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Quad Contact app as its name suggests, it provides all the inquiryin your mobile. It shows notification immediately when inquiry formis filled by the client. It displays all the information ofclients. It helps you to response to clients in much faster andeffective way. It shows date and time when the inquiry form wasfilled and by whom. It shows all the data month wise. You can getof numbers of inquires occurred in a month

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Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs 2.2 APK
Quad SoftTech
Ayurvedic Plants and Drugs - Traditional Indian Herbal Medicine.This Application provides list of Ayurvedic Plants along with itsdetails and image (picture) of each herb / herbal plant. Medicinalplants are plants which have a recognized medical use. They rangefrom plants which are used in the production of mainstreampharmaceutical products to plants used in herbal medicinepreparations. Ayurveda is used today as a generic term fortraditional Indian medicine. By combining organoleptic(sense-based) empirical medicine with religious ritualperspectives, Ayurveda is a complete medical system. It deals withhealth in all its aspects; physical health, mental balance,spiritual well-being, social welfare, environmental considerations,dietary and lifestyle habits, daily living trends, and seasonalvariations in lifestyle, as well as treating and managing specificdiseases. Ayurveda teaches respect for nature, appreciation of lifeand the means to empower the individual. It is holistic medicine atits best. Ayurvedic herbal is an overview of the wonders ofayurvedic pharmacology: how Ayurveda understands plants, how itprepares them and how these preparations are used. Ayurveda isliterally translated as science of life but it can also bedescribed as the way of living with awareness and promotinglongevity. Ayurveda tells us which substances, qualities andactions are life enhancing, and which are not. FEATURES: - NoInternet connectivity required. - Medicinal use for each medicinalplant. - Free to use application. - Application will be updated ifinternet connection is there (Optional). - Easy search option tofind plants/herbs you are interested in.
Akshar Yatra 5.1 APK
Quad SoftTech
“AksharYatra” is an app is selecateddVachanamruts, SwaminiVato,Prasang. information about sbaha place of surat, every yuvaksabha attendance , daily darshan. These Vachanamruts and SwaminiVato will certainly helpful in Swadhyay-Bhajan to all devoteesanywhere anytime. We feel sure that sincere and regular swadhyay ofthese material will help all devotees to experience the ultimatebliss of God and Guruhari H.D.H Hariprasad Swamiji.
Veli Beli 1.4 APK
Quad SoftTech
Greetings from Veli Beli,You can purchase jewelry from mobile app.You can review various designs made by our talented craftsman,select your desired size of jewelry. You can also choose betweenvarious purity of gold, stone options using this app.
com.quadsofttech.ams 3.6 APK
Quad SoftTech
Do you want to know how much time you paid to your office?Attendance Management System is here to help you! Get your staffattendance on your mobile device anywhere any time!! QuadAttendance management system is supported for wide range of eSSLtime attendance biometric machines. Quad AMS Software needs to beinstalled to use this app. Track how many hours and days youattended per month. Attendance Management System helps you maintainyour attendance status. This app provides reports of dailyattendance, monthly attendance, monthly status and attendancehourly report. It enables you to get the data like employee list,branch list, department list, department list, device details andshift details. Attendance Management System provides presentdetails and salary of every employee . This application iscompatible with all Android 4.0 (Jelly Bean)+ devices. What are youwaiting for? ;)
MOEC English 1.0.1 APK
Quad SoftTech
Learning English is fun, provided there is a variety of doable,interesting and rewarding activities. MOEC English is an app aimedat improving learners English in dribs and drabs, i.e., in smallamounts, a few words at a time. Do share this FREE app with peoplein your circle.Happy learning, happy sharing!
Production Monitoring 3.0 APK
Quad SoftTech
Web-Based Monitoring System is a microprocessor-based real-timeon-line Production Monitoring System. It acquires data directlyfrom the machines utilizing signals. Web-Based Monitoring Systemautomates the production and stoppages data directly to a computerfor weaving departments. Automated machine monitoring with advancedanalytics for preventive maintenance. Features: • Easy UserInterface • Alert workers with instant notifications • Track stagesof production in real-time • A wireless system no need forextensive cabling • Custom dashboards • Live RMP static board •Bunch of reports • Ease of data optimization Install Now and Startmonitoring your machines today!
Interior Design 2.0 APK
Quad SoftTech
Interior Design is the perfect tool to visualize and plan yourinterior decorating and design projects. Organize your dorm room orapartment, experiment with furniture layouts and color schemes,even plan a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover.The largestcollection of interior design and decorating ideas for homeimprovement, renovations and remodeling online.Save to your SDCARDthe designs that fit with your line of development andstablishthose ones that you like as wallpaper for better study.Simple butpowerful tools to help you decorate!• Choose from a wide range ofbuilding and decorating materials. Faux finishes, interior andexterior paint, wood floors, solid surfaces, blinds, stone and muchmore!• Nationally-recognized decorating materials you can try outin your design.• Detail your designs with thousands of furniturepieces and accessories or drag and drop an entire furniture groupwith one mouse click.• Experiment with your decorating schemes withDecorator Palettes. Create multiple color/material combinationsthen switch between them to see which appeals to you more.Keywords:Commercial Office /Conference Room /Bathroom Interiors /Bathroomaccessories /Bedroom Interiors /Furniture /Furnishing /Flooring/Home Design /Hospitality Designing /Institutional Designing /KidsRoom Interior /Kitchen Interiors /Kitchen cabinet /Lighting /LivingRoom Interiors /Living Room /Lighting /Living Room Flooring /MasterCabin /Marble floor design /Offices Interiors /Offices Reception/Office Workstation /Outdoors /Room interior /Sanitary /SchoolDesigning /Stand and Furniture /Designing /Temple Designing/Windows & Doors /Wall Paint / Free Backgrounds, FreeWallpapers, Wallpapers and Backgrounds, Wallpaper, Background,backgrounds, background images / girls room design/baby roomdesign/boy room design/kids room design/dressing room design/floordesign / pink bedroom/luxury bedroom/Living Room Design/living roomdesign/modern living room
Signals Game 1.0 APK
Quad SoftTech
Signals is a simple Android game. Hit as many signals as you can in15 seconds of time. Compare your total signals with your friendsand family and see how fast you are.Go hit your signals now...