles, and this is only thebeginning. So be sure at one time this game does not go through.Inaddition to standard tips, where there is an opportunity to open 5words for the coin slot, you will have two more super tips:1st -peep letter, where you can try your luck and reaction, and maybe ifluck will smile, open the first letter of the hidden word. But Iwarn you once, it is not so easy!Second - a bomb - is a verypowerful tip. With it you will be able to remove all the extracharacters, and leave only those used in the hidden wordNumber oftips super limited, but again, do not worry - they are updated eachday. "Peep letter" restored every 12 hours and diamonds, and the"bomb" every 24 hours. For convenience and understanding, when willtip we took timers.We are sure that you will be able to find andguess all the words. Do not give up if something does not happenthe first time. Do not forget that there is always the opportunityto ask a response from their friends in social setyak: FaceBook,Twitter (twitter) or Facebook (facebook).Good luck!
Kids Puzzle Animals 1.3 APK
Hello young friend. I know that you do like cartoons and fairytales and you watch them every day on your computer. And now let’splay. You are going to a splendid world where domestic and fabulousanimals are resided. You are going to collect them from puzzles’pieces (mosaics) and you will enjoy funny, kind and cheerfulanimals which you like and can recognize indeed. You may give themnames and they will become your friends. In the game you will meetsuch animals like dog, bear, penguin, cat, Cheburashka, giraffe,starfish, sheep, goose, rooster, pig, chicken, horse, cow andrabbit!This game is very interesting and exciting. It is suitablefor an infant or an older kid. It contains 40 levels starting fromsimple and finishing with complex ones. A few months will go bybefore you will be able to pass these 40 levels. You will becomemuch more mature. You may feel yourself like a real hero or asuperman by the time you will have finished all levels.When youstart playing at lower levels you will use big puzzles with a size2x2. Thus you may collect desired picture using even few puzzles.While you continue playing we suggest choosing smaller puzzles andat the end you will use the smallest ones with a size 5x5. This isa difficult level. This level is for experienced boys and girls andit is much interesting indeed. Because it is curious which animalis hiding behind these pictures? Don’t you want to find out it? Youwill be chasing the game as there will be a time limit for thetask. Mom and Dad always told you that it is bad to spend a longtime behind a computer because your eyes may be ill. So animalsalso don’t want to wait for a long time while they are beingcollected in one piece. There will be a sound before the time limitin the game.This game is played with pleasure by boys and girlsbecause everybody likes animals and cartoons. Everybody wants to befriends with these animals.Because of this game the child’s memoryand attention are developed. Therefore a kid needs to pay maximumattention and use his concentration while playing. The game willhelp him to be more attentive, observant and smart and will learnhow to reach right decisions. The game will be helpful in trainingof visual memory, imagination, logical thinking as well as calmnessand patience. It may take a child's attention and raise hisperseverance and creativity. It also develops perception of colorsand shapes.In an entertainment way a child will learn how torecognize objects, animals and other things based on the chosentheme.The game is accompanied by music. Music is the one ofimportant tools of perception. It is used to create a specificatmosphere of the game and its background. It is good to hear andcreates a mood and fun.A child needs some clues for betterunderstanding of this game. Every time when you pass a level youwill hear sound clues for your prospective steps. Also if you don’tpay much attention or lose a voice of the game will tell you aboutit.The game "Kids Puzzle Animals" can be a fun activity for thewhole family. It will be an enjoyable way of spending timetogether. Parents need to help a child in his desire of expressinghimself. But it is essential to interest a child with personalexample of his parents. Please collect puzzle together for thefirst time. It is a good thing to praise a child for properlyselected puzzles as well as telling him about form of puzzles andpaying attention to its color. Thus the game will be informativeand interesting not only for kids. During similar games parents canunderstand the nature of their child more efficiently and findbetter way to him.
Game for Girls - Flowers 1.3 APK
Games for kids allows to develop a child's imagination and make itmore attentive and observant. We are glad to present to you a Gamefor Girls - Flowers. Its task is to open the card and look for thesame between them - on the basis of a tulip, snowdrop, lily, rose,sunflower. May appear and other flowers. When the child found thesame card with flowers and starts a new, more difficult level thenappears sound. The game has nice music that relaxes and adjusts toa good feeling. When a child finds a match for flowers - daisy,carnation, roses, cornflower, dandelion and level passes, then hegets praise and a nice gift. Total Game for Girls provides 35levels of difficulty. When the child plays, the system calculatesthe scores. It is necessary to stimulate the baby's development andlife skills - observation and the ability to search for the rightsolution. Child learns from their mistakes, which is incrediblyimportant for its rapid development. Here you can find a lot ofsimilar games, and subject in each case will be different.
Food: Quiz 1.2 APK
• If cooking - is your passion.• If you just love to eat tastymeal.• If you are often looking for new recipes in the Internet,and at the same time new information about a tasty dish.Our quizwill entertain you and give a few tens of minutes of enjoyablegame.In different times in different cultures cooking was eitherdespised, preferring to eat the simplest meal, either erected in acult. For example, the famous ancient festive dish: olive is bakedin pigeon - the pigeon inside the yeanling, yeanling – into thesheep, and sheep, in it’s turn, into a bull with a certain set ofspices, in strict accordance with the recipe. Olive designed to thehighest guest. Is not a cult?Here are some interesting dates -stages of development in the world of culinary art.1300 years BC -In China, the world's first recorded recipe - salad with marinatedcarp.1st century BC- In Rome the first school of cooks opened.1200year - In the Arab countries and India noodles and pasta appearedat the first time.1553 – Potato got in Europe.1765 - The firstrestaurant in the world opened in Paris.1929 – Frozen semi-fishedfood appeared in the shops.1954 - Opened the first McDonald's.Thelast two events, admittedly, a little contributed to thedevelopment of cooking as an art, but simplify many lives.Check howmany popular dishes you can find at a glance. Quiz is very simple.You need to identify dish in the picture and make the correctanswer from offered letters. There are extra letters among letters,they can be removed with the help of prompts. Now there are 50levels in the game and this is just the beginning. Because, thistopic is practically inexhaustible.
Game for Kids - Monsters 1.3 APK
Beautiful game that train memory. For children of any age, from 3to 10 years , may enjoy. In game 35 levels of difficulty. Time forsolutions with each level getting smaller, which allows the childto accelerate his thought processes. The game is very like childrenand helps them progress. The game will be a nice design -characters - funny and positive monsters . If your child liked thecartoon "Monsters University" , he just like the characters thatappear in the game.A child opens up a card with small and bigcartoon monsters - task - open all the hidden pictures. This gamedevelops thinking , memory and logic of a child. Child graduallylearn to solve their tasks.If you want to take the child and givehim the opportunity to show their commitment, to develop visualmemory and test observation during play - bright and beautiful Gamefor Kids Monsters - what you need . During the game is countingpoints. From level to level points are not reset - what motivatesthe child to play on and allows parents to track progress. Childwill enjoy spending time playing with colorful cute cartooncharacters.
Game for Kids - Fruits 1.3 APK
Developing "Game for Kids - Fruit" allows the child developcreativity.Game for kids - Fruit has the same basis, but only inthe playing fields instead of funny hedgehogs, sheep and mice openfruits: grapes, apples, pears, strawberries, watermelon, orange,lemon, plum, kiwi, bananas.To open a picture simply click on anybox. Following in the open field, there are beautiful images offruits, each of which are very vivid and cute.The player's task -to find two identical images and make a couple of them. If a coupleis , both squares remain open and you can search for newmatches.Level features high-quality graphics, while continuallybeing dealt cute sounds. A child who is busy with this gamedevelops powers of observation and care, it broadens the mind.Animportant quality of entertainment becomes logical thinking. Thegame does not take much time, but are interested in the largenumber of children, which also speaks about her attractiveness.Thenumber of points increases in the game. If your child can easilyhandle with the level, you know, with every next level - thedifficulty increases. Graphics used only the original images andpictures.