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Hi, how are you today? Do you have plans fortoday? If you do not have plans with your friends then we'll giveyou a nice option to have fun right here in this game for kids. Youwill meet a royal family, you'll be able to make a new friend andyou'll be able to prove to all even you can be a responsible child.Through this game for girls you will meet our friend, she is queenand now she needs you to be able to take care of her baby. Do youwant to help the young mother? If you want to watch the littleprincess you can do this only if you pay attention todetails.
Pay attention to all what baby needs.
Please follow all instructions of this baby care game.

- At the beginning of the game you will meet our friend;
- You will notice that the baby is in bed and is asleep;
- Expect to wake up;
- After wakes you need to make sure that he will receive everythinghe needs;
- Throw dirty diaper;
- Wash the child;
- Now you have to apply a special lotion;
- Apply powder;
- You need to choose a new diaper and dress the child;
- Choose the most beautiful dress;
- Princess wants to eat;
- You'll have to help her eat, choose only healthy food;
- Give her milk and fruits;
- Choose the most beautiful accessories;
- The girl is very beautiful, you're a good friend.

Thank you for help, please come back daily to help us throughthis game.

Have fun!

App Information Queen Baby Diaper Change

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    Queen Baby Diaper Change
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    August 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Cocos Apps
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Hello, children are the most precioustreasures of a parent. People want to have children to have whogive all their love. Children are the ones that make us morebeautiful day and they are the ones that make us glad that we seethe sun. You definitely love small children and we are sure thatyou want and a little brother. Today you'll be able to help a youngmother to give birth to first child. You will become our friendthrough this game for kids. Today you'll be able to play the role afamous doctor, the doctor will be able to help this woman to givebirth. You must be very careful in how you take care of her becauseshe is very sensitive. The details are very important and that iswhy you have to use all your skills.Please follow all instructions of the game with babies.- Young is called Riley and she started to have pain;- She wants to go to hospital;- She will have to sit on the bed;- You can begin to consult;- Check blood pressure;- Check if the girl has fever;- Check heartbeat;- Now you need to give her a pill;- Make ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy;- Do anesthesia;- The child was born, he is a beautiful child;- We need to check the weight and length;- Check heartbeat;- Change the diaper;- Give him milk;- Choose the most suitable clothes;- Mother and baby feel good, you're a very good doctor.Thank you chose today to help us. Please come back every day tohelp us through this game for girls.Have fun!
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Hello, you like kids? Do you like to play withbabies? If you enjoy being around babies means that you are exactlywhere you need. Today, through this game to care for a baby you canhave fun with us. Today you will be the best friend of ours andthat is why we want to please help us to take care of a friend whois pregnant. This is due to give birth and only you can help her.This game for girls is very interesting, you will like to attendthe birth of a child, you will have the most important role, youcould be a doctor who will help the young mother to know her baby.Because everything should be easy you will prove to everyone thatyou are a responsible child who may have the most important role.If you have more skills now is your chance to be able to proveyou're a capable child.We trust you, we know you'll be very attentive to every detail ofthis game for children.Follow all instructions of this baby care game.Good luck!- The young girl feels bad, it soon will be born;- You can begin consultation;- Check if younger has a fever;- Check blood pressure;- Make ultrasound;- Do anesthesia;- The child was born;- Check the weight and height;- Change the diaper;- Check heartbeat;- Wash the child with special soap and warm water;- If he cries you'll have to give to the child a toy;- Choose the most beautiful clothes;- Finally you will have to give to the child milk and fruits;- Mother and baby feel good, you're a great friend.Thank you for help, please come back daily through thisgame.Have fun!
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