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The Quad-City Times is telling the stories of the Quad-Citiesinvirtual reality. We offer you an immersive fan experience oftheQuad-City Times Bix 7 as only we can tell it. We put youamong17,000 runners as they make their way up the famous BradyStreethill. We let you listen in on conversations among those whorun therace. You’ll see the iconic route, the Mississippi River inthebackground. If you weren’t there, we’ll put you there. If youwerethere, we’ll offer you a way to relive the memories. We’llcontinueto post new virtual reality stories, at least one a month.Havefeedback or questions? Email Quad-City Times executiveeditorAutumn Phillips at qctimes.com For PrivacyPolicy:http://eonsportsvr.com/privacy-policy/ For Terms ofUse:http://eonsportsvr.com/terms-of-use/Support:[email protected] Phone SpecificationRequirements:Minimum Samsung S6 or equivalent Android OS, v5.0.2(Lollipop) orhigher Notes: - Compatibility is not guaranteed fordevices withoutgyroscope capabilities or devices that are notconnected to stableWi-Fi networks. - Compatibility with tabletdevices is notguaranteed. - Application may not run on certaindevices even ifthey have compatible OS versions installed. -Compatibilityinformation may be changed at any time. - Pleasevisithttp://eonsportsvr.com/vr-channel-faq/ for additionalcompatibilityinformation.

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    Quad-City Times VR
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    July 23, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    EON Reality, Inc
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    39 Parker Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 United States
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